Since every stream of KingHONKspiritSEE is broadcasted in the crypto section on Twitch, one of my topics will be on crypto. I promise some exciting predictions, like DOGEcoin forking to POS and a media battle for peoples minds, let's get going!

Back when Bitcoin was about 100$ each, I found a way to buy Anonymous masks with them. Can you imagine? 100 masks for 0.25 BTC, that's quite a sum of dollars in today's value. Still, I'm not sad about spending those bitcoincents, because I managed to visit numerous Anonymous gatherings and receive back my travelcost by selling a couple of those masks to participants. That wasn't easy by the way, 100 masks in Netherlands was way too much for the actual group that existed, but I had some fun with my coins and was able to speak to people that actually wanted to talk, so there is no regret in using my money at that time.

That is a major issue with crypto money, if you really go all in, everything you spend becomes so valuable in the future that I advice anybody to also make earn some extra spending money, because everything you don't need to sell is your future profit! For me it has never really been about that fiat profit though. Sure, it makes all the rest possible, but for me the reason to participate in a cryptomoney system is because I would like to see changes being made to society that I believe will only occur with my own economical sanctions. When my bankaccount was frozen I decided to show how much better a life on crypto can be and until today I managed myself pretty well, but have not really been able to say out loud that anything is working on a level that it could become a global standard.

First of all, acceptance of Bitcoin is very limited. If I look at my own situation, it will take me 1.5 hours before I am at a location where I can exchange my Bitcoins to local currency, there is not 1 local business that is even thinking about accepting crypto as payment system and they are right for not doing so, because transactionfees are way too high for small economic transactions like buying sigarettes or icecream. It's much easier to use gold instead, because all 6 goldshops in town accept those .999 coins or bars. Only online there are some business that accept crypto, but most of them just exchange crypto to fiat. If you look at a country like El Salvador, that was the first nation in the world to add Bitcoin to it's list of assets, they are using a kind of lightning system that separates their local bitcoins from the rest of the world.

Just to make it extra clear, being Yoshi Livo from Liberland, with it's preferred currency being Bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL, I have a hard time passing KYC regulations. And because I like to avoid government debt, I also don't use stablecoins, because why would you want to participate in that game? I like Mike Maloney, and if you put his fair value theory into coincideration, then the period of hyperinflation in crypto is almost over and from here on out we are working towards fair value. That is the real reason why distractions in mass media reach such a peak level. Anybody that holds anything of value is forced to sell their assets during the past couple of covid years. Lockdowns and regulations will make overhead cost for small businessowners so steep, that many will find a working job or seek government help, if that is an option in your national government. 

After another round of ICO scams, this time in the form of bored NFT's. because ow man, aren't you bored, let's do something with those eth coins that are now still POW mined but will soon become POS paying tokens, let's spend some on a bored NFT collection, most ethereum coins are now held by the old financial institutions.. Let's have the son of a owner of a computercompany give away a couple of billions in Covid and Ukraine relief to show we really want to play ball with these people and before you know it, all that fresh created money is flowing your direction. POW is really going to become the Prisoner Of War, held down by governments and mass media. Just imagine the Co2 right you would have to pay in order to exchange into one of the only shitcoins I will recognize, which are all government paper debts out there. Taking previous statements of Elon Musk into account, during the POS hype he is probably going to fork DOGEcoin to become a POS coin, that way his billions of DOGE are going to pay him a nice return, instead of having to buy 10M+ DOGE per day that POW miners get rewarded today.

Different crypto times are coming, the freedom loving Bitcoin hodlers are going to experience some headwind and the ethereum nerds get huge sums of money trown at them, as long as they are willing to code whatever the pedoclub tells them to code. They will happily oblige, because those ethereum nerd don't care about politics and the market situation will show them they are right. Politics in crypto is never really understood. Since the masses started to get involved in crypto, most freedom loving coins are losing value, simply because the communities of those coins are not big enough and easily manipulated into fighting eachother, instead of focussing on the real enemy, the terrorist organizations that call themselves government. It's not too late, but at the same time, nobody will be able to stop the upcoming narrative where POS is going to be the hero of the day. Only education can help people make the right choice, but the majority of people is too busy with the latest covid-like distraction and simply has no clue about money. 

Personally, I will not give in to the fake news that I expect to manipulate peoples mind into believing ethereum is a good alternative to Bitcoin. It's going to cost me, but since I'm in crypto, everything I do is costing me, simply because I let my emotions decide about which trades I make. Cryptomoney is a blessing and a curse and government entities are going to do everything in their power to limit the blessings and extend the curses. A totalitarian control system looms around the corner and people simply don't care about it, because they are so focussed on the current thing, that they are unable to see the danger that lies ahead. 

I could spread this message a lot further then I do, because all it takes is a group of people to follow my lead and hold a couple of those Dutch Bitcoins, but nobody cares and I have no other option to accept that reality. I'm curious to see how the upcoming months are going to play out and what influencers are going to benefit from participating in the absolute enslavement of humanity. I see myself on the right side of history and will not be silenced by the demotivating reality those debtslaves accept to live in.