CBD tea over CBDC


Yes, I know, most of these texts I read are way too serious for somebody with a red nose, so lets try something different this time in an attempt to explain the discrepancies of my interaction with society.

Let's start with religion, because it seems such a hot topic recently. The location I currently live at is a decent size town for the country it is located in, yet, on a sunday you could practically lay down on the busiest street of town. Ofcourse, I over exaggerate, but that is what this red nose is for. Religion has had a massive impact in the way people interact with each other, just like at some other places on this world the same is happening on a friday for the same reason.

The internet has helped me to shape my worldview, I have brainwashed myself the same exact way like others have been brainwashed, with the only difference that I did it to myself where others had it done to them. I am writing texts like this one since 10 years in an attempt to explain myself, my experience with society is that when I confront my direct surrounding with my believes it can lead to serious aggression and chaos. 

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present then the release of Marijn Poels latest documentary. All of his previous work has been featured on the KingHONKspiritSEE livestreams over the years, but because youtube notifications were not turned on, I missed the initial premiere of his latest work. Marijn, if you read this, please start to accept e-Gulden EFL as a method of donating to your cause, it could have a massive impact on the eventual outcome of our shared reality. Not because of all the money you will collect per say, although I can guarantee it will be some, but more because of the message it sends out to the people that are looking for alternative solutions to traditional problems. e-Gulden EFL is the Bitcoin of the Netherlands and me, Dutch born Liberlander Yoshi Livo, has chosen it as his tool to show the world exactly why the resistance against totalitarian power needs to happen because 21 million just seems like a good number to me. 

Sure, I hear you think: Yoshi, what the fuck should I care about your thoughts of this world, and in a way you are completely right, but then I would have to confront you with the reality that it is actually you that needs to get the fuck out of my lifestyle. Don't force me to pay for your sexparties so your can corrupt officials and don't bother me to pay for your bombs that need to pay for your pension savings. Don't bother me with your health insurance and leave my fucking kids alone! Oh yes, kids I don't have by the way, not because I don't want to, but because I know you won't leave them the FUCK alone, with your monopoly on debt creation and monopoly on violence. Who are you to decide how many and which refugee gets shelter? I despise your lifestyle so much I prefer to die before I will become a part of it. With your fake vaccines that are so called safe and effective, depopulating the world with your egoistic ideology. 

Oops, here we go again. Red nose.... Red nose.... Red nose.... 

Let's pick another topic, sorry can't help myself and this is my show, here comes a bit of Liberland.

If anybody is maybe planning to build a harbor was a question in the first liberlandchat I was allowed access to in 4 years, to which I could no longer be quiet. For the amount of media attention that the highest building in the world received, you would think that insiders are atleast aware of the fact that somebody is surveying the land and waters. The passed 3000+ episodes of this stream have all been conducted within 20 miles out of Liberland. Not that it means anything, because for the majority of people Liberland does not exist. They refer to their identity as a number in a passport and from what I've discovered, Liberland it's sole intention is to become just that. What a beautiful opportunity lost, not more then a libertarian replacement of Epstein's Island. 

It would be about as disappointing as regulated Bitcoin. Just an extension of the government debt cycle, don't worry, your CO2 tax will automatically deducted by the one that conducted the AML requirements for your lightning channel. Traceable gold, I hear Klaus cumming in his sleep.

Now that Bitcoin has come to mind, I need to tell you something about that aswell. I understand if my preference for e-Gulden EFL drives you insane, but atleast I'm not asking you to take an experimental gene therapy. I know that a huge amount of those coins are distributed to a broad audience that doesnt have a clue about money. They are so used to NATO bombing it's way to cheap oil, they hardly recognize their children are being groomed with six-colored zebra's and dragqueen stories before bedtime. It is worthless without anybody believing, but my prediction is that the Dutch became so weak, Yoshi Livo would be the easiest extremist to endorse. Let's be clear, I do recognize myself as such. Because this world has become so extreme, the only way to hold my own is to become extreme myself. I'm kind enough to apologize for it, but please excuse my extremism. I just don't believe monogamy is optimal, I don't want to profit from war and i don't need to be saved from desease. 

Your children live on, it's as simple as that. Regardless of where we come from, if we want to go anywhere we need to understand our time has a limit. Eternity is hollow without manifestation and your actions today have a direct impact. Fear has the most impact on the human behavior and Yoshi Livo is the most fearful I can become. It's a bit too sweet for most, but luckily I have learned to not really care. I kind of like my own sweetness and I could have been some brainwashed part of the AZOV batallion, or defending that ISIS caliphate. Sure, I wholeheartedly agree that Yoshi Livo is extreme, but it is just a mirror of an extreme reality. I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo and I believe Your Children Live On. I do not accept to become your number, to Live and let Live.

I prefer CBD tea over CBDC. Keep your chemical toxins to yourself, I don't want to bother you with mine.