The essential problem of every debt based money system, is that they are basically piramid schemes. All debt is created with a central bank, which sets a certain interest rate depending on the expiration date of the agreement. As soon as the first debt is created, everybody that plays in the game is basically bankrupt, because the interest that is required to pay back the loan is not created, which creates an artificial shortage that leads to a situation that I call debt slavery.

All participants in the game need to create an endless growing money supply or accept their bankruptcy. One month ago it was 50 years the Bretton Woods system was "temporarily" changed into the debt system we still run today. By misinforming the majority of the public it has been possible to keep the game running for the long time that it currently does. The creation of debt is a perfect way to control the lives of many people. First of all, you can influence the governments of countries by allowing the to borrow more, or at a lower rate. This way it's possible to interfere with local politics on a global level. A second great way of control is the possibility to exclude players or freeze their funds. In case a countries politicians can't be corrupted with cheap loans, the entire nation can be sanctioned to a level where every economic partner has to give up their relation with the excluded entity or be willing to risk the same faith. It's important to realize that this failing system also works extraordinary well for some, the people with a big ambition for example. It doesn't matter if it's a virus, a war or a green new deal, as long as it requires people, countries and businesses to take on more debt so the pyramid debt scheme can keep on running.

Let's not go into the latest virus scare yet, it will come another day. Let us instead focus on another scam that has been running for many more years and holds the title of this blogpost, durability. In another episode on this website we've already mentioned Elon Musk, a mastermind in scraping in government benefits, while posing as a business man. His Tesla company is operating a almost 0 sum game, but because of government subsidies makes billions. The subsidies are because of the environmental friendly cars that Tesla produces, but just like many other twisted science, the Tesla cars are only durable on paper. In reality a Tesla car needs to drive over 700.000 KM to be more durable hen a traditional car and guess what, most batteries die out well before 500.000 KM, which means the car's are at least as wasteful as the traditional ones, but hey, who cares? Elon Musk did all his paperwork right, so send him those billions, that way he can pump and dump DOGEcoin a bit, potentially the least environment friendly coin of all, which by the way, is not a bad thing, just a funny reality of how government money is achieving the opposite of what it was intended to do. 

Tesla's reality is simply another step in the line of failed government policies. What about biomass? Did you ever hear about Dutch taxpayers being forced to cut down trees in the USA, get them chopped up onto containerships and sail them halfway over the planet because it's supposedly good for the environment? You can't make this stuff up people, it's really happening. Windturbines that are installed and kill hundreds of birds while polluting the environment have a life expectancy rate that, combined with the average energy creation per day, will never make back the energy that it cost to build them in the first place. Think of all the metals that are used that have to be heated, shaped and transported to their location, wind energy will never be durable, but who cares, it's a great reason to borrow more debt into existence. The same goes for solar panels. Did you know that grasslands are one of the highest intakers of CO2 from all crops? Yet, grasslands in the Netherlands are covered with solarpanels because it would be durable? How long would it take for these panels to die out and need replacement? What will happen with all the old panels, will it all become toxic waste? If you need to keep the game running you don't care about the environment, you just need to use it to sell the public a convincing story why you are allowed to impoverish them in debt.

On the front page of this website is written that we need to serve the public a different narrative, because the majority of people is mislead into believing that Bitcoin is the pyramid scheme. I must admit, I wrote this text almost 5 years ago and although a lot has changed, it is still accurate today. Because many people in the west still believe the fake news media, they often have a very weird way of looking at things. Bitcoin does not have a central party that promises a return for a fixed period of time, the requirements for a pyramid scheme, yet the media manages to twist reality in such a way that a lot of people have been fooled and now have a wrong image of reality. This week we have seen El Salvador become the first country where Bitcoin has been deemed legal-tender, that means Bitcoin will become more political from this point forward and the first evidence was apparent in the first minutes after the event took place. 

Massive manipulation to control the narrative happens in every aspect of life. Most of the western nations are functioning tremendously from it. Look at all the progress that has been made in the past 50 years and realize how well people live these day's. Yes, there are still people with hunger on this planet, but if you see how much progress has been made in the past decades we have managed to build ourselves an entire world our ancestors have never seen before. Many of us today live a life that was equal or more luxurious to that of the royal's just a couple 100 years ago. By fooling the public we have managed to go beyond what is possible. Everybody was right, for all this time... Oh well, everybody, the ones that didn't simply don't live to tell their story anymore.

I've always been fascinated by how little people understand about the power their money holds. It's always been this way, or, everybody does it, always seem good reasons to not think to much about your decision in life. I've been so lucky in life that I'm born in the age that Bitcoin saw the light. With the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL, I believe it is possible to change the political landscape of the Netherlands and because the Netherlands is so tangled up in international politics, for example because the Peace Palace is located in the Hague, that it could generate a global change. The people that see this opportunity and support it will be rewarded because of the network effect. You vote with your wallet, and the more people that will live by that logic, the more difficult it will become to contain them. 

Tomorrow is the 20 year memorial from the controlled demolition that took place in New York. Until today the story of the US government, and many other nations in the world, about what happened that day still holds up, even though it is full of impossibilities. Millions of people have died as a consequence of the official narrative, Afghanistan today is still a warzone because of it. I've felt terrible about my existence when I found out what I'm participating with, but luckily always managed to understand that you can't change the world all by yourself. I've always spoken out my reality without fear, if something is not a vaccine I will not call it that way, and if we are living in a system of financial apartheid, by now I know that most people will call me a radical extremist, but all that I'm resembling is the radical time we currently live in. I just want to live a peaceful life, but in the past 18 months even the most simple things like going out of your house has been restricted at some points in time. Yes, I might show some radical behavior once in a while, but it's only to point out the radical world of today. We are living an impossible dream, because printing more money doesn't result in higher productivity. We have reached a point where our possibilities to exploit have become limited and thus we now see the end of the endless money expansion of the past 50 years. For the people that don't have a clue what is going on, this change of reality will come as a surprise and it's exactly those people that are most helped with a e-Gulden EFL success. By showing a different example, of a life with sound money instead of inflating debt, we might be able to convince them a different reality is possible, that their choices create the reality and that todays reality is a result of our combined choices over the past 50 years, where also our silence to change can be seen as a choice. 

A special stream will start tomorrow to remember what happened 20 years ago, it will be the first special of the month and I'm planning to give away 911 EFL, currently valued at around 172 euro, so tell your friends and make sure to be there, tomorrow on Twitch, or in the Telegram chat