Happy Birthday Yoshi Livo


Hello and welcome,

today on the 29th of September 2023 we celebrate my 37th birthday. This entire show and most of my existence for the past 10 or so years have been dedicated to explain the disadvantages of debt currency. Crypto is just one of the tools I use to avoid the need of a bank account, but not the end goal. The end goal is to build different solutions to traditional problems so that society will become more inclusive and less dependent to central authority.

My birthdaygift to this world is to once again openly announce that your dependency on government fiat debt currency plays a huge role in it's ability to dictate your reality. The paper reality can facilitate genocide by refusing to generate data that proves it. The more people believe the paper lies, the stronger they will become and the more difficult it will be to break them, yet, they provide with comfort that is too tempting for many to refuse. For the easy of conversation it might become better to give in and swallow that pride, but overall I really feel I'm very far from done and many things might already have happened but the real job at hand hasn't even begun. I have become more confident about previous choices and feel that a special timing window might create a perfect storm of opportunities. I have learned to accept that the overall majority of my target group at best might ask me if I also believe the earth is flat, with the intention to ridicule my talking points and deter the conversation to a different topic. The reality is that many great solutions to peer to peer cash are at dollar price levels of 2014, or even lower, show me any other product or service that went down in price like that since then and if you manage to see what I see, take some profit from the manipulation of financial reality. Instead of creating technical difficulties to maintain second layer solutions, why not decentralize the crypto landscape and adopt any creative outburst that connects itself with the bitcoincoin core principle to become a peer to peer cash system and service the globe with an alternative to inflating debt currency. 

Liberlander Yoshi Livo and the KingHONKspiritSEE livestream are my expression of the clownworld we live in. I am glad with the alternative reality I have created for myself and still recommend to this day to all world citizens, specifically the Dutch who can become a friend of the Dutch Bitcoin, e-Gulden EFL, to adopt a form of crypto to your daily lives and to get used to and comfortable with the use of an alternative representation of wealth, compared to the centralized inflation they are used to. I can think of 1000 ways how governments can take advantage of blockchain technology and instead of waiting for them to force you to receive whatever is made available to you, you can find a solution that allows you a stronger position in the negotiation. I have chosen e-Gulden EFL as my tool to make it for the next step and because of my great timing I got about 9 months to go to see what the universe will provide me with. So far my progress has been amazing and I thank myself and everybody I love for making the past 37 years such an amazing experience. I made it to this point where all options are still available. I am glad I have come to the understanding that it is not my task to be popular or understood when I say I vote with my wallet and my feet. I need to follow my feeling and try to achieve the most optimal reality I can dream of today. 

It's been a long way and it's a long way to go at the same time, I love my ability to zoom out and put some perspective to my manifestations and I'm sure it will help me on my way forward. For those that believe the expressions of Liberlander Yoshi Livo and the KingHONKspiritSEE livestream are a form of violence, I am not going to try to understand your feelings, without my ability to speak my mind. The world we live in today is utterly corrupted and in need of drastic change. The amount of lies that build the foundation for the current paper reality are plentiful, yet until today, a world form remains dominant that from my live-experience started with 9-11 in which your chances in life highly depend on your governments relation to the US-located institutions that hold the monopoly to the global standard of debt creation. The citizens of most western nations stay faithful to the flag of their nation and often act with that image as legitimization for their actions when they receive sanctions that hurt them enough to get them on their feet.. The amount of violence that is required to shape traditional societies is so large that most people can't get their head around it and my discomfort with traditional values simply forces me to find a way to express myself. Instead of taking offence, you can try to understand the reasoning behind the process if you are up for it, but I am celebrating my birthday regardless of that decision. 

We are doing it! Congratulations! My ability to read out my own story in my own show is the best birthday present I can give to myself. Really, you are invited to become a part of everything and find your benefit. This job requires much more attention and doesn't depend on me. More then ever I believe I am on the right path. October is as always a more exciting month then others and an unexpected Dutch election in November got people talking this year could be extra spicy. During the most recent broadcast special a EFL price of around 5 euro per efl was reported on efl.nl. This obvious manipulation of the taxcollector of King Honk did not last long enough to be picked up by price tracking website, which only proves that the decentralization of EFL happened to such an extend that one party can't manipulate the price. There are still millions of EFL to be redeemed by Dutch citizens and I am still convinced that if that 5 euro per EFL would be a reality today, the Dutch people would become a lot more eager to become a friend of EFL. 

In the month of September I've had some interaction with Liberland which made it possible for me to put my money where my mouth is, a bit more then usually already do.  

Back in April, I calculated to need more then double of the Liberland proceeds for ethical currency to come to fruition. and there is only so much I can do. The fair value proposition of Mike Maloney is reason for me to believe anybody should be eager to take part. Litecoin at 0,25 cent per bitcoin gives 60 dollars, dash below 25 dollars. If you don't like EFL but are sitting on extra capital, go and inform yourself what option is best for you and understand that every decision matters. I have never been interested in the monetary profit, as shown 5 years ago in Novi Sad, Yes, making money is a great thing, but the profits can become overwhelming if you cant put resources to action. We really are making history together in building a new social contract for generations to come to enjoy and because of my choice to pick EFL as my tool a success will give everybody a reward for their commitment. The time we share is a blessing and I want to thank all and everybody for making this life experience so great for me. The impact from here on out is comfortably out of my control, but you can be sure I will be present on Telegram for any kind of communication and I might even show myself once in a while on Twitch.

Thanks for your attention and presence and from near Liberland I wish you all a friendly birthday inspired e-Gulden EFL greeting.

Yoshi Livo