Bitcoin Birthday


Happy new year everybody! Today on the 3rd of January we are celebrating the first stream of the year by memorizing the first mined Bitcoin block, on 3rd Januari 2009. The so called genesis block was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and started an era of sound and interest free fiat money. It has made an impact on my life that my prediction about it, how it wouldn't have been the same without Bitcoin, really has come true. Reading the whitepaper maybe didn't really do the trick for me, but when I received my first ever Bitcoin transaction and was able to look up that information on a blockexplorer website, I got ghoosebumbs and couldn't sleep for a week. This would change everything, and it certainly did. 

Many people today are still unaware of the significance of this historic day 13 years ago to their life, but for me it was pretty clear from the start and I am completely ready and looking forward to that adventure. I believe introducing sound money will make a great impact to the world, as different features create different incentives, which create different choices and those choices are a lot more positive then the ones we have today.

When I realized how big of an impact cryptomoney would have in the world, I decided I wanted to try and explain this impact to others around me, but I soon realized that not many people where willing to accept my opinion or vision. The responce has very often been that I must be delusional having such extreme and radical ideas about society. "Can't you see that it's allway's been like that?" "Look at this scientific paper proving you different." People all seem to fail to see that their experiences have been programmed since birth and they all fall for the illusion of free choice. 

For decades now, most world citizens are living in the illusion of paper gold. They get out of bed early in the morning and dedicate their life energy chasing a dream that is funded by the accumulation of interest bearing debt. The debtcycle this currencysystem creates causes harm and stress since it got implemented and it showcases our limited understand of all that is today. I have say'd for years now that anybody that wants to make a change in this world should consider which form of money they choose to be using. This logic is not understood by most of the people I speak with and that's why for the past couple years now, I've created the HonklerHangout stream, showcasing the clownworld of today. With still 3 months to go to the 3rd HonklerHangout anniversary on the 3rd of the 3rd month, third march, the counter stand to close to 300 streams created and today's episode also promises to be full of highlights which will be able for playback at any moment in the future one could desire. The telegram channel celebrated it's 300 member last week and the stream itself has exactly 470 followers at the moment of writing. Nice numbers, but the story will grow much bigger from here.

With the recent price explosion in HONK I had a decision to make, how to go forward from here? Because of choices from my past I have decided that for the upcoming months I will raffle out e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands, on the raffle wheel. Today's celebration will be the first and the last where prize winners will have the option to choose between HONK or EFL as their prize and from next day onward the wheel will change to e-Gulden EFL only. I will also go and try to experiment by streaming in the Dutch language. Recently I've been contacted by some Dutch people with questions related to EFL. I've always streamed so that I could share my information for free, as I figured that the obvious advantage I would point out would have to be enough to make me a living. With HONK going into a new phase, I feel like it's the perfect foundation to tackle the issue of the Netherlands once and for all, so that we can get to the ultimate goal.

I'll be honoust, I've always been very ego driven. The entire point of Liberlander Yoshi Livo, is to prove to the Dutch bank ,that took my bankaccount away when I informed them about my bitcoin knowledge, their system can't hold because it's build on force, violence and exclusion and they are now going to have to compete with something voluntary and inclusive. The fight is on since years and if there would just be enough Dutch people to support me with my crypto of choice, e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands, then those who would participate would have instant funding, as Bitcoin-like networks tend to have this price appreciating effect over time compared to the government debt of choice. 

In the upcoming year of 2022 my Liberland passport will expire, so I need some leverage to prove I've been a good citizen, as some seem to question my intention. It can be understood that not everybody is willing to play the game by the rules, but even if somebody else is making the rules, at some point you should be able to make your case to defend yourself to false accusations. After giving away 1 Billion tokens, I now intend to give away 1 Million e-Gulden EFL, with the only condition that the price of 1 e-Gulden EFL trades above the bitcoin equivalent price of 1 euro each, as traded on freiexchange, for the duration of 1 week, before the date of 19th March 2022 when the 8th year of e-Gulden EFL is celebrated as long as the price of Bitcoin does not reach 200.000 dollar per bitcoin. When these conditions are met I will pay out the sum of 1 Million EFL to the following causes:

453780 e-Gulden EFL : Yoshi Livo. Here is your motivation as to why I go into all the effort, I will have the ability to showcase a different reality to the Dutch citizens and take that as leverage to Liberland. 

220371 e-Gulden EFL : Sven Hulleman, for his initiative.

96.934 e-Gulden EFL : Huig Plug, if needed a Huig Plug dedicated foundation.

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Blue Tiger Studio

22.037.10 e-Gulden EFL : BLCKBX.TV

22.037.10 e-Gulden EFL : Cafe Weltschmerz

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Viruswaarheid

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Arno Wellens

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Keuzevrij bij mij.

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : De Andere Krant

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Gezond Verstand

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : MEAS LAW

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL : Yorn Lukaszczyk

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : De Haan op  youtube

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : V for Valentine

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : De Nieuwe Wereld

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Sietske Bergsma 

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Maurice de Hond

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Raisa Blommenstijn

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Jan Bonte

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Nationale Bond Tegen Overheidszaken

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Marijn Poels

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Mordechai Krispijn

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Frank Ruesink

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL : Potkaars


As you can read in the first line of my proposal, my incentive is clear. Will I be able to get this transaction going? I'm going to give it my best, that's one thing you can count on. To make it extra clear, once the pre-set conditions are fulfilled the money will be available free of any requirments for the duration of 133.333 EFL blocks (6 months). In case the money is not claimed, it will become available to future give-away's. I will be happy to assist people if needed and am always open for their suggestions.

I believe we live in a phace of transition. Not everything will happen at once, because things cost time. Today, everybody lives in it's own bubble, what still connects them is the kind of money they use. I don't advocate that you should stop using your bank account like me, but what I do say is that you can take the option to try something different. It doesn't have to last 1000 years, it has to do the trick, right now, and if that's helpfull enough, I think you should use the option to your advantage.

Today we can make an important first step into reaching 1 euro per EFL. You see, the Netherlands has enough money, but people simply do not understand money. By inviting Willem Engel to become friend of e-Gulden EFL we got somebody in our middle with enough reach to make the Netherlands re-think their money and the reality they live in. The "friend of EFL' action is free of cost and only requires an investment in time. This investment of your time will teach people how to perform a crypto transaction and will make them understand the Bitcoin of the Netherlands to a level where I'm confident they will see the benefit over their traditional debt currency.