I'm Liberlander Yoshi Livo and I host cryptostream HonklerHangout.

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I stream almost daily and usually start around 6 pm Liberland time (GMT+1), feel free to ask your questions live, on stream, or visit telegram / discord, where you can send a pm to user Yoshi Livo.


Hello everybody,

Time for an update, because with the inauguration of Joe Biden a prediction about the upcoming 4 years can be made, so let's give it a go!

First of all, I really hope that people by now are able to smell bullshit when bullshit is produced, but to be fair, I fear the worst. I predict that in the upcoming 4 years fake news will take off to a completely new level. The official government narrative will emphasize the corona crisis and will aid the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and the Sustainable Development Goal's of the United Nations. The media will try everything in it's power to make people hate eachother by deviding people, for example based on race, gender, political opinion or the way how they look at various topics of the plandemic. The goal of this devision is simple, make people fight eachother so that they don't pay attention to how their freedom is being stolen from them.

The devision will cause a more and more polarizing landscape for the public debate. To be able to stand your ground in that debate, one needs to be prepared to go deep and have an incredibly strong belief in their own story, because you will be attacked for speaking out your opinion. This attack doesn't have to be physical, but can also take forms of cyber bullying and intimidation.

I already wrote down that I fear the worst when it comes to the ability for people to call out bullshit. It shows today by the amount of people that demand mouthprotection for covid prevention that people really don't care about facts and base their decisions on emotions only. The damage that lockdowns and social distancing results to is not mentioned by the corporate media, same like positive crypto stories that seem to not exist in their world. I would love to be create my own narrative, of Liberlander Yoshi Livo, that will prove how much fun living with crypto and without covid fear can be. My end goal is to have a governance system on the blockchain so people can govern themselves and live in a direct democracy.

In order for me to stand a chance against the violence of the main stream I have started a flipstarter campaign. This campaign is going to be the support to back up my story. In total the campaign goes for 25 BCH and when I complete it successfully it completely legitimizes my stance in life, because then my Liberland money will provide for the solid basis of my narrative.

In the last 3 years I'm trying to settle myself here, 20 miles out of Liberland. So far it's not really been working out though. Sure, I managed to make new friends and have a good time, but my life is not really taking place in this region, I mostly live my life online. That is what is needed to keep up with all the latest information. I spend on average 40 hours per week to research information and keep myself up to date with current events in the world. I've noticed how this doesn't really make me happy. It takes a lot of time and in general it can be said that it's a very negative energy that one has to mingle with. An energy that makes it difficult to stay positive, simply because the amount of negativity is so overwhelming. Hyperinflation, starvation, civil unrest, it's all-in the pipeline if you have to believe heavyweights like WEF's Bond-villain Claus Schwab.

This is why a successfull flipstarter is an essential part of my strategy. I will be able to laugh back at the haters when the money of Liberland provides me with the means to tell my story. I can make the investments needed to start a crypto related business that will allow me to sell local art with use of crypto, and I will have the opportunity to improve the stream by buying new equipment like a better microphone and a computer that is dedicated to the task of streaming my story to the world.

I one of my latest video's I mention that the world is in limbo and that we need to wait on the election results to make a plan for the future. I've used the past couple of weeks to re-think my own life and came to the conclusion that only with sufficient support will I stand a chance to hold my own in this ever more polarized world. There is no use for me to keep on doing what I'm doing, because it takes a lot of energy and returns me with nothing. In a way, I feel like I failed already, because I've not been able to reach the masses and look at the crypto price today. I was really hoping to educate some more people then I did, but all the decisions I made so far resulted in the situation of today. I like to refrain from calling that situation bad or good, it's simply how that cards have been shuffled today and I need to play the hand I'm dealt.

I really can't complain about my life on a personal level and I'm really gratefull that somehow I ended up in the location that I'm at right now. It's beautiful here and this place offers me everything I could have asked for. Life goes slow in this part of the world and it's the best place to lay down low and let the events in the world play out while being almost unaffected by the turn of events. These day's I look at so many protests that take place and so many fights that are being fought. I moved away from the Netherlands, but I notice I still have some trouble in really letting go. I have to make a decision to either go for it with full motivation and really put myself out there, or leave the public stage and enjoy my life in peace. Any middleground in this story will result in me becoming unhappy to not be able to make a difference but seeing the world go to shit. I do not need that in my life and I know I'm better then that. For that reason I came up with the current flipstarter campaign which is going to determin the way how my life goes forward.

I believe my offer is a good one. 20.000 dollar in Liberland value on offer for 25 BCH, this comes down to 800$ per BCH and that's almost twice as much as the coins currently go for. Besides this Liberland money I believe in the last year I've showed what my stream is all about and what I'm capable of. I would love to show the world my life on crypto and I really do believe that my story will be of added value to cryptocurrencies as a whole, but I leave it up to the free market to make that decision.

I'm looking for 25 supporters that will take my offer for 1 BCH each, ofcourse if you want to become citizen of Liberland you will need to have 5000$ worth of Liberland money, so I hope that 1 person sees enough benefit in having a second citizenship in a taxhaven with 0% income taks, so that 25% of the goal, or 6.25 BCH, will be payed by one party alone.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact me, for example live on stream. I will be more then happy to explain myself and take away any doubt one might have. You can expect to see me around the upcoming weeks, where I will do my best to make the flipstarter campaign into a success. I hope that our future will be long and proserous and for now I want to thank all readers for taking interest in my story.  



Let's try it ones more, welcome to my world.

It's great to be born in Netherlands in 1986. A time in which internet was hardly around. Beautiful vacations in the family campervan brought me close to nature and compared to many kiddo's around me I seem to pick up on things pretty fast. During a study in economics I hear about Bitcoin and telling my bank about Satoshi Nakamoto's creation costed me my bank account.

I become emotionally influenced by the fact I got excluded to participate in the Dutch society. It's not possible to pay rent or work, luckily Bitcoin rises from 8 to 1000 euro that year and in the peak of the moment Sexcoin pay's out a Litecoin leveraged Bitcoin bet and 5000 turns into a million those day's.

Working around a bank exclusion is not really a problem, as long as you are willing to pay for it. It's been a sport and a blessing, because many spontanious spendings did not happen because of my limitation. Almost 3 years ago it brought me to a turningpoint in my life, where I was given a choice that would greatly influence my future.


The media explained (spun a narrative to) the crowd that something went wrong, but let me just quickly paint you a picture of what would have happened if I would have made a large deposit into Liberland with EFL at the moment I am on stage.

The dollar amount on the cheque that can be seen earlier in the documentary would have probably exceeded 1 million dollar in Liberland value. Everything is on livestream, so the moment I hit the stage 500 bitcoins in volume on bittrex pushed the EFL price up with 300%, the volume is far from believable, but at that moment everything is possible, because total sell orders probably dont exceed 50 BTC. The impact of such a large number would have influenced the documentary a lot, my story would have developped in a way that many people would make a profit on my cost and I'm thankful for my choice for freedom, which has learned me a lot about myself.

I can tell my story in a pretty open fashion without drawing too much attention and that way I've been able to tell you the story of Yoshi Livo from Liberland, stuck just 20 miles from the promised land with many challenges still ahead. But many things have changed over a short time and I am now setting another milestone at which I will decide how open that story will continue, because quite frankly, I can get a lot more out of life then to hold on to a Liberating idea of hope.

It hurts everytime bitcoin set's a new record price, to know that people today are more busy about a pcr-test and are completely hypnotized without the ability to look ahead. I'm sorry to say that I've been predicting things since quite some time and so far I've been right quite a lot and Corona is not worth any of your time and a distraction to the biggest theft of human kind. Many people will find enough incentive to participate to the new will and give up what has been aquired over many generations. I really do believe Yoshi Livo from Liberland has something to offer that many people today are unable to see, but trying to reach out leaves me in limbo and that is something I finally start to figure out myself.

Somebody local asked me once why I keep on talking to these people I've never seen before and chose to not really live in the beautiful location where my journey has brought me and it's a question I've not forgotten about. There is a lot of truth in that comment and that's why a successfull flipstarter campaign is going to be a deciding factor in the future of HonklerHangout.

After 1 year of streaming I'm on my way to reach over 175 stream, with the counter on 148 end of Januari and so far a perfect Februari with a stream every day at 6pm Liberland time, giving away a minimum of 2 raffle prizes at minimum each streaming day. Follower count is over 500 and although I believe the streams are a great success, it takes quite a toll to my life and in the end, what kind of joy does all the virtual stuff really bring you?

I'm setting up some new stuff regarding the SAFEX blockchain that will hopefully answer that question in an even better way then my story on itself can tell you, but I'm ready to part my way's with the digital realm in that way that I feel that my time to show you the new stuff is kind of done, with the help of Elon Musk. If I can't sell my Liberland money for almost half price, then who am I kidding every day I wear that Honkler wig with a red nose?

I must say that BitcoinCash has been rising pretty fast in dollar value, like many other crypto assets. Not taking into account the extra HONK that are given away, 25BCH for 20.000 LLM means a price of 800$ per BCH and at the time I launched the flipstartercampaign that was almost double of the spotprice of bch. I do not intend to make a profit on the trade, I have just set myself a limit that Liberland Merit should pay for my intended investments to improve and continue the stream.

The way how I currently live my life has no future, that is what I'm trying to tell you, maybe. The thing is that with Biden as president, for the next 4 years I see a lot of opportunities and it feels as if the great awakening has been delayed by another 4 years. 4 years that will be the most 4 absurd years the world has ever seen, that is atleast my prediction. For the ones that believe we can continue to live a "normal" life after we take a vaccine, please be aware that corona is only the first step into a movement that is trying to take controll of this planet.

I've made many friends over the past couple years and this year I've pledged my time to a harvest of walnuts from one of them. This means I sometimes will take time for gardening and caring for the trees. It feels great to be given the opportunity to participate with the local community, I'm going to try to sell my part of the harvest for cryptomoney. After the incident with the Liberland boat of last year I've also decided to join the local firesquad as volunteer.

Anyway, this is my invitation to celebrate 1 year of HonklerHangout with me. I will publish a more detailed schedule when the date of 3rd of March comes closer and just so you know, in case you have something interesting to tell the community, feel free to contact me, in whatever way you can find me online. On March 3rd I intend to stream from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm Liberland time and I really hope I will welcome you that day.




Hey everybody, it's me again and this time I write you because of a special occasion, which is the 1 year anniversary of my livestream HonklerHangout.

In my previous tekst I wrote how my bankaccount got closed in 2014 because of my involvement in Bitcoin. Let me tell you that living without a bankaccount is absolutely great and I love being part of this new crypto movement. Since I discovered Bitcoin I have been actively speaking out in public and this even got me on television and in the newspaper a couple of times.

Especially in te early day's, with Bitcoin below 1000$, I really enjoyed speaking out, as Bitcoin was still very new and not understood. I have an economic background and although I don't fully understand all code that is used to make the crypto miracle into reality, I can talk for hours about the history of money and why I believe deflationairy money is a great way to expose the global fiat fraud. I traveled all over Europe with the highlight so far being the top 5 donation I made into the Liberland project.

People that watch my stream know that this top 5 donation could have easily become the top donator, surpassing even Roger Ver, but because the dictator of Liberland does not want his community to be strong, I ended up on 5th place. I really hoped that there was some kind of team spirit into building something new on Liberland soil, but after 5 years I have to admit that Liberland is just more of the same old. I think we should all be glad to not live in Liberland today, because most likely it would have the most oppressive corona regime of any other country. The way how the dictator would like to build his idea is basically by building a prison where people can be free to his rule of law. The current voting system that is build with use of EOS.IO has a veto in it for a position that people can never elect anybody for. If it will get ever implemented, Liberland will remain a dictatorship forever and my lobby to make something different resulted in the confiscation of my Liberland investment.

Liberland is ofcourse not the only project I have been invloved in, also e-Gulden EFL (Bitcoin of the Netherlands) has consumed a lot of my energy over the years. When a group of trolls entered the community in oktober 2019 they where very successfull in turning the group of people against me and making them believe my political aspiration of Liberland is toxic and that a statement should be made to denounce my participation. The statement got there and everybody was happy, next step was to scam the team out of a couple of btc with the some fake exchange, work done.

What all the people I work with never seem to realize is that I am participating in these projects because I believe they hold a part of the key to explain the masses how they have been enslaved by the pedoclub. It's a difficult story that most people can't comprehend. If I point them out what my reality in this world is, these people just get angry and try to use framing and emotions to discredit me, for example by stating I believe in a conspiracy theory. May I please point out that 15 million Iraqi people died by your taxpayer dollar because of never found weapons of mass destruction?

Although many haters like to make people believe I'm just celebrating vacation, I can tell you that it takes a lot of my energy to believe in my reality and not give in to the fear that most sheeple today live in. After 7 years I've had very limited support and a lot of haters and to be frank, I don't really see the need in challenging others people belief anymore. One year of streaming HonklerHangout was a lot of fun and it really helped me at some points, for example to live tru 84 hours of lockdown in april of last year, but it also takes a lot of my time.

In one year, I've done over 180 streams and created many hours of content. Especially in the beginning I spend 12 hours per day on this stream to create content and inform myself about the great reset. I noticed that finding out about how humanity is going to be enslaved doesn't make me happy, especially not when you are screaming in a dessert and nobody listens.

After the november USA elections I had a moment of rest and thought about what I was doing. I would like to help people, but it became clear that people do not want to be helped. They prefer to kick the can down the road for as long as they can and live in their comfortable lie. They prefer to receive untested genetherapy for their fear instead of looking at the problem from a different perspective.

Although I enjoy speaking out as Yoshi Livo from Liberland, I realized that I am going to need a very long breath to keep fighting against a global system of deceipt and lies and that is why I created my flipstarter campaign. If I can sell some of the Liberland money I hold, I really don't mind fighting back against hate trolls, because I can smile back at them and show them how my world provides me with anything I need, but without a successfull flipstarter, who exactly am I trying to fool then?? I have managed to build a life free from any obligation, crypto has brought me here and I'm forever greatful for it, that is why I spend so much of my time on what I see as giving back for all the great things I've experienced. You can only spend your time once and I'm sure that some people would have loved to see me work as their puppet and lead some protest against corona in Netherlands, but really I can do without.

Today I live in one of the most beautiful places in Europe and I've decided to start to live a life more away from the computer if the flipstarter campaign doesn't end with a success. It's not just nature that is beautiful here, I like the way of living even more. One does not need endless growth to be happy, all you need is to manage your own emotions in such a way that you are happy. I'm looking forward on leaving the public domain and let the world solve it's own problems. I can see this summer become one of the best, if not the best, summer of my life. For all these years I've had the feeling I need to give back and I don't deserve all this luck and beauty that just come fall out of the sky right into my hands, but now I understand the most ungratefull thing would be to not appreciate those gifts.

Tomorrow I will make another great show and hope to convince enough people about the added value of HonklerHangout for BCH. I understand the flipstarter community is only very small and consist mostly of people that have interest in the technical implementations of crypto, so I don't blame them for not seeing how HonklerHangout is the perfect introduction to crypto. Instead of being sad about it, I am going to take this opportunity to say goodbye to everybody in a good fashion and change the way how I handle the world, because until today everything I do is for free and my help was always available, but that is something that is now going to change, because if you want to disturb me during my perfect summer, you better have something to offer to me because oftherwise I can't be bothered anymore.

I want to thank everybody that followed me over the years and participated with whatever it was I've been doing. Let's see if we manage to get 20 BCH together tomorrow and if not then I wish you all the best on your projects and hope you will achieve whatever it is you are working on.