Hi everybody,

I'm currently staying in Berlin where I will be talking about Liberland and blockchain tonight. As part of the preperation for my speech tonight I will write my thought down here, so I once again remind myself of what I'm doing and what goals I'm trying to achieve.

I understand from many people that one of the larger threats of our civilized being today is the islamisation of the western world, but for me this only only a small part of something much larger. You see, after the second world war, many promises where made to the average being. Pensionfunds are one of them and the one I will focus on for now,

Basically the pensionfunds are the biggest schemes of all time, being highly profitable for a very select group of people. When the first pensionfund was introduced the average age of people was about as high as the moment on which you would get payed your pension. If you die before that age, all your saved money belongs to the state, what a great way of earning some extra cash!

EDIT: I couldn't complete this article in time, by now 1 more week has passed. I've had my speech in Berlin. It was for a very select company, but thanks to "new" technologies I've the ablity to share my information with you for free and that is what I do with this blogpost, becausee information should not be hidden behind paywalls and meet-ups should not require an entance fee. I hope you enjoy yet another presentation I did in Berlin this time. It was publicly announced, but unfortunately my personality still remains small and therefore uninteresting to most. In case you want my voice to be heard more the solution is very simple, buy some EFl and make a difference. The once that understand this will make some money while doing so, just like bitcoin made a lot of people rich, the same will happen to EFL, so take this opportunity and buy some of those coins, for example on tradingplatform Bittrex: