Anniversary stream


Good day beautiful people and welcome to my 3 year anniversary stream. Today exactly 3 years ago, on the 3rd of March 2020 I broadcasted my first ever stream. Since that day I have made over 600 episodes and spend over 1000's of hours in front of the webcam. In total tens of thousands of dollars in cryptomoney have been handed out to viewers and dozens of guests have been interviewed.

What exactly drives me to put all that energy into a show is what I will try to explain to you in the upcoming text. This anniversary broadcast is also the kickoff to a new series of streams that will last until the 13th of April, when Liberland will celebrate its 8th birthday. More special broadcast dates will be the 15th of March, when people in the Netherlands go to vote, and the 19th of March when the Dutch Bitcoin, e-Gulden EFL celebrates its 9th birthday.

As you can hear from my introduction, I got Dutch roots. At a fairly young age I felt like the lifestyle I was born into was not sustainable and somehow didn't feel right to me. I could never really get my head around it how society worked and was managed, but the experience I've had since I was a child felt so unreal that I could not believe it would last forever. Since a couple of years a lot of those feelings got confirmed when governments worldwide locked down their citizens because of a "novel" Corona virus. Especially people from western nations, that have an enormous trust in their government bodies are at risk of losing, simply because they currently have the most to lose. 

A different way of living is required and different values need to be introduced for people to cherish, because the materialistic way of living that we got used to over the past couple of decades destroys our planet in such a rapid pace that we simply can't hold up that fairy tale of reality any longer. I can see a different and more beautiful future for all to enjoy, but I am unable to get the attention that is required to stand a chance against the existing narrative that keeps the globe busy today. I myself am fully responsible for that, as I gave away that opportunity about 5 years ago, but 5 years ago, I myself was not ready to bring that story to the world. I have needed every moment until today to get ready for the job that lays ahead and every moment until today has been the perfect build-up for what is still to come. 

Bitcoin will play a big role in the story I have to share, as it allows me to start to explain to people how a lot of their decisions are based on false believes. Fiat money is not money, but instead debt currency. Once you understand the difference between them you will start to make different life decisions and with use of Bitcoin it will be a first start into breaking the hypnosis that a lot of people are so deeply locked into. Bitcoin by itself will not be sufficient however, because one protocol will never be enough to service the world with its financial needs. I believe alternative cryptomoney protocols are needed to be able to give people a workable alternative to their fiat money systems they are used to. I want to explicitly state that the lightning network is not that solution for me. In my opinion the lightning network will create centralized liquidity hubs that governments are going to regulate to a level where Bitcoin will have lost its purpose for what it was invented. I believe people that share a geographical location with each other, or have some shared interest, a shared interest that is only limited by human creativity, can create their own cryptomoney protocol that services their specific need. For this reason I am a proponent of e-Gulden EFL, which I like to refer to as the Bitcoin of the Netherlands. I crowdfund myself with use of this coin and if you would like to support this message I suggest you buy a couple of these coins, because I believe that breaking the price of 1 euro per EFL will break the hypnosis that Dutch citizens are stuck into since decades and because the Netherlands plays such an important role in the way how western citizens perceive reality I believe it will be an important step into creating that new reality with different values.

Cryptomoney by itself is not the end goal however. We need a more ethical money than just a speculation based store of value. Over the past couple of years I've spoken to many people and I do believe some form of time currency, in which everybody receives an equal amount of guaranteed currency, simply because they exist, has to be introduced. My current location, 20 miles out of Liberland, is a perfect place to introduce this new currency and I intend to make it my job into making this rollout into a success. It will cost a lot of time, money and energy, but with enough support in e-Gulden EFL, the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, I will have all the means to achieve that goal, so I urge you again to buy a couple of those coins until we reach the value of 1 euro each. All Dutch citizens will happily buy those coins from you at that price once we get there and these people still have enough money to provide you with a healthy profit for your support into the story I present to you today. The outcome I strive to achieve is still possible to get to today, but time is not on my side. I present myself as Liberlander Yoshi Livo, but I'm living in Serbia as a Dutch citizen with the name of Niels Harmsen. Time is not on my side and the opportunity will at one moment be gone. In the upcoming weeks, until the 8th Liberland anniversary on the 13th of April I need to bring together a total of 2 bitcoin for this idea to stand a chance because 2 bitcoins is the amount that is needed to get e-Gulden EFL to trade at a value of 1 euro each and for my words to reach a larger audience. As much as I would like to work out my possible solution for the future, there are plenty more people with a lot more power and influence that would like to see me fail. I have the upmost trust that I will succeed and that all choices I made until today where needed to get me the knowledge and strength that is required for this idea to stand a chance, but without more support I stand no chance into making it. This is not a one man job and requires a community of likeminded people to support my ideas. With enough support, all those that participate will be rewarded for their loyalty, but the risk of failing is so high that most of people prefer to look away and find a more comfortable way of living their lives.

The last day of my upcoming stream marathon session will be the 13th of April, when Liberland celebrates its 8th birthday. 5 years ago, Liberland provided me with the largest opportunity of my life. I threw that opportunity out of the window and until today I am grateful for my choice of that moment. Liberland for me is a very different project than for the ones that are surrounding the current Liberland leadership. It took me some time to recognize how much different my ideas and projections of the future are from what Liberland proposes as their solution. Liberland today tries to get recognition as the most sophisticated government on this planet. It is not about a small government, or unifying this planet with a different lifestyle, but instead it wants to create the most efficient government by building a digital system that will set the precedent for a new era of absolute government control. I am glad to have received so much freedom that I was able to follow my feeling and make my own, different path. I will always support the development of Liberland, because as much as I would like to abolish all governments, such event will not happen in the near future. Every border is just like money an imagination of people and the changes I propose require a timeframe of multiple generations to get into full effect. People have their own believe systems and these will not just change overnight. The development of Liberland is a great way to show the citizens of the world that a different reality is possible, but I am gratefull my path did not go into the direction into building a new libertarian Epstein island for a select few of crypto elitists, but instead my path is aiming to connect all the people worldwide into understanding that we live on this planet together and will achieve the most satisfaction if we can live with one another in harmony, regardless of our individual differences.. 

Thanks for your attention, if you want to support this message and my mission, please buy some e-Gulden EFL, available on Komodo's Atomic DEX, or on Freiexchange.