Bitcoin's 10th anniversary


Happy tenth birthday of Bitcoin everybody! Ofcourse, I could have started my first post of the so called "new year" with wishing you exactly that, but my life is all about crypto, so that's why I refer to the creation of the blockchain before I confront myself to the illusion of time. I believe that bitcoin re-created time and that our clock might at some point be adjusted to blocknumbers, because what exactly does that 2019 stand for? Anyway, because Bitcoin is such an international topic, I've decided to write in English for a change, so let's start off with an introduction.

I believe in crypto, because the liberating freedom that a censorship resistant cash money system brings can't be a bad thing. There has been a lot of misinformation about Bitcoin and I believe for the next 10 years it is most important for the Bitcoin community to include every kind of participation and overcome the negative sentiment untill the next blockhalving. Everybody will turn their back on Bitcoin at one day and will asks himself, is this worth it? If, for the next 10 years you will say it's worth it, you have to be strong, because Bitcoin is going to lose his dominance at a continuous pace. Yet, this is a good thing, because the limitations of Bitcoin will result in a higher consciousness about our true needs. 

I use Bitcoin, because it serves me a political purpose. In times of monetairy apartheid and debt slavery you can only vote with your wallet and if I would have managed to stick to my own words, chances are real you would have already heard from me by now. I'm talking about this moment in april of last year where I forget to say the words: " To give". To get to that point I have made the most amazing journey and I consider my life a blessing. Bitcoin made me into who I am today, Yoshi Livo.

Bitcoin has it's own politics, and this is exactly where the system becomes volnerable. Because of it's decentralised nature there often is no real consensus and exactly 10 years ago today it was made very clear against who'm this new protocol was invented. That counterparty does have it's tools in place and even with a graph as astonishing as the one above they have managed to create a sentiment around Bitcoin that is one of the most negative as can be. I believe we will soon see capitulation when a big exchange loses clients trust after our own way of regulation causes another exchange to close it's doors and exactly then will Ripple bring us the solution! Ow it's so easy, and so much faster, just sign the documents and everything will be fine...

Because of the lack of leadership there is no real right or wrong direction and if somebody really disagrees, history has thought us that a fork will be imminent. This is deviding the power into ever smaller fractions of the original.