Hello again, I got a big week coming up with Liberland's 3th aniversary only 3 day's away, a moment on stage of a D10e event and a team of journalists that will follow me for a couple of days in my life, so it's a good reason for me to write another blogstory, for myself, to see where I'm at.

Doubts is the title, because I got so many lately. For the past 6 to 8 years I've been trying to explain my fellow earthlings about the history of money and the future as I see it. I've been quite right if I can say that about myself. When I found out about the history of our money I felt horrible about being an auditor in that system and making it stronger with my energy. I can be lucky that my search for something better happened at the same time of Bitcoin coming into excistance, because without Satoshi Nakamoto's invention I'm sure I would not have made it this far.

Ever since I bought my first Bitcoins in 2012 I've been talking to everybody about it. Coming from the Netherlands, it was not an easy story to tell, because my fellow countrymen are amongst the biggest savers on this planet. Pensionfunds are big here, meaning that basically everybody is exposed to a huge risk in case of a currency collapse. Diversification is the answer, but over time I myself lost this golden rule out of sight. 

During my trip to Liberland, that can be seen back on my Youtubechannel, many things have happened. For example, when I was in Bratislava, to talk about Liberland and blockchain, a journalist got shot. This then led to big protests and the resignation of the prime minister there, because of alledged connections with the maffia. Here in Serbia, where I am today, there is some fuzz about Kosovo, because Serbia does not accept them as a souvereign state and tries to rule them ever since the fall of Yugoslavia. 

On a somewhat bigger scale we got an ongoing worldwar taking place in Syria, one that is closer to escalation then ever before. With Iran and China now trading oil for their local currency, the US are in an ever more narrow corner to enforce their will. I know that a war is not the solution and I am in the believe that we together can change the outcome of it all, but unfortunately I'm still unable to make my point. 

I managed to get myself on stage at this upcoming d10e event, I did that because I know I only need 5 minutes with the right people to make my case to know if I'm right or not, but so far I've been unable to claim these 5 minutes. This week, at last minute notice, I was again taken out of this opportunity, with the comment that if I would talk about EFL I would for sure become the laughing stock of the event. 

Is it really that hard to see my potential? Is Yoshi Livo in itself not enough to make people wonder? Shouldn't someone try to inform the average Joe about what is happening? What about satoshism or Satoshischool? 

I've been in many situations over the past years where I have talked about Bitcoin as the biggest invention of our time. I've written dozens of letters, made posts on countless fora, expressed my opinion in numerous newspapers and even made it to national tv in a couple of countries albeit with different projects, like Liberland for example and not always blockchain related. The message has been the same since the start, Bitcoin is a stronger currency then all other currencies, but on itself it does not have the capacity to serve the world. The scalability issue will only partially be solved with the invention of the Lightning Network, bescides, why should I want to store the entire worlds finances on my harddisk? It makes much more sence to me to share the load of all this information and devide it into local blockchains. Everybody who shares a language for example, or live in the same geographical location could share their finances in a blockchain.

I've been spreading this message untill today, and I will do it again this weekend, but this weekend will be a little bit different then all the time before. You see, everything comes at a cost. The history of EFL is in such a way that Dutch early adopters of blockchain have been negatively associated with our coin. For me, the start of EFL was perfect to prove my point that no matter how crippled a coin might look, with the right intentions every form of crypto can outperform the euro, simply because the euro is the worst form of currency we have ever had. 

In a way, I've been very succesfull with it. When I bought my first EFl's the price was about 1/10th of a eurocent. I've sold some of them in januari of this year for about 45 cents each, a percentage gain of no less then 45000% in about 4 years time. I think I was quite right by ending my pensionplan and investing it into EFL, but as you can imagine, it is never enough.

I'm really enjoying my life, don't get me wrong, but something needs to happen for me to take it to the next level. A windfall, hell you might even call it a godsend for my part, but somebody who will share my vision and is willing to take the risk that I might be wrong. Without a serious injection of capital I think it is useless for me to keep on trying to make my point and keep the Yoshi Livo dream alive, simply because my dreams are too big for me alone to achieve them. Maybe I should accept that I was wrong about EFL and that it takes more then a small team of enthousiast to lead the masses. Maybe I was not ment to take on this load and I should just resign and leave my plans for what they are right now, nice dreams but too much of a longshot to ever be realised by a believer like myself. 

I know, this is not the best preperation for defending my case in a couple of day's, but I can't change the being that I am. I'm tired of fighting and I am in need of some recognition to keep me motivated. People telling me that I would be laughing stock do not really understand my potential and I can perfectly take that, but all of them combined, saying all the time how my dreams are ridiculous are pressing down on me. I've lost all of my friends but one in my journey, and I'm tired of pulling this cart, most of all because I'm no longer able to do so.

As I stated before I lost track of a golden rule, diversify. I'm so heavy invested into EFL that my future now depends on the will of others. Someone has to give me a shot at it, spreading satoshism, YCLO and Satoshischool around the world, ow and let's not forget Liberland in this list. Otherwise my journey will end in the not so distand future. After all, I state that you vote with your wallet, but if no one will vote on me I have to take my loss and accept the reality that my story was not interesting enough. 

We will see what happens, I will once again go for it for the full 100% and will present myself without any of the doubts I am showing here. I know that the Netherlands can buy out any amount that 1 single investor is willing to risk, now let's somehow work to a situation where I can prove it. Just to make it clear once more, the Netherlands is not your average country. If we together manage to change the way how the Dutch perceive reality we will change the world. EFL has everything it needs to flourish and everybody that will buy into that idea under 1 euro per coin will make a nice profit if I turn out to be right once again. Now let me get out there and defend my case in the best way I possibly can, I'm more ready then ever, bring it on!