Bitcoin Pizza-day 2023

Bitcoin Pizza-day 2023

The 22nd of May is a special day for those that love Bitcoin. On that day in 2010, the first ever real-world Bitcoin transaction occurred, not a speculative bet or a test transaction between developers, but an actual purchase of a tangible good in the form of 2 pizza's that were traded against a total amount of 10.000 bitcoins. The picture above shows Laszlo Hanyecz that bought the two pizza's to feed himself and his two children on that day in May 2010. The 2 pizza's had a value of about 30 to 40 dollars and set a benchmark which is referred to as the Bitcoin-pizza index. The value of 10.000 bitcoins today is over 250 million euro but Laszlo does not regret his purchase. His kids were hungry and at that time it was a fair trade and both sides of the transaction handed over an equal value. 

This year I celebrated Bitcoin pizza-day in Budapest and I made the following video about it:

It was a nice day and I met a lot of interesting new people that day. At the same time I feel the need to speak out and make the case of what I believe is a big risk looming over the future of Bitcoin.
The Bitcoin whitepaper has a title, this title is: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System The way how Bitcoin is progressing over the past couple years, the function of it as digital cash is moved away from, as if that is not what Bitcoin is about. Even this month, May 2023, we have seen the price of one Bitcoin transaction reach over 50 dollar per transaction, let's say bitcoin has a total user base of about 100 million people, a number of which I believe it is too high, that means about 6.9 billion people still never used Bitcoin in their lives. About 1% of the global population works with Bitcoin today and if that number were to grow, the fee for a transaction will only grow bigger. Bitcoin maximalists will tell you that the Lightning-network is the solution for the high transaction fee, but they seem to lack the understanding that a bitcoin in the lightning-network is a IOU on a real bitcoin on layer 1 of the network. The word cash means that a resource is directly at your disposal for use, but within the Lightning-network, or the Bitcoin network itself for that matter, a Bitcoin is only directly at your disposal if you are willing to pay the transaction fee of that moment, even worse, because of the replace-by-fee mechanism that has been built into Bitcoin, the real fee of a transaction can adjust even after you have broadcasted the initial transaction to the network.

The solution to this problem is in my opinion a very simple one. We have to decentralize Bitcoin by incorporating a variety of alternative crypto-protocols that help to relieve Bitcoin from the burden of servicing the entire world from the complex problem of handling every financial transaction that people want to perform. Alternative coins are the real second layer that Bitcoin needs to adopt in order to achieve the goal of becoming a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. The use case of the alternative coins are unlimited to the creativity of the human mind and can create Bitcoin to be the new financial standard. Smaller coins will always have a lower transaction fee then the Bitcoin network and as soon as they become too popular and transaction fees a rising in these alternative coins, it is time for the free market to decentralize even further and create a new coin that services a even smaller niche, adding more available data for the community so that transaction fees remain low to a level that allow cryptocurrencies to be used as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system with Bitcoin as a new global standard. In order to get there, we need 100's of thousands of people as spokespersons and advocated of this new reality, we are in war with a system that has millions of people that are dependent on and the real battle has not even started, because before the fight can even start, the majority of people that can make a difference have already been compromised with a convenient narrative that will benefit them personally.

The proponents of the lightning network, with their unofficial CEO of Bitcoin in the form of Michael Saylor, are not interested in creating a more fair money system for the world. They want government regulations to open the door for large financial institutions to incorporate Bitcoin in their daily activity so the dollar value of a coin can rise to over 1 million dollars per Bitcoin. For these large institutions, a transaction fee of 1000 dollars is still cheap compared to the cost that they currently pay for remittance transactions. A strong dollar is good for them and in their line of thinking, gold should be seen as an enemy to Bitcoin. The 0.1% of Bitcoin users that hodl their coins until that moment will experience financial freedom and will not be able to relate to the 99.9% of the rest of the world population that will see a Bitcoin be used to set up a totalitarian control system the world has not seen before. In the past couple of years, the people that did not use their coins like Laszlo Hanyecz are the big winners with the most return on their investment and they use that reality as a confirmation that they are right in their beliefs. These individuals usually have some great knowledge about computer science, but show little understanding about economics and are unable to see how bitcoins on the lightning-network are a promise to real bitcoins and do not represent real cash. The opinion I share on this page today is for that reason not so popular on meetings like a pizza-day and I often get asked the question if I enjoy the drama I am creating.

In my opinion, I do not create drama, but I try to prevent it. Maybe my former profession as auditor and external controller is always looking for a risk that comes forward in the future and my comments are only made so we can prevent the risk from becoming a reality. In my opinion, the ones that create drama are those that ignore my warnings until the moment that the risk I tried to prevent becomes a reality and real drama occurs. Bitcoin has the ability to end a century old monetary apartheid but instead of putting in the work to make the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto come true, people settle for a solution that is most convenient for them, allowing the power of a new technology to strengthen the control that lawmakers have on their lives. I live near Liberland today, Nikola Tesla was born here. Instead of using his science to help humanity, we have allowed it to make us dependent on centralized institutions that benefit tremendously from the limitation of our freedom and abilities. Why does it feels like history is repeating itself yet again and humanity is fucking up yet another opportunity to break free of the slave system we are born into? Yes, I believe I got a solution to so many problems and for as long as I am able to speak about my solutions I will continue to do so. It feels like a lonely fight that goes against the stream to a level that my progress is almost not visible and the amount of energy it requires to just stay in place almost feels like a waste. At any moment I could give in and change direction, but with my name being Yoshi Livo, or Your Children Live On, I would not be able to live with myself, knowing I help to create a dystopian future for the generations to come. The invention of Bitcoin and the technology it holds is so powerful that we have to be aware of how it is going to be utilized. It can really be used to create a different reality, but for those maximalists that stack sats it doesn't seem to matter a lot. When I present the opportunity I created and ask for 2.5 Bitcoins in exchange for 250.000 EFL, the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, on Komodo's atomic dex to fund my ideas, I get comments that go as far as, I would lose my money if I invest with you. That is the same kind of no-coiner mindset when people say they will lose their euro or dollar if they exchange them for bitcoins. At the moment of the exchange you trade an equal value, that value can change over time and I can't understand how people do not see how everybody but the current powers-that-be are going to win in the situation I project to them. Yet, they settle for a fiat standard, with fiat based wallets and a fiat mindset that they are unable to break out of.

The past couple of years have been hyperinflationary for crypto. This industry is hardly a decade old and all kinds of attacks have already been attempted to break the security, which in its core has held up until today. The current manipulation has been explained before and has resulted in huge financial gains, which are irrelevant and have increased control tremendously, to a level that the small group of service providers is thinned out by expensive licensing cost or a requirement to additional KYC-like services that result in the increase of operational costs and at the same time the lack of regulation is exploited to mislead unknowing victims in order to maximize money velocity at peak moments in order to dump the proceedings of malicious behavior to sell the underlying narrative that crypto is a losing investment. All that the charts of the past couple of years tell us, is that there is hardly any adoption happening. As soon as bitcoin gets popular, the network gets congested and transaction fees go through the roof, even with less then 1% of the globe participating. Community coins are my solution and we're going to need 1000's of them, because billions more users need to have a new understanding of value. Let the free market decide what will happen, but let me make a clear statement that I am not looking for an I-told-you-so moment and that I try to distinguish myself from an outcome which upgrades the current slave system to the digital age. Lightning is not my solution and layer 2 should be decentralized with an abundance of additional peer-to-peer blockchain data. Over time the fair value of coins will trade closer towards each other, and all like-minded people that take action will be rewarded for their participation towards a different era, in which money can circulate freely, without obstruction or cost.

Until today my life has gone against the stream, but all I do is listen to my gut feeling and use my common sense to form my opinion. I am happy with my choices until today and feel comfortable with letting the free market decide the outcome of my predictions. I can look at everybody with a straight face and I believe the offers I make to people are creating a win-win situation. A 400% return on 2.5 bitcoins might seem like a lot to some, but this story has been building up for 9 years and if we really are going to change the way how the people on this planet perceive value, the actual return might turn out to be much larger. I feel good, knowing that I have found a way to use my talents in a way that I believe is going to create a better future and wouldn't accept any other way of doing my thing. I know that many people have a problem with the narrative I build, but once the tide turns I also feel that many people are willing to follow my lead. I have decided to speak out and step out of anonymity, because I feel like I am competent to lead the way into showing how a different reality is possible. I feel sad sometimes about the choices of others, but they have every right to make their decisions, just like I make mine. You are not wrong for using your profit just for your own benefit, all I can say is that I'm glad to be fully invested into using my resources for the benefit of others.

My offer to exchange 250.000 EFL for 2.5 Bitcoin is open on the decentralized exchange of Komodo, if you want to take this offer for a different kind of crypto, feel free to contact me, for example on telegram or when I go live on Twitch. The offer stands at 1000 bitcoin satoshi per EFL, but can be converted to any other cryptocoin I feel comfortable with. Once the marketing campaign of a rising price will activate the herd mentality of 100's of thousands Dutch citizens, I believe the tide will turn and I can really start to develop the ideas of a more ethical money system then we are used to. It will be a hard job to pull of, but I think I learned enough over the past couple years to pull it off, I'm ready.