As SLP token on the BitcoinCash, HONK had the most transactions by a mile and was used to splash around in telegramgroups. Don't let it's rather large 100 billion units in circulation fool you, because HONK had no decimal's back then, there where just 100 billion ( of them, that's equal to a 1000 full units with 8 decimals, which is the standard in Satoshi's world...

Since I'm on a mission to show the political side of crypto, I'm looking for coins that express my feelings about the current thing. Back in march 2020 I decided to change the streamname from HodlerHangout to HonklerHangout, you could send me HONK SLP live on stream, and I received some donations, that was awesome!! The whitepaper and direct link with pepe made me feel so happy. I found something that I thought could become something big. 

Those SLP HONK barely had any value, but there where a couple big, 1 billion HONK big orders. I won a couple pokerhands the other day on blockchain.poker and decided to take a couple of those memo.cash orders, so I  could hand out tokens to viewers. In the end, who wants to look at a man with a wig wearing lipstick? The clown wig and lipstick do make it more easy to stream, because they help to explain the narrative. I'm Liberlander Yoshi Livo and my favorite money is Bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL. My local peers call me a clown for trying to explain them about paper government debt since well before HONK started to circulate, and I'm nothing but a shill to those maximalists that denounce speculation. The world is crazy enough these day's, that's why I decided to make my own clownshow, so I could at least ban the people that I want to get rid of and be in control of my own creation for once, instead of trusting others with it.

.I would say the shows have been quite a success. Those billion HONK basically payed for themselves, because at the peak price of last October, 1 HONK was valued at around 2.5 satoshi each and that was around 10x the value I bought them for in BCH. I managed to live and eat from HONK for about 4 or 5 months last and this year and trading HONK still made me grow my portfolio, even with a couple of sBCH out per month. In 2 years time I made over 300 episodes of my show and gave away more then 1 billion HONK tokens, in total I now own 3 billion HONK and currently I am buying, because I think the price is really cheap.

Since about 1 year ago HONK launched as SEP20 token and I asked some questions. What about the tipbot on telegram? What about the existing services, like memo.cash? How does the bridging between bch and sBCH occur and do you need to perform any KYC procedure? The answer was simple: "It will work out, SLP is broken." In a way I understand the switch to sBCH, and with the price spike it caused, I'm not complaining, finally some action, but since a couple weeks, things don't look so bright for sBCH. That one specific token that forms the foundation for the framework was not as solid as it should have been. I'm double happy I got my money out before the shit hit the fan, I got nothing but good words for CoinFlex, paying me my HONK farmed Mist, in BCHsatoshi's, in minutes, without any questions asked, a perfect bridge, until it went wrong. 

Now, I thought of a little plan to help out in the recovery of 100K BCH. This day, I moved some of the liquidity from the HONK.CASH LP to Mistswap. You get payed a better reward for staking at the HONK native website, but the pool is not registered anywhere, so marketcap.cash doesn't show liquidity and dexscreener gives some strange error about a listingrequest. In total I am now pooling half of a BCH and 600M HONK at Mistswap, this is half of the mistswap pool, but a fraction of the LP at HONK.CASH, but because of the move of liquidity, HONK price is now tracked again on marketcap.cash and it gave me an idea. What good are sBCH that are stuck if you got HONK that can move? If I can sell 1 billion HONK for 100 BCH, I will donate them towards the recovery of 100K BCH, I know it is only 1/1000th of total, but it's something. 

Think about it, what is money really worth to you? If we create something out of a bad situation, isn't that progress? Look at howmany Canadian support HONK was getting in January of this year, and those that wanted to support their local trucker, if only had they known about flipstarter, instead of the black lives matter fascilitating gofundme. What sBCH, BCH, HONK, needs is it's own success, not some copy of ethereum, but it's own unique take on things, and I think HONK is exactly right for the task at hand. Together we can build it, but for a start those people behind HONK need to be willing to participate. I might be completely wrong here, but I think they won't be too difficult, just my bad experience doesn't mean things have to stay that way and times change, we can shake up some people and create a serious story in a light way, I mean its monkeypox season, we got to cheer each other up in these difficult times. 

During the 9.11 series, I will give away 9.11 million HONK to each wheel of fortune winner. Every raffle we will draw a winner for 911K HONK. I hope to inspire you with some other stories I have to share with you in this 9.11 special of KingHONKspiritSEE on twitch.