Good day dear viewers,

this new season of KingHONKspiritSEE I will try to be less cryptic and tell you exactly what's up. No nonsence, just straight to the point, let's see if it makes a difference.

For the upcoming days I will host the King HONKspiritSEE streams, my name is Liberlander Yoshi Livo and my preferred money system is called Bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL. Don't let my HONK.CASH outfit fool you, it's e-Gulden EFL I'm trying to inform you about. HONK.CASH is something that happened along the way after the plandemic hit the globe and then the Yoshi NFT series happened. If you share your sBCH address you will receive one out of 333 limited edition Yoshi EFL NFT's that exist as a token of appreciation, a little gift.

Let me first elaborate a bit on what Liberlander Yoshi Livo means exactly. Before we go any further I would Like you to know that Yoshi Livo stands for YCLO or Your Children Live On. It is my life motto that I added on top of YOLO, which means You Only Live Once. It's an alternative reality I created for myself around the year 2014, because I thought my ideals and plans for the future needed a simple but effective abbreviation. Calling myself Yoshi Livo remind me every day how I am not part of a YOLO community that has an attentionspand that lasts about as long as the current thing stays popular. You could say I was early to find out how soulless western society has become, but I really do not have the intention to hurt anybodies feelings, so let's just agree that mass media and fractional banking have created a temporay reality that many people today conform with. That reality of You Only Live Once gives you the impression that life is all about you, your needs and your feelings. What Your Children Live On means to me is that life is not just about you, but in fact that life is about you passing on your legacy. Over time I also discovered how YOLO and YCLO should be combined for the best result. that is what the text in the upper left corner of every webpage on sgulden.nl stands for, YOLO + YCLO = happiness plus love, squared.

I'm born in 1986 in a town called Breda in the Netherlands. It's a beautiful place that I can definitely recommend to you to pay a visit to. Saying that, I should tell you that a travel to Breda might cost you. That is because for the past couple of decades, the earnings of people that live there has been amongs the highest in the world. It's all been made possible by oil trade. After the second world war the United Nations got established and it's been working greatly in the advantage of the Dutch. Combined with the firepower of the USA, all that countries like the Netherlands needed to do is to vote in favor of their umpire and the global state of affairs was turned their way. Ofcourse, it wouldn't just happen just like that. Even if you don't know the Netherlands, you might have heard about Amsterdam. You know, that place mentioned at the start of Pulp Fiction? Where you can smoke marihuana and visit a prostitute? All over the world the Netherlands is praised for their open society, but hardly anybody understands how that country became so successful.

Did you ever hear about Epsteins Island? It was a location that was used to compromise top officials. With the use of blackmail many people have been compromised over the years, but what not too many people know is that this kind of blackmail is exactly how the Netherlands managed to maintain such a powerful position in the world. Some people call it the deepstate, but over the years I started to refer to them as the pedoclub. It's monarchs combining forces to shape reality in a way they might not even choose for themselves, but was passed on amongst generations. About 40 years ago childprostitution was still happening in the Netherlands and the liberal way of thinking has set the pretext of a possibility to blackmail anybody that was too weak to handle it's own instincts. Before I continue, let me make the statement that I don't care about the way how you experience sexuality, my limit is reached when you put your thoughts into actions. According to the principles of voluntaryism you are not allowed to infringe onto somebodies free will and any molestation for that matter is wrong. Wheter it's females, childs, animals or men, the line in the sand is the molestation of somebody else. You can have any idea, but before you put that idea into practice you need consent from the people it involves. 

The Netherlands is not just any nation, one example is the Peace Palace in the Hague. A court of the UN that is tasked with handling court cases regarding international warcrimes. Fun fact is that the biggest ally of the Netherlands, being the USA, never signed the agreement for the court to be legitimate, that means not a single USA president can be held accountable at the court of the UN, but I'm sure that was all in the planning when the deal got proposed, right after the second world war. 

Since the 1940's a lot of things changes. Mass media changed, banking changed, the internet was invented. Only a few people back then where in a position to understand that system of oppression and exclusion and the people that did understand could easily be corrupted with money and fame. Things changed however, and today only the most hypnotized victims still walk around with facemasks, show a Ukrainian flag on facebook, or take the 4th boosterjab simply because their goverments invites them to. In the Netherlands however, this is still the majority of people, because after several decades of government benefits, people have become so reliant and compliant to the governement, that they simply lost the ability or will to think for themselves and became part of the silent majority.. 

 This is where e-Gulden EFL comes into play, because the Bitcoin of the Netherlands is going to benefit from this herd community that is so embedded in the minds of those Dutch people. Although I have not been a part of the creation of EFL, Since my involvement I have stated that a break of the one euro price level per EFL would cross the psychological border that is needed to convince the Dutch people of a alternative reality. Over the years I have had an entire army of sceptics telling me it would never happen, because Bitcoin is already shit, so why would you double down on it? The answer is very simple, Bitcoin is not shit. It might be energy inefficient to some, but Bitcoin mining is actually pretty green, because it can happen everywhere on the planet, also near natural power resources. Money is the invention that allows us to communicate gratitude toward one another. Yeah, sure, telling somebody thanks is great, but giving something that is useful when you need it and accepted with all of the rest of the community is even better. The current way of denominating appreciation, happens in the form of debt which can be created into infinity, as money printer go brrrrr has shown us time and time again. History has shown us that the only end game is hyperinflation and for that reason I started to look for alternatives to that sad ending. I came across Bitcoin in 2012 and believe it hold a message of freedom that will enrich every being on the planet.

The kind of money you use matters. Inflation or deflation, it makes a big difference in the decisions you make. Many people are not aware of it, or like to deny it, but humans are animals and for that reason their behavior can be predicted. Not everybody's prediction is as solid, and I'm the first to admit that I highly underestimated the level of control that oil-pumping monarchs managed to achieve, but the kind of money you use matters. For me, the message of that money should be a message of freedom and thus being responsible. Freedom comes with responsibility and that is exactly the problem with western and thus Dutch society today. Every risk should be mitigated, every possibility at unease taken away. You are allowed to be weak and cry about your feelings, because people in that state of mind are easy to control. That is why you should feel guilty about the climate and that is why genders have become so  fluid to a level where children are indoctrinated with that perception.