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Tomorrow there will be a special HonklerHangout stream on Twitch. This time we will focus on the annual Dutch "State of the Union" that the King will read out during his speech. The success of the Dutch royal formula is a fact. They are praised world wide and you notice this when you go anywhere on the planet. Yes, even in this place near Liberland, that received Dutch-approved bombs less then 30 years ago, most people wish they where born in the Netherlands instead of their own nation. I get that, to an extend, but only if it means that you do not ever find out what policies have been supported in your name. 

The Dutch Royal family have used the Dutch flag to support their oil trade. With the profits, all Dutch people are payed royal salaries compared to other nations. In the time that I was born internet did not really exist and there really was only 1 narrative. The first time that was changed for me was around 2005 when I started to question why 9=11? When I discovered Bitcoin I quickly realized that the Dutch model would become obsolete. Because of my young age I wasn't the best in communicating and my decision did not matter to others so much. "Hes just a kid, what does he know?" The Dutch system of handling money works perfect for them, to the extend that they are now under serious thread from cryptomoney. It can be expected that a lot of force will be used to convince the majority that crypto is only for unvaccinated people and if you want to receive your support money you can't buy crypto with it.

If you have access to large amounts of resources, like the Dutch king, you are going to be closely connected to the money creation, especially if you organize your own conferences and invite these people. By getting some snippets of information, you can pass on your interpretation of them. Because paper gold is created by a central party, the actions of this party are going to distort the markets tremendously. Knowing what the action will be gives you a major advantage over others. In essence there are 2 different actions possible, to add liquidity to the market, or to subtract liquidity from the market. The cycle in which the majority of the money flows should be countered by your action, to maximize your profit. That way you are taking profit when others are investing and you have enough liquidity behind when the tide turns. Then, while people with the wrong money management go bankrupt over their bad planning, you can buy things cheap from those unfortunate parties.

In todays time this practice has been exaggerated by making money almost impossible for anybody in western nations. At the same time we see crypto prizes at high levels and this educes everybody to take some profit. Let the confusion on tv last for as long as people accept their right been taken away, all they can do to survive is sell what they have so you can buy it with freshly printed money. Add some money crunch and you have a perfect legitimate way of explaining why the economy is doing bad and prices are going up. We will see if there is going to be a turning point this time, but I believe new money will be created out of the reach of the old and that exchanging crypto's for this money is going to be regulated to such extend that you are going to miss the point of wanting to use crypto in the first place, to not have a counterparty risk. If all your bitcoins are locked up in a lightning channel you don't really own them, especially not if you are using somebody else's lightning channel. You can also think in terms of banning all tether dollars from exchanges and only allow fully regulated stablecoins, which you will make so expensive that only parties you control will be able to apply for it.

If we look at a bigger picture outside of crypto, we see the Netherlands in big trouble. There is currently a takeover, and just like the front page of this website is already announcing for 5 years, the biggest theft in history is currently taking place in front of our own eyes. If it's not because of some medical experiment it is because the freedoms that where allowed in the past are going to be taken away. You see, that cow in one other story was only allowed that extra space so that it would become more productive. Now that it's old, the most efficient would be to get rid of it before it starts to costs you too much. Now we are not taking about cows right? But when you isolate old people from meeting their loved ones, if you take away peoples ability to make themselves a living and if you spread a message of fearporn thru the television, then you can be guaranteed that you shorten the life expectancy of people. Also, because of isolation people become more weak, because then don't build any resistance, but most of all, people should be free to visit the public street under any condition. 

Next to the moneysystem and corona crisis, there is one more urgent issue the Netherlands has to deal with and this comes to their core business, namely oil. Since december of 2019 a Dutch court has ruled that oil company Shell has to be more compliant with international agreements signed by the Netherlands. A judge ruled about the practices of a company in such a way that it was forced to change their plans about the future. In todays time international accounting standards decide how money is allowed to move. Only with the right ratings do we see certain money moving into certain areas. That is why Bitcoin is still at the low valuation that it is, because the real bucks can only flow in gradually with use of middlemen like microstrategies. Ow wait, am I now talking crypto again? Let's save it for tomorrow. What I really wanted to say is that the Paris climate treaty is going to cause so much ecocide. So much so that biomass will pale in comparison. If you make CO2 your only attention point then you are completely missing the point of this planet. Without CO2, no plants to make O2. 

Let's all pretend for a second that this speech tomorrow is really about the wellbeing of the Dutch people. How come all the numbers that are used to build that report are made up from computer models that can predict every single outcome you aspire? In one of the episodes of freedom radio we spoke about entrepreneurs from the Netherlands that received a false tax declaration. They where real alright, but a computer error made them go out on the last day of the second quarter, when the numbers are going to be used to make that speech. All these statements where printed on the 30th of June, but would the corrections already be made into the financial calculations to present the projections to the public? Did you know that a change in European law allows nation to hold off balance positions that they do not report about in their yearly accounting?

The Netherlands has been taken over by a group of people that have managed to convince a large percentage of people of their reality. I believe it's all based on paper gold and from tomorrow until 29 September, when I will host a special 35th birthday stream, the stories on this blog are going to be about what moves me into believing I made the right decision by opposing to that regime. If you want to support my actions I suggest you buy some EFL's, bitcoin of the Netherlands, so that you will be rewarded for your trust if we make it happen together. You are always welcome in the Telegram chat, the conversation continues 24/7.