Lets start of the 9-11 series with a text about 9-11. In the upcoming 11 days I will present you with several texts I wrote about various topics. The reason I'm writing these texts is because of my unease about the current state of affairs. That unease, for me, kind of started with 9-11 and 21 years i now Live and Let Live near Liberland soil and I think that is in some way related.

On 9-11-2001 I was 14 years old, playing videogames after a day of school. Around 3 o'clock Amsterdam time I switched on the television and saw what happened in New York. I watched the second plane crash live into the building and both towers going down not so much after. A terrible event, the falling man still fresh in my memory today which at that moment in time put me in a state of shock and fear that made me accept every government statement that was made that day. "You are either with us or against us" sounds very logic, because how can anybody with a sane mind approve the actions on 9-11?

It wouldn't be until around 2005, when youtube started, when I started to look to videos and reports of that day. Because of the invention of the internet, for the first time it became possible for anybody to replay the events they want to relive. It was also possible to find people with an opinion that was not filtered by mass media. All of a sudden I heard arguments as to why the government explanation of the events that occurred in September 2001 were scientifically impossible.

Life changed that day in September, it became easier to invade peoples privacy and anybody could be labelled a terrorist even if there was only a suspicion. A war was started in Afghanistan, A war that "recently" came to an end in the most absurd way, where billions worth of militairy equipment were handed over to the opposing party. Another war was added, because the state of fear that was created made it possible to lie about weapons of mass destruction. Millions of Iraqi people died over those lies. From 2005 onwards I started to doubt my government, my future and my life. When in 2008 the fall of Lehman Brothers happened, I finally got triggered enough to start to investigate what I later found out was the pinnacle of the situation best defined as "The current thing".

In 2008 I saw the minister of finance buying out the same criminal entities that brought us to the problems of that situation. What is money exactly? With help of the internet I started to educate myself and after I discovered Bitcoin it still took me about 6 months to figure it out, but after I did I was so excited and happy: "There still is hope!!" I wrote a letter to my bank telling them about the great news and I asked them if I could deposit some bitcoins to my bankaccount and use them with my card, a card which I literally had all my life. It was quite a shock when my bankaccounts were frozen, but I knew from that day I would do anything in my power to show how much better life on crypto can be.

It was a couple years ago when I watched an interview from Willem Middelkoop, who interviewed the retired commander of the Dutch army mr. Berlijn. At some point in the interview it came to light that the highest ranked army official of the Netherlands, retired for a couple of years, but still, did not know about the third building that went down, building 7. The Salomon building was reported by the BBC to have been demolished before it actually went down and the destruction of building 7 solved that hard to tackle problem of having to explain about all those billions in unaccounted government spending and who knows what other unsolvable difficulties. 

Incredible how things have evolved since 2001, but maybe even more incredible is to see how many people still hold on to the old structure of control. Even though the plandemic made some people more critical towards their governments, the majority of people thinks they are going to solve their problems by talking about policies, or that they have to prove to their government how they should be allowed to hug or touch each other. Some years later we are about to see law into place in the Netherlands that is going to decide by law what is the current safe space per person. Whatever area is politically decided is going the be the rule of law for that moment. 

The end of Bretton Woods really had an incredible impact on the world. that only a few people understand. The world has been so corrupted since, that it has become a radical act to speak common sense. Very soon the real battle will start, the battle about the money. I'm curious to see how it's going to be played, but Ripple and Ethereum I think are going to get a lot of fake news support against the destructive POW coins. We will see how things turn out, but I think it will deliver us at least with the service of ending the global dollar hegemony. 

It has been an incredible century to be alive, this 21st one and the impact of 9/11 still can be felt today. For me it started a journey that has lead me to becoming Liberlander Yoshi Livo, whom's favorite money is bitcoin of the Netherland, e-Gulden EFL. I've been mocked and eliminated for speaking out about the clownsworld we live in, but since 2001 people refuse to change and I simply can't accept a life based on lies, which only causes the bet to be doubled down once more and I'm simply too confident about humanity as a whole to give up now.

One last thing I like to add is how 9-11 could stand for the principle of war in general. A war can only be fought, if there are soldiers willing to fight. The mass formation that is caused by the hypnotizating mass media is the real reason why so many people can be deluded into only following the current thing. Most people are unaware of their own self being and their minds can easily be controlled which eventually could lead to a war breaking out. We are all one, but divide and conquer has had fruitful years. I understand how easy it is for me, speaking as a citizen of a country that robbed itself blind with cheap foreign resources, to grow up in a way that is unprecedented in world history, living a more luxurious life than your average king in the 1700's. But, what is done is done and we can't go back in time. All there is left to do is to no longer accept a rule of law dictating us about justice. There is no justice to be found on a piece of paper and regardless how legitimate a signature will look, it's about your reality and feelings that matter the most. 

This message is what I try to bring across and Bitcoin has allowed me to develop in a unique way. I wish more people would see the future like me, but unfortunately my message so far has only limited success. The good thing is that you can support this message by buying some Bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL. If enough people do, it will make such an impact on Dutch society that I believe it will change the world. The current marketcap of EFL is just over a million dollar, well below the 1 dollar per EFL mark, that psychological border is what I believe will have the power of impact that is needed to shake up Dutch society from their hypnosis and see the lies they have been told for the past couple of decades. It served them pretty nice, but can you really enjoy those riches if you know about those lies? I couldn't and that's why I moved to Liberland. Life is good here and you are all invited to come and have a look. Let me know, for example on telegram when you are coming and we can meet eachother. Save up some monthly EFL's and once the herd mentality of the Dutch citizens kicks in, enjoy a vacation to Liberland on their behalf.

I don't know if 9/11 alone was enough to change my vision on the world, because mass media and fractional reserve banking are both incredible powerful tools. I think what really made my experience fundamentally different than that of previous generations is the internet and everything it has brought.