Hello again my dear readers. No movieclip today, just a story about family this time. I left mine a little over a week ago. Until then I ate at my parents place once a week, or atleast when I was in the Netherlands. They called me yesterday, to ask me how I was doing. Well dear family I'm doing better then ever, probably because I've finally realised howmuch I was frustrated by hanging around with you. 

You can't choose your family is what they say, but you can choose the people you hang out with. I respect my family and ofcourse they can have their lives and opinions about things, but my values are so far detached from theirs that meeting up with them was one big play for me, everytime pretending to enjoy our time together, while in fact it hurts me to not be able to explain my feelings better to them, or feel misunderstood the entire time. That for me it hurts to profit from debtslavery as much as the Dutch do. Would you respect your father is he was an ISIS soldier, or would it be ok to openly state you despice his way of life? 

I've tried my best to explain to them that I believe everybody in old colonizing countries (like Netherlands and Belgium for example) has been brainwashed ever since the end of the second World War. They might believe their lives are normal, because they don't look any further then their own street or town where they live, but on a global scale, and put into the right historic context their lives are far from that. The Dutch in example, live so far beyond their needs, that it would be impossible to keep that lifestyle going on forever. They simply deplete the natural resourses that it can't be restored, I feel terrible being a part of that group and it's the motivation of everything I do today, show that I am not part of that selfish group of egoists. 

It is a hard story to tell, and it is a story I've been unable to explain correct to the people around me. I don't know if I ever manage to get it out in such a way that it is understood, but I prefer to die trying then settle without doing so. It is ofcourse an enormous wall that I have to climb, an extreme current I'm swimming against, but I simply can't live with myself going into the direction I'm guided in since birth. 

I'm far from perfect myself, before you all think I've declared myself holy. I still eat meat that is produced by performing a continuous holocaust on animals. I still fly poluting airplanes when I travel and I still believe in money albeit in the form of Bitcoin, or even more specific e-Gulden EFL. I do not think I'm any more special then anybody else, except for 1 major difference: I think I am able to put my own personality or welbeing on the very last step of importance. Not that I do it everyday all the time, like I said above, I've still got many imperfections, but atleast I'm aware of them and I accept that they are there. My family on the other hand, are not able to see that they are part of a big collective that together is performing mass murder on the planet. They are unable to see that because of their routines, that they are not willing to change, we together as a species are making life for ourselves impossible on the long run. 

I can't stop working, I need to pay my mortgage! I've deserved this vacation, because I've worked for it! This animal would have been dead, even if I would not have eaten it! I can't help that my boss is paying my pensionfund for me and I don't believe there is a correlation between the need for profit and war! Excuses I've heard so many times, well dear family, if you can't help all those things, then I can't help myself for wanting to run away from you, as far as I possibly can, because those are not the people I want to spend my life with, or the group of people I want to be part of.

Maybe I'm too romantic about Liberland, I'm actually quite sure that most of those Liberlandians have even worst points of view on many of the issues I just brought to light, but for me Liberland is a way how I can show the people I grew up with that things can be done different, that everything is possible if you only dare to want it and go for it, even if you have to make a sacrifice for it. Ofcourse it hurts to leave and not look back, but I sincerely believe that a lot of good is going to come in  return for it and that at some point in time, my words will be understood. I would be happy to return by that time, but before that happens, please excuse me dear family to not show up at birthday parties anymore, to not care about who lives or dies, because for me, those people aiding a lifestyle I don't want to be part of, have been declared dead by me already.

So just to make it clear once again, I'm not going on a trip to Liberland because I enjoy it there so much, or because I want give Croatians a difficult time because they mocked the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. I'm going there because every part of my body wants to change the behaviour of our human kind and I'm willing to lose everything for it, even the people I grew up with and love the most.