Go Fuck Yourself

Go Fuck Yourself

At the end of 2023 my friend told me he is selling his house. It became the start of my "Proof of Community" campaign. Now, at the end of February 2024 it's time to share my result and tell you about the next steps.

In 2014 I lost my bank account after I told my bank I was done funding wars I did not support. My bank accounts got terminated and I decided to not give into the social pressure and to move my entire economy to cryptocurrencies and precious metals. I try to think in solutions and not in problems. In 2015 I moved to ...

First of all, I am grateful for Plan B's Stock 2 Flow model. Personally I'm happy to tell you I learned how to make money myself so I never made it further into my professional career then a simple tax advisor and I've learned a lot from reading his articles. This is also why my challenge to his model...



Via deze weg wil ik jullie allemaal op de hoogte stellen van de activiteiten die ik in de planning heb staan voor de maand februari.



Warning! This website will soon be labelled misinformation. I have a creative mind and try my best to explain to you why I am so convinced by the end of February we've successfully completed our Proof of Community. I am fighting a war against the double standard of our world and am at a crossroads in my life. In order...