Hello everybody,

I write on my blog sometimes to tell everybody how I'm doing, it's mostly about what kind of crypto I buy or sell. I don't get that many readers, but marketing can be an expensive business and personally I feel that things should grow organically instead of being forced with comfortable lies. 

Recently, someone on the bitcointalk forum asked me if there are any plans to grow the community of EFL, one of many cryptocoins with it's own history and purpose. For the ones that don't know, it's a scrypt communitycoin designed to educate the Dutch about cryptomoney with a circulating supply of 21 million and a 2 minuted blocktime with a blockchain that is allmost 5 years old. 

EFL has been declared dead, maybe more times then Bitcoin itself. This message is an announcement to let everybody know that starting next week, EFL will be available on next.exchange. Also, in the first week of march altilly.com will implement EFL on their exchange. Many thanks to all who made this possible, with a special mention to Chris from www.bitladon.com who did a great job in connecting his network. 

See, untill 2 years ago I was very active in letting everybody know what is going on about crypto, but more recently I don't feel like I should take that responsibility over somebody. Let everybody decide for it's own how they handle their lives. I can only do what is best for me, because how do I know if I actually help that other person with my action? Just because it seems like a good idea to me doesn't have to mean anything to others. 

Since I started to participate in the economy of EFL, I have alway's said that when the price of e-Gulden EFL crosses 1 euro per EFL we will get into another stage of this coin. About 1 month ago the Cryptopia exchange was hacked, EFL traded on this exchange and the Cryptopia exhange was at the time of the event the most important place for pricediscovery of EFL. With cryptopia gone, the only market that was left is novaexchange.com. Since a couple of weeks we managed to get that price implemented on coinmarketcap and that now creates the opportunity for EFL to rise into the top 100 coins, even when it is done with minimal volume. For coinmarketcap the only way how the measure the success of a coin or token is by multiplying the outstanding units with it's price, so let's be creative and take advantage of the current situation.

To be fair, I really believe this project has added a lot of value to itself since it's start. Not only did it manage to overcome the first stages of growth but also many attacks where succesfully countered. There are still people talking about this coin, even though it is mostly in a degrading way. And this is where the real growth is hidden. People accepting the reality of EFL being a part of their lives. Even when they don't participate, their society is depending on the solidarity of a younger generation and in that way all the Dutch have to accept that because EFL changed me, it also changed the Netherlands, even if it was only for a tiny bit. If people start to realise that EFL can outlast all these external forces they might see the opportunity of EFL.

Ofcourse, the price of EFL will fall back just as hard as it has been shot up, but let's see howmuch readers I basically got for free by performing this action, because I just accepted the price of EFL at this moment in everybodies time. Everybody who has EFL can offer them at the novaexchange, so apparently 80000satoshi, or allmost 2 euro per EFL is what somebody is willing to pay for it. To be honoust, I hope the price will fall back even lower then we started at, for example by bitcoin dropping in value, because that way it will be even cheaper to buy them.

About the other stuff I'm doing: Liberland.org will soon end it's ICO phase. A snapshot of it's website is planned for 13th of March at which point all Merits will be converted to erc20 tokens. If you want to become citizen of Liberland I highly advice you to make sure you have enough Liberland merit in your account to be eligable for it. Any question can be asked with a message to me, or you can contact Liberland by yourself, the contactinformation is available on the website. 

I had this idea a couple of years ago about a time based money system and I am going to try and start something like that to help future Liberlandians spend their money at our soon to be Liberland Boatel where I hope to be able to greet you all one day in the future. If you feel like participating then the most easy way is to just buy some EFL of the market, because also Liberland holds those coins, more then 1% of the outstanding total to be a bit more precise. You can spend EFL through entire EURO Europe with the help of bitbill.nl in case you want to get rid of it again but why not HODL for some time and see if this 1 euro moment will change the sentiment surrounding EFL. The addition of EFL to Bitladon.com seems to be the best thing that happened to the coin for a long time, if people will start to see the possibilities that this coin can bring them things can go very fast. The posibilities of EFL have been shown once again and this coin will just keep on proving itself untill everybody wants a piece of that EFLove!