1 Million $HONK


Wow back again, and so quick! Just when I thought to go to bed the marketcap of HONK surpassed 1 Million USdollar! The first time I know of that happens, and 1 million tastes like more. To make a proper clownworld impression we will not stop or pull back until a million billion, so that all people that claim a dollar is good for them detach their brain from money printer go brrrr mentality.

I want to thanks all that care about HONK and want to remind the people that feel they are late now that the clown madness doubled for the 5th time in 4 weeks, that the real profit comes for hodlers that take advantage of the HONKfiscation of all unswapped SLP-tokens, as summoned by Adolf Honkler.

As summoned? Really? Yes, really, somewhere in some obscure place on telegram where the meeting table of all HONK is located. Without any proper information on the honkhonk.io website, the price still decided to fly all the way to a 1 million USD total market cap, as can be seen on marketcap.cash If you're asking me, somebody must know about something good is coming for HONK.

I'm excited to see what is going to happen when more people are going to hear about what is actually taking place in this little niche, I really hope that it will grow so ridiculously that all world citizens start to question their sanity, that would be the best use case any crypto product has delivered to the world!

Even if you are not scared of clowns, you better prepare for what is coming, because once the wave of HONK reaches your area it will shatter all glass, amongst many other things like cause a pandemic outbreak of folliculitis. Google that! And never forget that clown-noses should not be underestimated. 

Anyway, I'm sure that Adolf Honkler knows about all that, he got the biggest nose for a reason. I heard back from FMFW.io the other day and they told me they will not support the swap to a new HONK and that they will continue to host a SLP market instead. That information is now on the table and that is how slowly I expect some news about the swap will be put on the website. Will the new Honk get listed on any other traditional tradingplatform, I don't know. So far most liquidity is available on mistswap and with the recent revaluation of the HONK market you are offered a decent reward if you provide liquidity, so it's really all just still at the start of early days and if HONK can attract enough individuals that support a rising price then I might be writing a new article to celebrate a million billion marketcap before you can say HONKALICIOUS!