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It's just a couple of days after I wrote my last text. My last text in which I said it is now time to speak out about the offer I've created to help my friend and I should stop creating new content, but since I've read out that text and published the result on Rumble, so many things have happened and I feel the need to speak out again, to explain myself better and share my vision, based on these recent events.

The first thing I want to mention is the bombing of Yemen, This statement from the Joe Biden administration was released less then 24 hours of me writing this text.

This statement explains how a "coalition of the willing" has bombed the country of Yemen, to protect international trade. A typical explanation can be found in the 3rd paragraph, when the statement mentions "the international community", a phrase I've heard many time during my childhood when I watched the daily news. I recognize it today as one of the many ways how the average Joe is brought into a state of hypnosis. It's not mentioned like "an" international community, which would imply there are many more then just one, no, it is "THE" international community, as if there is no other and everybody agrees on the violence that was executed. This statement makes it sound as if I agree to what has happened, in the end, I am part of our international community, am I not?

I have used the term "coalition of the willing" because the first time I started to oppose my Dutch government was during the war in Iraq, around 2005. Based on a fabricated lie about weapons of mass destruction, the Dutch joined forces and invaded a country. Personally I believe to steal gold and oil, but it was sold to the unknowing masses as a victory for democracy. I started to do more research, I've told you these stories before and how my life became an uphill battle, fighting with words against a narrative that the majority of my peers around me took for granted. 

I the past 24 hours, my country of birth, the Netherlands, has involved itself in yet another war. The people that pay taxes to the state facilitate these atrocities but have no clue about the bombs that are thrown in their name. I don't want to go into specific detail again, but just a couple hours before the bombing in Yemen a court case started between South Afrika (and supporters) against Israel, claiming Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza which they justify on dubious claims about an attack on the 7th of October 2023. This court case is happening in the Hague, yes the capital of the same country that is now bombing Yemen. Some people call the event of 7 October the 9/11 of Israel, but if you take my explanation of what happened during 9/11 the story gets a completely different context. I've told you before that the explanation of the USA about what happened during 9/11 is scientifically impossible, yet, this explanation is stated as fact until today by many nations around the world.

The double standard in this world is growing and the reason why I started to take the risk of speaking out my truth is because I want to try to unite people with all kind of different perspectives in life. We are on this beautiful planet together and divide and conquer allows a select group of people to take advantage of our hate towards one another. I know I'm completely incompetent of doing so today and that is why I've started my concept of proof of community, to show that my thoughts and feelings are shared by many more people then just myself. The most simple explanation I can give about the double standard, a double standard I like to refer to as the "paper reality" is a paper reality managed by contracts and enforced by violence and therefore become reality. Millions of people need the paper reality to exist, they have based their lives upon it and can't live without it. This brings me to the second topic I would like to mention in this text, the launch of Bitcoin ETF's.

Just prior to the launch of a small dozen Bitcoin ETF's a note was released on X by the official X account of the SEC. The SEC given you an offer you can't refuse, enforced with violence to service the paper reality and created to empower the double standard of the reality of today. This note on X contained a message stating the SEC approved the launch of the ETF's. Price went up aggressively but a couple of minutes later the SEC put out another note on X, stating their account was hacked. The SEC retracted the previous note and the price of Bitcoin dumped even a bit harder then the previous pump that happened a couple minutes earlier. Simple market manipulation that anybody else but the SEC would get them into serious legal, paper reality, trouble, with fines that will put them out of business immediately, but because of the double standard we experience in our lives this event almost goes unmentioned and will see no consequences. 

Congratulations bitcoiners, or atleast those that are willing to throw the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto out of the window and replace peer-2-peer cash for digital traceable gold, you have found your bigger fool with the launch of these ETF's. From here on out you share your community with professionals that extract value for their own profit. Freedom is out of the window and in return you are on the other side of the double standard. From here on out markets will be manipulated to create arbitrage opportunities that are facilitated with pump and dumps, so that people in power can control the narrative that is talked about to the average Joe. You will become so rich in terms of debt currency that those select few who have been able to position themselves ahead of time are going to be part of the new elites. Society will deteriorate, but you can look down on them from your ivory tower and enjoy all the benefits that materialism has to offer. Your wealth will buy you freedom, but you will only be able to enjoy it within the limits the double standard deems fit. 

Let me just state that I don't know why I do the things I do. When I start to write a text like this I don't know exactly what will come on this paper, all I know ahead of time is that I want to help my friend pay his medical bills and tell you that I think I found a way to do it in such a way that everybody that shares my vision will benefit. I am willing to take all the risk, because deep down inside I am just in pursuit of happiness and for that I have to follow the feelings that comes up from within myself. I do not like to refer to it as God, because I believe religion is a terrible invention that forms the basis of the current double standard we experience, but I do know some sort of source power is giving me the energy and motivation to put my entire existence on the line. I believe that this source power is present in all of us, even in non human creatures and that is why, even if my story doesn't resonate with enough people to make an impact on a global scale, I feel happy with the ability to follow my feeling and do what I feel is right and with what I feel needs to be done and said. In 1956 the Suez crisis shifted global power away from the UK towards the USA and with the recent bombing of Yemen I feel like I have successfully managed to dodge all bullets so that I can bring you this story today, exactly in the way that I do it now in a time that global power is again at a turning point. I believe my timing is perfect and everything had to be this way, exactly as it is today.

Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live on, has become a hot topic lately. I do not feel any more special then anybody else and have learned that without the will of Team Humanity, it will not get any impact whatsoever, but at the same time I am glad to have been patient enough so that I can offer you this story today. Reproduction quota of the human species have been in decline for decades and I believe it is because the source power that has been driving the double standard of monetary apartheid has a very different vibration then mine and destroys humanity. That is why I now speak out against bitcoin, in the same way that I speak out against Liberland, but at the same time still endorse them, because I know we are in a phase of transition and only if we can work together will we be able to achieve the paradigm shirt I aim to achieve. The double standard has been active for such a long time that I do not believe I will achieve my goals in my lifetime, all I can do is stay close to my feeling and direct my energy toward what I feel is right. Being on the profitable side of the double standard has many advantages, I've experienced it myself in the first years of my life, but at the same time I can see how it will create more destruction then advantages over the long run. I try to not judge other peoples convictions, I just want to show that a different way is possible. I have taken this story to this point, for it to grow I need this proof of community to succeed and for that I need your help.

I have chosen my tools to communicate my message, they all have many flaws and are not the ultimate solution, even the ethical currency I propose will not be sufficient, but I do believe we can use these tools to our benefit to expose the double standard and make people resonate with the message of Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live On. Many people have lost faith, and have already given up. They just seek a short term solution to serve them well, so they can enjoy their lives to the full because they know they Only Live Once. I want to tell you again that I don't really know what motivates me, besides the source power that is within me and makes me take the risk that I take. To state it again very clear, I am willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to break the double standard we experience today, including to have to accept the same faith as the small dozen of police officers that got to see the contents of Anthony Wieners life insurance on his laptop, or the members of Seal team 6 that arrested Osama bin Laden to just name some examples. I wish to develop ethical currency near Liberland, run a little donkey farm and achieve many successes in my life, it is too short to get everything done, but I know exactly what to do with it and am happy I have made all the steps required to realize them. I have not developed anything for myself yet and have only used other peoples creation to set me up for this task, now I am ready for the next step and show you what I really have to offer. I can accept failure if my message is not shared with enough people and have thought of a plan B in case things don't work out like I intend them to, but the house of my friend is currently still for sale and I believe the offer I make is good enough for people to see value in it. My life is a chain of coincidences and I am fully convinced my timing is perfect. Think of all the protesting farmers, look at how free speech is being mocked by fake news and how election interference is becoming apparent. Since just a couple weeks the average Joe really seems ready to change their value system. 

A doctor that gives you a pill or medication won't make you healthy, instead health requires a permanent effort to take care of your body. All governments are terrorist organization and invented to control their population. Money isn't wealth, wealth comes from the ability to provide you with your needs. Religion can't claim a god, just like the terrorist organizations that claim to be governments, a religion is invented to create a double standard and create advantages so that people can be controlled. Those are just a few examples of things that need to be said. I try to touch on many topics and this is why people at some point bail out on what I tell them, almost everybody has its focus on one single element of the solution, but it is about bringing all these topics together to really point out we need to step away from the double standard and not just to try and be recognized by it, only if people are going to take responsibility for their own life will we be able to build something different from what we know today. This story is going to be bigger then Liberland and Bitcoin combined and is going to expose many ways of how our current lives are just a fraction of what they could be if we wouldn't be so naive to hand over our responsibilities to central institutions, this is why so much effort has already put in to suppress this message. The possible outcome I have in mind is still alive and active today and those that are able to recognize the opportunity will profit in equal amount to their support. 

I am ready, at your service,

Team Humanity, Let's GO!

X: @infoliberland

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