Corruption comes in many forms. In and of itself it is nothing more then a business deal, which can be seen as something positive, as it means that different parties come to an agreement with each other. The difference between a normal business deal and corruption, is that with corruption one side of the bargain is breaking earlier promises. The difficult part in exposing corruption is that often, people do not recognize corruption.

These are two pictures of politics in the Netherlands. On the left you see the prime-minister shaking hands with Melinda Gates, back in 2017, when that was still allowed. On the right side we see Klaus Schwab at his organized World Economic Forum (WEF) talking to again the same prime minister, queen of the Netherlands, Máxima Zorreguieta, and aspired next prime minister Sigrid Kaag. So tremendously aspired, that a couple day's before the last Dutch elections took place, FAKE NEWS media even played a promotion video for her. In and of itself nothings seems wrong here, the Dutch citizens are living their lives in the way they do because of these strategic partnerships, 

Netherlands has fiscal agreements with almost any other nation in the world, just like Ireland. This makes these places attractive for multinationals that optimize their taxation. Taxation is theft, and if you have the means to avoid it by taking some security measures, you can minimize you damage. The idea is simple, sell part of your product as "the brand" and move this income to a different entity where taxation has been set up with different laws that tax your specific profit at near 0% or 0%. After you payed your near 0% tax, you can show to the Dutch government that you already payed taxes on your profits and they accept your money to be legal. Or wait, not money, currency! Specifically, their own currency. But hey, who cares, that is in the end the same currency you have to pay these poor debt slaves their wages with, and who knows, I wouldn't be surprised if many money managers don't have a clue what I've been talking about in the past couple sentences, but then again, by now the world already looks a lot different and it's much more ready for a Yoshi Livo to enter the stage then it was 10 years ago when I started preaching about Bitcoin, so I guess most of these people know by now.

If trading oil is your main source of income then it would be great if your could corrupt people to a level that they need more and more of this product in their life. Let's please not forget to put this in the correct historical context and that we are learning from our actions as we progress. Part of that process is making mistakes and learning from it. Most people in Western nations have been brainwashed, I can say in full honesty that for the majority of my life, I was also. Part of that mindcontrol means that you are proud on your leaders and believe that they are doing the best they can to make he world a better place for you. That together we make the difference and that's why we are all going for it as one. A bunch of ants feeding their queen, but they all have a purpose in life and feel happy because of it. The breaking point came at 1971, when Bretton Woods was revoked, but like already written before, nobody that really cared about it, because they where so happy. The story continued as a dream and to the few that noticed what was going on, they managed to make themselves a fortune from the illusion of others. Man it must have been amazing to see your plan play out and have people rewrite their medical books because of synthetic inventions. Let's see how for we can bend that dream to our advantage shall we, but who's advantage is that actually? 

For many years Western citizens saw progress, because they could all fulfil their dreams with the paper gold in their wallet. They where so motivated that they managed to come up with many inventions that have changed the way of living forever. It would be perfect, if it wasn't for the fact that it was a dream made of paper gold. In reality the citizens where spending their gold from the future, as a debt to future generations. The way how a child is raised today is so far away from nature that I was not able to think of getting one myself, I rather change the world first. The pressure that is put on parents to vaccinate their baby is so big that you look like a criminal if you don't agree to rape your newborn with toxins. What if these children illnesses are mostly eradicated because of improved hygiene and that the risk of dying has been reduced because of improved living conditions. Sure a child can die from an illness, please don't understand me wrong, but there is a big difference between it being cold in the street, or in a house with warm water and blankets. The sidenote I keep on whining about is that you are not allowed a free choice any more on your personal decisions. One of the things these kind of handshakes lead to is a mandatory insurance for your health, but what if you don't want to eat the pills they give you anyway? The point I want to make is that not everything is for sale, and if it would be, what would be left after it gets sold? You can't print gold, and even if you can make people believe in it, there is only one planet and it will never believe that paper is gold.

Trees don't grow faster if you put a gun on their bark and cows don't produce extra milk if you give them money. Many things can now be brought forward about corrupting nature and they are all true, you can influence for example seeds with genetic manipulation and according to the handshakers above it's the way forward, but what if you are not such a big fan and prefer a tomato grown with home captured chickenshit? The paper gold has corrupted the Netherlands to a level that there is hardly room to live around it. The politicians sure don't see anything wrong with it. They are saving the world, can't you see these computer models that predict a catastrophe? Or what about this scientific evidence that has been payed for by all these trustworthy people I shake hands with and prove that I'm absolutely correct with my reasoning? For the firs time in many years things are starting to change. For the first time in about 70 years, the citizens of western nations are confronted with their paper gold dream. Most of them still have no clue, because they have been corrupted to a level that they prefer to wear a mouth mask and participate in a medical experiment with genetherapy, then they want to free themselves from their paper gold nightmare their dream has become. Because their minds have been so corrupted by television, they can't cope with their reality any more and condemn people that don't share their same world vision. I would love to believe them, but looking at Bitcoin it just doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. I try to explain myself when Bitcoin was just 10$, but most people just don't want to listen.

I believe we can help many of these people by showing that there are different way's to live your life. My preferred way of living is the YCLO way and to help me show what that is all about I've chosen e-Gulden EFL, bitcoin of the Netherlands with 21 million maximum supply and a 2 minute blocktime, to help me achieve that goal. If you want to vote with your wallet and believe that one day more people are going to recognize my actions you can go long on my story by buying a couple of these coins. I stream regularly, so if I'm live feel free to say hi and try to win some crypto money while you are at it. The Telegram chat is another way of saying hi to the community.

The first upcoming special of HonklerHangout will be on the 21st of September, when the Dutch king reads out his "state of the union". Expect more texts to roll out before the event, I'm trying to build a story that I hope will attract many people for my birthday on September 29th when we will make another special episode.