An inconvenient truth


Satoshi created Bitcoin and it took several years for the world to pick it up so he could leave it to be and the same goes for development of local bitcoin initiatives that still heavily depend on a small group of people fighting for the progress.

I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo and this is my slightly inaccurate English translation from my most recent Dutch written text. Yoshi Livo stands for Your Children Live On and when I heard from my good friend Gregor that huntingseason starts the 15th of August in Liberland I decided to pay him a visit so we could walk the land together and make this video. Today is the 14th of August 2023 and I'm reading out my text while standing on the Liberland land. A great progress, but I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight after i drive my bike home. As persona non grata of the project I'm glad that a political witch hunt did not stop me from delivering this message to you today and to me this only shows the inability of Liberland to operate as a nation today, because Liberland does not maintain power over their land when I as persona non grata am present on the land. This message is only as big as other people make it and I would love to show you what 2.5 bitcoin in exchange for 250.000 e-Gulden EFL is going to bring to Liberland, e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin and the ideas of Your Children Live On. I believe a paper reality is maintained with force and in my lifetime we will see a change of that paper reality into something different. Whatever that something different is going to be is up to us to decide and that I why I make videos, so you are atleast aware that I am trying to shift reality a bit more into my direction.

It is not an easy and very slow process so far, because the changes I project onto the world are big and exactly how big is something I try to point out in my last text. Recently a video went viral amongst Dutch critical thinkers. The video shows a man that pays with cash in a cashless supermarket. Pay with cash is the message and the man is celebrated as a hero. Sure, if you want to support war and pedophilia while financing your own suppression you should definitely keep on transacting in the debt currency your governments forces you to use with force. People that believe paying with cash is an act of resistance fail to recognize their life is set as example to countries where citizens are not as depending on the government as themselves. Most of these people rely on some form of income from government or semi government institutions like tax deductions or payments for their retirement. This money is all received in digital form and that's why I used this scream for cash, which is getting louder in my experience, to point out exactly what is wrong with the world today, which is the lack of knowledge about money among the general population of atleast the Netherlands, but probably a lot more countries around the world. 

Even with all the knowledge in the world, the type of money you want to use is a personal preference. There is no absolute truth when it comes down to the solution for the communication of value, that money is. After many years I have come to the conclusion that it all comes down to the way that your being feels comfortable with living. I have to accept that the majority of my fellow human that lives today believes force is allowed to maintain a paper reality. For that theory to come into practice people are willing to fight endless wars, but the stability they perceive is only for as long as they manage to censor the full reality from their way of living. Since 2014 I live without a bankaccount and receive most of my income cash. Sometimes in the form of debt currency, sometimes in the form of crypto and if I'm lucky with gold or silver. I try to avoid the use of debt currency, but I do not intent to live life isolated from the rest of humanity, so I need to accept that is the way how people transact value today. It's my intention to show a different way is possible and that is probably why I sometimes clash with Bitcoin maximalists or the current Liberland administration. 

Bitcoin maximalists are the people that believe digital scarcity can only be invented once. The people that see a one coin solution for everything and tell you Bitcoin and crypto are not the same thing. Instead of taking the opportunity to step away from traditional values, regulations need to provide these people with a profit in traditional debt currency. I see Bitcoin a bit different, I see Bitcoin as the start of a new global standard of sound money, which will be the backbone of a completely new value system. I can't understand how we might end up with locked away Bitcoins while we have the opportunity to let the free market create endless opportunities for people as incentive to join a new movement of people that are fed up with endless inflation. If I get the opportunity I will create a new form of ethical currency to be added to the list of solutions that I advice people to start to use in their lives. Maybe one day they will understand how destructive their lifestyle is and we can all agree how radical our world has become due to the adoration of debt currency. 

These radical times require radical solutions and that is why I believe in the reality of Liberland. I did not come here because I adore the political viewpoints of Liberland, but I seek refuge from a radicalized country where people believe they perform an act of rebellion by paying in debt currency for GMO strawberries in a SDG supermarket. I understand the need to conform to traditional valuesystems if you seek recognition for your borders. For me the only border I recognize is the one from our atmosphere and I fail to see how to fit 8 billion people on such a small piece of land. Walls don't set me free, but general understanding does. Everybody on the planet today is already a Liberlander, all they need to understand is that every government is a terrorist organisation and needs to be treated with caution. I am happy with my current position as persona non grata and think it is the perfect way for me to show that I do not aspire to build a totalitarian control system. I believe Liberland would benefit from a successful Liberlander that creates some controversy and the label of persona non grata is the perfect excuse to remove any accountability for the Liberland administration to anything I say or do. I do not intent to live on Liberland anymore, if I manage to establish myself nearby and can visit the land by bike it is good enough for me, but without more support I have to accept that my ideas will not come into practice. I am right here and ready for the next step. The past couple of years have thought me valuable lessons and created a much more preferable situation compared to a couple of years ago. I believe all steps and actions have lead to this point for a reason and timing could not have been better.

I'm always available for a conversation on Telegram, or you can follow me on Twitch and receive a notification the next time I will broadcast live. I believe the changes that are about to happen will change peoples perception of reality. I am ready to show the world there is a different way then left or right. Our social contract is ready for change and with enough support I will be able to show exactly how I would solve that difficult problem of living together in peace and harmony.