Crypto Manipulation


Hello everybody. November has started and the 5th of November special was broadcasted. Not really successful ofcourse, because there is still hardly anybody watching to my shows, but successful in the way that I managed to broadcast an almost uninterrupted livestream of 1 month and just when I thought to leave my position behind the webcam for some time, came the FTX debacle that managed to get crypto into mainstream news.

The call for regulation was loud and clear. We need rules to limit the freedom of Bitcoin, because nobody can live with the wild west situation we currently live in. Well, nobody except for Liberlander Yoshi Livo perhaps. Cryptomoney regulates itself. The amount of coins available is transparent and follows a certain inflation model that everybody can give his own spin to. If we stick to just Bitcoin and it's Dutch sister e-Gulden EFL the amount of coins available is 21 million. Not all of those coins are already in circulation and because you can't buy coins that have not been created yet, it is worth it to keep cryptoprices at the lowest level possible, so you can hoard the most coins for the least amount of debt currency over which some regulated entities hold the creation monopoly.

Governments would love to see a regulated Bitcoin, so that they can make it completely useless for it's original use case, to be your own bank. Just imagine the CO2 emission they are going to allocate towards one regulated Bitcoin transaction. My guess is that you can fly around the world a couple of times for the same CO2 score as 1 bitcoin transaction. Regulation in the Netherlands is well under way, with the Dutch government making it mandatory for crypto exchanges to allow only 1 whitelisted withdrawal address per coin for their users. The excuse is a very simple one, to prevent the funding of terrorism. I guess the fearporn these days is so effective is that no single orderfollower can grasp the amount of war that is fought, the amount of lives that have been lost, the millions of barrels of fuel that are burned to defend the Dollar as world reserve currency. 

The reason for writing this blogtext today is because of the events at FTX this week. I never heard from the company, but it was ran by a early crypto adopter that promised people money if they would borrow their coins to him. I will emphasize again that I never looked into FTX, but I can only imagine the annual return that was promised to it's users probably was some double digit number. I never understood people that think it is a good idea to send your coins to somebody that promises you more coins back. Is the return on bitcoin not enough for you? If not, then why go to some centralized platform and risk your coins? You could find the next coin to invest in, because just Bitcoin alone is never going to be able to serve the world with it's financial needs. Even if there would one day be a single lightning solution to Bitcoins scalingproblem, then the amount of data required would still not easily fit into 1 MB and costs of opening and closing a channel will still be significant. At that moment only large Bitcoin holders would be able to provide the liquidity needed for efficient transactions and Bitcoin will be made useless for the average user. 

Instead of trusting a centralized party to pay you more coins back on a crypto loan, why not use a protocol like Komodo (KMD) to transact you coins for different coins? With every coin that enters the ecosystem comes more data available for extra transactions and if just like Bitcoin itself, growing the userbase will eventually lead to a fair valuation of each coin, just like the value of these coins today also show a fairvaluation of the userbase and tells us that crypto still hardly has any userbase and we could build a web of coins that supports each other, making the whole ecosystem stronger and more attractive for new users. 

The biggest issue of crypto is still that exchanging them is difficult, because lack of knowledge has led to the low participation of society in cryptomoney. If people start to join the crypto economy, most of them do so because they believe it will make them that extra fiat they need to buy a new phone or to spend on a nice vacation and hardly anybody sees the profit for all of society if we can break out of a debt cycle with a social credit system as it's end goal. I've said it many times before and write it here once again, the life standard of people that benefit from the current status quo is not sustainable in the long run. We can't keep on increasing the money supply, thinking that everybody is going to be more rich as a result. A significant change in perception of reality needs to occur to shift consciousness of people into the understanding that we live on a planet that we need for our own survival. Only a couple of hundred years ago, people did not know of eachothers existance on the same planet. Today, everybody is connected and there is hardly any black spot on the world map left to be conquered. 

Our current system of debt money is only decades old and can only exist because the majority of people has no clue about the violence it creates. Please remember that the end of Bretton Woods only occurred because the USA spend too much money on war in Vietnam, if you make mistakes like that in crypto, nobody is going to save you, but because the dollar hegemony generates cheap resources for NATO countries, endless wars are fought over the control of peoples lives. Wars that are funded by the will of the people of those nations to pay their fair share of taxes each year.

Lets forget about the will that governments worldwide enforce upon their citizens. Sure, it is a real thing that does not just go away, but in what way can people work together that really could make all of them more able to resist the tyranny of their local UN regime. The answer for me is still the same, use different money. It matters of course what kind of money you use, but as long as it is decentralized and provides ownership, and thus not debt, as debt is an imaginary paper contract that can only have value if it can be maintained with force, it is going to be a lot better solution then what the government is providing you today. Twice in one text, why not, Bitcoin alone is not going to provide us the network we need to service the world with it's financial needs. 1MB per 10 minutes is simply not enough data and we need to adopt a different vision then lightning to provide a solution. And to bring my own solution to the table, we should adopt altcoins to provide with the extra data that is needed, decentralizing crypto, instead of the other way around. I prefer to stay close to the Bitcoin concept, with POW as its safety mechanism and to make it easy, some form of limited amount of coins. Luckily coins like those exist and I just like to mention Litecoin as a good example. Development of Litecoin recently came up with an optional function to increase privacy and with their 4:1 ratio to Bitcoin, one day, after the hyperinflation of crypto will end and we reach fair value, the coin will trade at that level. During the collapse of FTX a coin like litecoin has seen massive gains in satoshis, but we are still around 90% undervalued from the litecoin fair value price to bitcoin and to take this logic even further, if transactioncost of litecoin would be lower then Bitcoin, the price of litecoin could even temporarily increase over that of bitcoin until the anomaly settles.

Imagine hodling on to Bitcoin without taking the opportunity to actually participate in it's progress. Sure, you make the most profit and take the least amount of risk if you just be quite and do nothing, but that is not the kind of people im looking for. Also the addition of a Litecoin blockchain will not be sufficient to provide enough data for all the transactions people do on a daily basis, so we need to decentralize even further. Personally I figured that if you take this concept and continue to find different communities that could be helped by sharing their own moneysystem together, one specific group of people covers everybody on the planet today, those are citizens of a nation. Not everybody in this world might have a passport today, but since most of the planet has been conquered, everybody lives within the imaginary lines people invented to be borders and thus live within the territory of a nation. For people that live in the same geographical location it makes extra sense to share money, because they meet each other on a daily basis and have a lot of interactions in which they need to express their gratitude towards one another A countrycoin could work, but I can even see coins for cities or a neighborhood. As long as individuals decide together to form an equal alliance and it's not some government sponsored data harvest i think it is worth trying.

I really underestimated how deep the hypnosis goes in a country like Netherlands. I believed that a Bitcoin would get adopted there, with such a great infrastructure and accessibility, but the opposite is true. My bank account got closed due to Bitcoin and since then I am really amazed by how obedient those Dutch people really are. The will to participate is simply not there, people do not want to get out of their comfort zone and accept they are funding terrorism for at least 20 years, since the Twin Towers were taken down by a controlled demolition and torture became enhanced interrogation. The people can't accept they have been lied to for so long, and until today there is no reason for them to even consider any lie, because they have nothing to complain about. Sure, corona has made a small group of people a little bit more aware, but all it shows us is how unaware the majority really is. We need something, a crowbar, to break out of this stalemate that leads to chaos and destruction. We need an alternative world view that is more attractive then what people hear about today, and that might sounds like an easy task, with the current thing being a war in Ukraine, but reality of today shows us that people are more worried about the climate then they are about de-escalating a war.

In the past 10 years I have tried my best to warn people about the lies in their lives. I think I've created a story as Liberlander Yoshi Livo that people can use to their benefit into understanding their lives and using new information to their advantage. Sure, I can curse when people misunderstand me, but I always act out of the understanding that it is better to be subject of injustice then to be unjust. There is no need to explain a judge about your standings, just don't acknowledge the judge as spokesperson of justice and the problem is solved. Make agreements and contracts that leave no room for misunderstandings, just like FTX today, if you make mistakes people will suffer after which there is a healthy environment. The problem of todays time is that people want to control everything to mitigate risk, but they create a growing unhealthy environment in the process by doing so. The fight for reality costs a lot of energy. I just so happen to have my energy available for exactly that, a fight for a different reality. If you look at the mainstream media today, reports of crypto losses are spoken about everywhere. This is the kind of manipulation the crypto suffers from these days. Bitcoin is portrayed as outdated and bad for the climate and the majority of people just go with it, as they are already blaming "The QR-code" for being part of agenda 2030, totally unaware that these codes just are a way to transfer information, like a book. 

Because I chose e-Gulden EFL as my way to crowdfund my mission, I believe the offer I give people will get them a return over the long run. Just like any other POW cryptocoin, e-Gulden EFL is also controlled and manipulated. The coin was already around for some time when the bank of Japan allowed traditional finance to start to participate in Bitcoin in April of 2017. I am still eating my meals from the amount of money they was put in to be able to dictate the price, but, that kind of manipulation is only possible for a certain amount of time and will break as soon as the community starts to grow. With a pre dedicated userbase EFL found a niche I am still convinced of to be a potential golden egg.Dutch people save about 100 million euro per day for their retirement, so forget about those double digit returns that a stakingplatform promises you, if we manage to show Dutch people the advantages of crypto and they adopt EFl as their local version of BTC then one day, like litecoin, EFL will trade close to fair value with Bitcoin and this is about 400.000x more then the current price. What about that for a return, only made possible by massively manipulating reality at cost of inflation. 

I know that I speak for a small audience today, but it could all change pretty quick. I will keep on talking about my reality of Yoshi Livo from Liberland, regardless if anybody hears my words, but if you help me to spread this message out further, it would probably benefit you also, as Bitcoin shows us what the possibilities are. My message is as simple as always: Vote with your wallet, buy EFL!