Anniversary stream


Welcome everybody! I'm glad you could make it on this slippery slope of the internet. It's going to be a beautiful day full of highlights of previous episodes and with several new texts that I've written from scratch, like so many others that you have already heard from me in the past. Today we're also going to perform the next NFT drop from the Yoshi series, add contract number 0x8ebf51b3435F232ED08cE5Fb2491B6eA21826f94 to your metamask wallet and drop your sBCH address in the chat to receive yours! The next NFT drop will be on 19 march for the 8 year anniversary of EFL and on april 13th, during the 7th anniversary of Liberland!

Its a day with mixed feelings from me, because in over 350 episodes I made over the course of 2 years, I have the feeling that the common ground with society is moving away from me instead of getting closer and I was hoping for the opposite when I started streaming 2 years ago. 

Ofcourse, with all the crazy events of the last 2 years I think I should be glad to not have given in and stand my ground even more firm then before, but at the same time I'm getting desperate for some positive turn of events. As I see the world around me getting more and more radical every day, I wonder howmuch further it can really go before society completely let itself be derailed. People that, until recently, where mandating others the use of mouth masks for their own protection, are currently screaming to start a war with Russia. The war in Ukraine started 8 years ago, but as always the narrative that western people are presented is so narrow that nobody even remembers any of that. I've always put my trust with crypto, but with recent events it's difficult to keep faith sometimes. I see people demonizing qr-codes while calling for more regulations to improve the efficiency of sanctions and I believe I can bring a new story into the equation that could make our combined outlook a little brighter..

The real problem is the lack of understanding about money, which has lead politics, media, education, healthcare, basically every aspect of life in the western world get corrupted. I noticed not a lot could be done about it and left my country of birth a couple years before covid started to become part of Liberland and prove to my peers that a different way is possible. I havn't really been successful with it, because I experience a lot of sabotage during my attempts and only little support. At least I can say I learned from my own mistakes, but this story and this location can be so much more to people. That is why I keep on making efforts and am stuck in a loop which I would love to break out of. I got too much to give up on it, but too little to make anything with it. 

The plan is simple, e-Gulden EFL needs to be recognized as Bitcoin of the Netherlands. This 8 year old coin, which birthday is going to be celebrated on the 19th of March, has a total of 21 million outstanding units and is currently priced around 20 cents per EFL, or 500 satoshi. During 8 years of existance the blockchain has had 1 softfork implemented in the form of the OERUshield, which makes it possible to serve a community on a national level, while competing in a global hashwar. The friends of EFL campaign hands out EFL's to Dutch citizens that announce their friendship on social media and in 8 years around 500 people have claimed their fair share. I believe the world needs more then 1 blockchain for several reasons. In the case of EFL, it's because the community shares a language and geographical location. I do not believe the lightning channel will bring bitcoin anything and instead I see altcoins as lightning channels for my layer 2 solution.

I've pledged 1 million EFL's to various initiatives, half a million will be used by me to build a safe haven for Liberlanders. The reason why this safe haven is needed, is to bring a different narrative into the world. Since covid spread over the earth we have seen how easily the majority of people can be manipulated and if we want to break that manipulation, we need more then a reaction, we need to act ourselves and give something to react to. The courtcases about covid havn't even started and already we see the next fraud starting with hunderds of millions of charity funding being funneled away on behalf of Ukranian people getting shot. Everybody participates and it's never been so easy to empty your bankaccount on some internet campaign, they even accept Bitcoin and Ethereum these days, there goes my joy of participating in a money system that is not directly funding war. Sure, bring in some experts that shine a different light on the situation in Ukraine, but that still gives into the narrative. Instead, why not make your own story?

The history of former Yugoslavia is another reason why I believe I have a good chance of making a success out of my attempts of creating that new narrative. The currency in my location is called Dinar, and we have 2 borders close to us, being the Croatian border and Hungarian border. Both of those countries have their own currency, but are also part of EU and with the lack of trust in government, most registered goods like cars and houses are actually priced in Euro. It really gives a special dynamic and people are used to having multiple currencies in their wallet. Over the past couple of years I learned a lot about this region and the people that live here. Because of lack of opportunity, many young people leave their place of birth, but the location is beautiful and many would want to stay if they had the opportunity to provide for themselves.

I've pledged 1 million EFL under the condition that the price of the coin reaches 1 euro. The reason for this condition, is because the current market of EFL can't handle such an amount and the euro is a psychological border that I believe will change peoples opinion about the coin. Today EFL is just another crypto scam to people, but if can get recognition for being the Bitcoin of the Netherlands we would serve one of the richest nations in the history of the world with their financial needs. The Netherlands has an annual GDP of a little under 1 trillion dollar and the Dutch save up around 1 Billion dollar per month with their pension plans. It is a huge market and everybody that is willing to take the risk will be rewarded accordingly. Bitcoin has shown us that once a coin gets traction, 1 euro per coin will only be the start.

I am part of one of the first generations on our planet that grew up with the internet. It has made my life a very different experience then from the ones that walked here before me. I understand it takes patience and that everybody learns in it's own tempo, but I believe that we need to act up and work together in order to prevent the creation of a totalitarian state which is approaching us rapidly. Our present time is unique and I genuinely believe that our lifestyle for generations to come is going to be decided in the next couple of years. This is the moment to act and that is why I am not only spending countless hours to spread this message, but also a significant amount, if not all, my wealth into an attempt to have a minor influence at the eventual outcome. We are already fighting a well oiled propaganda machine that controls the minds of most people with a bank account, in order for my story to stand a chance, it takes the effort of an incredible amount of people and I hope you will be a part of it. Tell your friends about this opportunity by sharing this video, it is highly appreciated.

I want to thank everybody that has helped me so far, it is an amazing journey and I try to be conscient about all my blessings, of which I'm sure I forget most. A difficult time seems ahead of us, with a likely end of the Dollar in our lifetime. Let's try to work together with likeminded people and build a world that we dream of. We make our world, that is why after years of streaming and talking, I would like to start working, if enough people support this message that will become a reality and those people will have generated the means to come and visit me to see the result, I believe it will be soon, because the time is ready.