Hi all, let's try another text in english, although my texts in Dutch got a lot more views then my english one.

Today I'm going to talk about a group that doesn't really deserve my attention, but I want to point out my changed mindset towards them. Reason for this article is a tweet by  https://twitter.com/eguldenfoundati on the 8th of may: https://twitter.com/eguldenfoundati/status/993760487677595649 about how cryptocommunities can't get along. ( a twitteraccount that sometimes spreads a personal opinion that not alwas reflects the vision of everybody involved in EFL.)

You see, within the Netherlands there are two Gulden cryptocoin projects. You can find them both on the landingspage of this website, they are e-Gulden EFL and Gulden NLG, which i prefer to call Guldencoin to avoid confusion with the old Dutch Gulden fiatsystem. A little over 4 years ago both of our project started in the same week. EFL was a couple of day's out before Guldencoin came to light. The reason to choose EFL for me was because of the economic priciples of inflation which i believe are more in favour of EFL. This choise hasn't been one that others liked. I've been called out for a scamartist many times and people from the other project like to refer to us as scamcoin and all such words. They completely misunderstand who our enemy is and I always used to take these accusations personally and try to answer to each of them. My mindset back then was more like the one in this song:

About 1 year ago I got pretty sick. I got a liver infection which now causes me to not be able to digest things like alcohol, fat or coffee. Yes, it is pretty bad, but at the same time a blessing. I was without any respect towards anything and this infection now let's me understand that I was way too radical and be more calm. I know I can't please everybody and, in fact, that is not what I'm trying to achieve. I just want to speak out about a changing world in which we need to adapt ourselves to new standards. I did not invent Bitcoin, nor e-Gulden EFL. I just deal with it's excistance and accept they are both alive. It is a shame that so many people want to deny that, because we (the cryptocoin community) are already such a small group that we should try and work together to spread our knowledge to those that are not as clever, fast or gifted as ourselves. If EFL for example would be worth a bit more them today's price, my words would have a lot more meaning and impact then what they have today. I wouldn't need a platform like Liberland to get myself on tv, but just me would be sufficient. I don't mind to take some heat, I think I can do it and that's the reason why I got involved in the first place, but this waiting game is not good for anybody, because on a global scale time just continues to go forward and our standstill means falling behind. I would like to advocate about the advantages of cryptomoney compared to tradition FIAT. It's voluntary aspect, global reach and the selfregulation aspect of it. How inflation is a hidden form of taxation and how we are all fooled into believing that violence has value.

Because of the changes I've gone true in the last year I can now much better react to these scamcoin accusations. I just thank people for their opinion and the recognition of our excistance, but I can't help to write about their stalling of progress with such statements. Just buy a couple of EFL and you help everybody a lot more is how I see it. 

Anyway, I've changed from the song above to the song below and I quite like that change.  It gives me all kind of new insight to myself and the way how I should interact with people. Maybe this is the reason why I feel so confident that I'm on the right path, maybe it's the fact that slowly but surely we are getting to a breakout point. The documentary of last week certainly helped. I t gave me a lot of new contacts of people that where very kind and loving and only a very small percentage of them that relied on hating tactics. As i started this text with, these people don't really deserve to be mentioned, but for me it was more about saying how I personally changed in dealing with that kind of negativity. Let's just look forward and see what a bright future is ahead of everybody that can accept a new economic reality and try to help everybody to understand that hatred towards change or a good idea is never going to stop that idea from spreading.

Thanks again for you attention, and have a wonderfull e-Gulden EFL day!