Count Dracula


Hey all, just a little update, I'm already in Bratislava, Slovakia but I havn't told you about my Romanian trip yet. Honza, my very dedicated driver, bodyguard and good friend, likes castles a lot, and since we where still without any clear directions on how things will be in the future, we had some time to kill. Therefore, on his advice, we descided to pay a visit to Count Dracula's castle. This castle is located in Bran, Romania. On the map not even such a large distance, but Romanian roads are one of a kind so distance isn't covered quite as fast as when you would drive in other countries. We made a stop halfway, in a town called Hunedoara, a town that also has a beauty of a castle.

After we payed this castle a visit it was time to move on to Bran where we would be seeing the real deal. Up to this point, things have been going well, but as can be red back in my last article, I had a bit of a fallback during these day's in Romania, luckily those castles helped me back on track.

It's not fair of me to just blame everybody around me when things don't go in the way I want. I prefer to set difficult and high goals for myself, I prefer to shoot high and miss, then to shoot low and hit, but I am also just another human with it's own limitations and downfalls. I just can't understand why it is taking this long and I always think about what could have been done already if people would just show a little bit of faith in my abilities and the things I propose. Anyway, I managed to get back into a positive mindset after my visit to those ancient buildings. Incredible how people where treated in those years, and how lucky we are to live in today's time, where such practices are almost not done anymore, apart from the US waterboarding that is if I name just one. Count Dracula himself was a real slayer, killing many Turks and putting their heads on a stick, but his house in Bran was an administrative office, so in some way you could say he was an auditor, just like I once was before I started my journey into the unknown. Not that I want to say I'm the same as count Dracula, but I've also been in prison, albeit not as many times as the count himself, and sometimes people call me out for my pale skin, probably because I most often trade bitcoins when the sun doesn't shine anymore. 

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get good contact with Liberland Romania, whom I offered to organise a Liberland event with, but I did get in touch with a special guy, named Rastislav Ďurove. He is working on a legislative bill to get weed legalised in Slovakia. He does want me to present Liberland to an audience, so that's why we packed our stuff after our visit to Bran castle and drove off to Bratislava, where I am when writing this report about Romania. 

What a place by the way, Romania. I don't want to talk too bad about it, but it's really as if time stood still there. We passed many horsewagons while driving on roads with holes so deep you could fit an entire car in it. Internet is slow as 1995 or not working at all and service in most restaurants... Even when you try to find the very best and the kitchen is outstanding, those people simply do not have it in them, or atleast, that is my experience from 1 short week. Maybe it was because I felt terrible most of the time and wasn't easily pleased, so feel free to leave any comment if your experience was any different there. Ofcourse I'm a picky princess, and not easily pleased, which is why I always see the negative in everything and fail to see the positive, but writing this here helps me in understanding myself better and hopefully make me a better person in the future and change this to become more positive in the future.

About that future, becides my new talk in Bratislava, I think I got some possitive news to announce in the not so distant future. But before I get there, there is still a lot to be done. Bittrex for example, not sure if they have a connection with count Dracula, but they are surely making it more and more of a torture to be on their platform. I know I had to take care of it already, but I enjoy not living anywhere and traveling. In order to be their customer, I need an address, preferably before 9th of march when they change their policy. It's a bit on short notice, but I'm setting up what is needed to fullfill to that requirement. After that is done, I'll be heading to Liberland, or better say'd Serbia, Apatin, where I believe I can help on work that still needs to be done before april 13th. 

About that journalist, we'll see if they show up or not, it's not about that exposure, I'm here to meet interesting people and to learn more about myself and hopefully create myself a golden opportunity. A crypto documentary with me in it would be a great honour and could change my future in a major way, but at the same time, so many things could. I just be myself and hope that I'm granted to fullfill what I see as my destiny in life, being some kind of mentor to people, investing in projects I see as meaningfull. We'll see how things turn out for me, it won't be very long before I know what way it will all go. It won't take another 6 years, I believe I'm over half the time of getting results. That result might be a good one, or a negative one, we'll see, this ofcourse also depends on what pair of glasses you are wearing.