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It's been some time since I tried to write something, would I still be able to do it? Let's find out.

For the new ones, I'm a Dutch born Liberlander. I try to live in an alternative reality, crypto is helping me in a great way of achieving autonomy and now that I have your attention, please google Wim Hof. 3 Years ago I moved near Liberland to help the newest micronation on the planet to develop itself. Today, in the midst of the great reset, I see a lot of my predictions coming true and I feel blessed with the choices I've made in my life so far. In the upcoming text I will try to make some predictions that I believe are going to take place in the not too distant future. I do not give financial advice, I am not a financial expert and please take this text with a grain of salt, It's simply my look on what is happening in the world. Feel free to comment or discuss anything I write here, for example by joining the telegram chat, or visiting a livestream that I sometimes make on Twitch.

Almost September, the month where I will become 35 years old. I though it would be a good idea, before I make a special birthday stream, to write some of my thoughts on my blog website. Let's look back at previous predictions made on this website, for example my Dutch text about the bluf of the banks. In 2017 financial institutions got access to the cryptomarkets, when the bank of Japan in the first week of april 2017 decided that cryptomoney is legal tender. It resulted at the end of 2017 in the biggest crypto bubble we have experience untill today. It was interesting to see how fake news media all of a sudden changed their reporting on crypto. For the first time media didn't report about the criminal activities, did not report negative about energy consumption, did not say that people who invest in crypto are taking an incredible risk because there is no intrinsic value. Instead, the debt slaves that sponsor the global wars with their tax-payments where in proper brainwash positions to buy Bitcoin in the highest peak it had ever seen in it's history. After the savingsfund of many simple minds was converted to Bitcoin, it was business back to normal and the media started again to report just about losses, scams, theft, energy consumption and all the other usual suspects that fake news uses to discourage the adoption of crypto money. If somebody today wants to share information or give an opinion they could be demonitized, buy if I rent an ad on youtube they will broadcast me a couple of hours of Vitalik or Elon doubling coins. For the ones that don't understand, cryptoscams run on youtube all the time, impersonating people that make promises that are too good to be true and never come true.

Crypto is a very big deal, not a lot of people recognize what is going on today, but only because cryptomoney was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto are we as people able to transact value with eachother without the need of approval of the pedoclub. Only because cryptomoney got invented was there, for the first time in over a century, an alternative to the debt-based piramid scheme of central banks. In the past 10 years cryptomoney has experienced hyperinflation, from a value of 0 in 2009 to a total value of several trillion dollar at current times. Because of the emission schemes in many crypto protocols, the volatility has been immense and this has been used by the powers that still run the world today to accumulate as many crypto as they can. After their involvement of april 2017, the media was used to dump that crypto on the simple minds and 1 month before the last Bitcoin-halving the plandemic was launched and media was again used, but this time to get those hard workers to sell their crypto's for toilet paper. The majority of law abiding citizens thatwatch too much television never stood a chance against the terror that they where confronted with and probably lost on their holdings. Their loss was the profit of the ones that control the media and traditional finance and by now that group has a proper stake in every cryptocoin, to a level where they can control, albeit on the short term, the price movement of basically every crypto out there. Now the question will be, what is the next step going to be?

In the picture that is shown above, you see a graph with the total amount of US Dollars in circulation. For me, the time to wake up happened around 2008, when the same graph showed how the money supply went from 800 Billion to 2000 Billion, an incredible move that made me fear hyperinflation and got me looking for sound money alternatives, it led me to cryptomoney. This 300% move of 2008 is not even visible on today's graph, just a minor pip compared to the move that happened in 2020 and is legitimized by the Chinese flu. The reason why hyperinflation didn't happen in the past, is because the circulationspeed of the newly created 2008 money was brought down to a minimum. The money that got created in 2008 never left the bank, it was only used to artificially raise the capital ratio of commercial banks. The money of 2008 was given to banks and never left them, this time however it's different, because not only is the move a 10-fold of what happened 13 years ago, from 2000 to 20000, but this time the money is actually circulating, for example by paying debtslave taxpayers an amount that was just enough to not let them go bankrupt. 

So, how will the story continue from here? If we just focus on crypto, my expectation is that everything will be tried to break Bitcoin. With everything, I mean that media will soon change the narrative and start to promote certain crypto's that the owners of that media like the most. I made a little list of coins I expect to do well, based on the narrative I just portrayed for you.

Ethereum: Since the creation of Ethereum, the total outstanding Ether has doubled (allmost doubled) to the initial amount that was sold during the pre-sale. I believe by now the majority of Ether are held by the traditional powers. Once Ethereum will switch to POS, those holding will start to pay a "dividend". What better way to profit from your investment then bumping up the price and selling those new coins with a record profit? In the upcoming months the cryptomarkets will be manipulated so that Ethereum dominance will increase compared to Bitcoin. Please remind yourself that the manipulation is a real world event, you can make money on it and the prices will indeed move that way. But, this will not be because the traditional cryptomoney community has changed their opinion, but more because traditional finance has managed to corner the market and are using their freshly created debt currency to try and sell us a story. Arguments like the environment will do great to convince the masses that Bitcoin has had it's time and Ethereum is the way forward. Yes, Ethereum is a great addition to the cryptospace and the achievements made by the team are amazing, but the Ethereum community mostly consists out of introvert computernerds. They don't care about who holds power on this planet, as long as they are able to code the things they like and sometimes get told they are doing a good job. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against computernerds, but building a new financial system is only a part of the transition we are going to make. More then new finance, we need new governance, because if we just give the old powers a more efficient tool to oppress us, we are building ourselves a 1984 dystopia. 

Because I havn't written about it in this text yet, let me outline once again what I believe is a flaw in POS emission of coins. POS is everything what is wrong with the current traditional finance system. It helps to increase wealth inequality by making the rich richer. The great thing about POW coins like Bitcoin is that you can only spend your money once, this makes decision making much more difficult, because you will not get a second chance if you make a mistake. With a dividend or interest paying POS coin you just need time and your coins will renew themselves. POS also decreases the circulation of money, because if you don't spend any coins, you will be rewarded and thus you are less likely to spend those coins. I believe, if Ethereum manages to change their protocol to POS in a good fashion we are going to see a flippening where ethereum is going to overtake the marketcap of Bitcoin. That is the moment a full attack on Bitcoin, in the form of fake news media reporting positive about Ethereum and negative talking about Bitcoin, will take place in the hopes people will forget about the coin that was created to change money and politics forever. Once that happens I predict that Ripple will make a same kind of move, because Ripple is the favourite coin of traditional finance. The same goes for Cardano, as their mission seems to be exactly in line with what the current powers are looking for in a cryptocoin. This means to not allow unregulated ownership or businesses to use their protocol. Another great feature of Cardano is that it also has a POS emission model, so again, the rich will get richer and that's a great feature in case you are already rich.

The question ofcourse will be, how successful will the original crypto freedomfighters be in keeping their narrative? My expectation today is that the people that are using crypto to change politics are going to get a very hard time in achieving their goal, not only because the decentralized nature of crypto makes their communication very inefficient, but also because there are not so many people that speak out about their believes. Once you make enough money, people tend to be quiet. Take your profit and enjoy your life, ofcourse, why not, but maybe the answer to that question will be answerred by the plandemic that is currently going on. Howmuch fun are your cryptoprofits if you are not allowed to spend them? Life is not about money, but instead about finding out who you are in this world. The western debtslave taxpayer I've now mentioned a couple of times has completely lost their sence of being. In the last 70 years they have lost their feeling with nature to an extend that they don't feel part of it anymore. Born in the wrong body? Go to this clinic and mutilate yourself to fix it. Stress because of your job, take this pill and you will sleep like a baby at night. Doctors today study medicin, not the art of healing. They are being thought to give their patients a petrolium based pill to take away the symptoms of their disease, not to actually cure it.

Anyway, let's not get into that today, I think that my choice of words has already made clear how I feel about today's situation, maybe to summarize my stance I can mention that I believe that vaccines are the sigarettes of my generation. With that I mean that at some point in the future we are going to aknowledge that they damage us more then they are good for us. It was not too long ago that sigarettes could be bought from the hospital bed and doctors where used in commercials to tell us about all the benefits smoking provides for you.

To conclude, is there anything we can do against the crypto takeover of traditional finance? In short, yes, many ways, stop watching television would be a good start, but in order to really be successfull we need to somehow get the attention of a much larger group of people, instead of repeating our mantra within the own community. 

The ones that read this webpage before know that I'm a proponant of country-coins and that is again what I will promote here as a good alternative to what the mainstream finance is investing in today. There are no limitations in use of these coins, they are worldwide usable, just like any other form of crypto, but unlike global crypto's they focus on a specific group of users, a group that shares the same language, same culture and same geographical location on our beautiful blue planet. I have chosen e-Gulden EFL as my favorite crypto many years ago and until today I still stand behind my choice of introducing that coin as the Bitcoin of the Netherlands. If you like the words I use and the narrative I provide, consider buying some EFL, because once the coins will break the 1 euro value, I predict that a lot more people are going to listen to what I have to say. In order to win this war, we need to bring the right information to the masses. We, as freedom-loving cryptocommunity, are never going to have more money then the people that create debt, if we dont stop to use it. We will also never have more power or influence as long as the majority of people listen and believe the words that traditional politics feeds them. The only way we can win is if we can expose the lies with proof and that is going to be a very big challenge, since we have mostly been quiet for over 70 years now and allowed the indoctrination of the masses to happen via schools, media, other forms of social engineering. We have allowed this situation to happen by acquiescing to the narrative that they fed us. It went on for such a long time that we now live in an age where the majority of people got a very distorted sense of reality. People that benefit from that distortion are enjoying every second of today's time, the once that would like to live in harmony with eachother suffer. It is up to the last group to work together and spread their reality. It's going to be a difficult, but not impossible task, with the most important goal to not lose yourself in the fight and to keep a positive attitude to all those that oppose alternative views.