No, this is not your average coffeeshop. Or actually, if you are not from the Netherlands like me, it might actually be one. What I mean is that this coffeeshop actually only serves coffee and no green plants in plastic bags. I left the Netherlands a little over a week and haven't used any drugs since then, well... apart from a painkiller when I woke up with a headache 4 day's ago. 

Drugs cause a lot of pain in the world, not only because a lot of people have gone to jail over it, often leaving a family behind, but also because most medical treatments have become so expensive. This is because of a system that allows you to hide your intelectual property behind a mountain of legal contract. It's what people today call justice and something I question and see as criminal.

I am convinced 9/11 was a inside job with the goal to control the drugtrade on a global scale. I believe most secret services of countries are there only to transport drugs over the world. Fighting terrorism is used as a disguise to be able to run drugtransports all over the world. In the east of Turkey for example many flight with supposed to be terrorist have flown all over the world. Because these flights have so called terrorists on board, they are never checked with customs, giving secret services the opportunity to move vast quantity of illicit goods.

And then we get to the root of it all, because who is the government exactly to refrain us from smoking / snorting / drinking / taking whatever we ourseves feel like? It is my body and my life and personally I feel like drugs develop you as a human being. Alcohol is more destructive then most drugs, so if governments would really care about you, wouldn't they also have to ban the consumption of liquor? I ask myself these questions in the movieclip of today, that just popped up after passing the coffeeshop, enjoy!