Democracy is the holy grail of each debt slave. Personally I prefer to call it the dictatorship of the majority. If you are so unlucky to live in a country with a 2 party system, it basically means that 49% of the people is always unhappy with the choice of the other 51%.

The reality is much more grim however, because every western nation is basically teaming up together to spread a message of inclusivity, durability and build back better. All these world leaders are following an agenda that has been slowly manipulated into place. With use of mindcontrol we can see today that western citizens are not only willing to rat on their fellow countryman, but even that some will follow discriminating proposals that take us back 80 years in time when jews where excluded from society based on their ethnicity..

With the influence of the media and the education system, youngsters today are so confused with their gender, they hardly got any notion of what is happening outside of their body. Pop culture has reduced religion to such a low level that people now worship a crook that put a gun to a pregnant women's belly. The indoctrination of society has grown to such an extreme level that people inject themselves with untested MRNA technology, because they believe it's a safe and effective vaccine. Western nations are now going to mandate qr-codes to enter certain locations, just like China is already doing by the way. I wonder what will happen at the next elections, if people that do not consent with the status quo can be successfully banned from elections or not.

I believe you vote with your wallet, it's part of the reason why I moved out of NATO territory. Taxation is theft, but knowing my life energy is not manipulated into sponsoring war and bring democracy worldwide makes me feel a whole lot less bad about it. If people would refuse to pay their part, then policy would change a whole lot faster. It's fascinating to see how weapons of mass destruction can come and go, as long as some temporary story can be made up to fool the people and steal their wealth, they don't care how many people they kill with it anyway. I see a future where society organizes itself with use of crypto money. If your community has interest in funding a project, then you appoint some manager to take care of that task and create a crowdfunding for it. Voluntary contracts, without suppression and where force is only allowed after one side of the bargain broke the agreement. 

The puppets that aim to budget CO2 quota's to each QR-slave have managed to corrupt the system to a level where they get cheerleaders surrounding them when they perform. How many of these cheerleaders that are wearing the facemask for their puppet masters do you think understand Bitcoin? Would it be more then 10%? These people are then voting for 150 representative seats (Dutch voting system), how many of those representatives do you think understand Bitcoin, more or less then the people that vote for them? Would any of them ever wonder why 9=11? 

On top of the horrible fact that people base their decisions on the wrong information, the system has also been corrupted from the top down. For many years unelected top functions are kept by people with extreme left wing ideas. Anybody that was opposing these views was portrayed as a lunatic or a science denier and this now results in a government that believes it has the right to protect you from yourself. Marathons are cancelled because of health concerns, does it get any more weird then that? Don't they know that the marathon thanks it's distance to respect the Greek soldier that ran constantly to deliver a message and save his friends, but fell dead after he spoke his words? There is no democracy in the West, just a corrupted dictatorship. If you do not participate in wearing a mask people believe you are killing them and their parents. If you do not believe that the rise of the temperature of the planet is due to the behavior of men, you are killing their children. The general consensus is so far away from my reality that living there became impossible for me. An all inclusive society doesn't force a money system onto their citizens and that's why all governments today are terrorist organizations. I need to participate in their debt game to be accepted anywhere and it's impossible for me to speak out about my real opinion on the street, because it would just not be tolerated to say how our way of living has no future and we are destroying the planet by fooling ourselves with paper gold. You can't even raise your own children anymore in these oppressive nations, but luckily for me I did not get into that yet. Let's see if I can manage to build my idea every day a step further and we might get there one day.

I know how I said before that I live without a bank account since 2014, and this is true, but since 2018 my company is forced to hold a bank account if I want to be eligible to receive a temporary Serbian visa. I like to show people a different life is possible, but it becomes more difficult if nobody participates in my way of living. I know that choosing Liberland and the Netherlands made the story much more difficult to become successful, but with everything that is happening in the world today I'm more convinced then ever before that this mission can be completed one day. The time for change is now and if you want to give more power to this idea I recommend you vote with your wallet and hold a couple of e-Gulden EFL so that you not only help me achieve my goals faster, but also profit from the moment when the prediction about the Bitcoin of the Netherlands comes true.