Hyperinflation can occur for many different reasons. One of the more complicated forms is what we see happen when the United Nations imposes sanctions onto a nation, which then leads to it's currency becoming worthless in the rest of the world. In the history of money, hyperinflation was most common when trust was lost in the issuer of paper money. Fractional reserved banking should come with an informed consent requirement, but that's for a different story. When the local goldsmith got caught printing more numbers on paper then he had in the vault, his central store of value plummeted to worthless. That was painful for the local community, but it's not what is happening today on a global scale.

Hyperinflation that originates from compounding interest is the most easy and logic explanation why hyperinflation would occur, yet, in Western nations, where people have most of their cash money in the form of digital bank numbers, not a lot of people seemed to understand what annual inflation does to the buyingpower of your currency, but it must be said: "Today, average people start to notice something is up with inflation." I praise myself lucky I'm located outside of the EU, near Liberland and that I have found myself such a nice thing to do in life, which is hosting a stream about our clownsworld. It feels like the plandemic doesn't impact us all that much here and governments are not pushing it as much, Some people here participate in the global mrna experiment, there is also a traditional vaccine available from China. In case you like to be free from needle rape and remain in the control group of the experiment, life is still allowed to happen, although certain jobs require you to take a vaccine. There are many masks in circulation and if you think this all has nothing to do with hyperinflation, I would like to argue different.

Hyperinflation can only occur if there is not enough deflation in the system and that is what is currently being pushed on a global scale. While small businesses struggle, a couple online giant remain. The plan is simple, you will own nothing and be happy. For that, you first need to lose everything so you can be grateful to generosity. 

All the absurd regulations that are being made up due to a medical crisis are causing immense deflationary pressure. People working less hours due to restrictive opening hour, people losing their job due to their medical status, people dying or having a life long illness due to the side effects of vaccination, all these events on themselves already have a terrible effect, and on top of all that is the media adding oil to the flames with biased reporting. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the amount of clown on this planet is growing exponentially!. For me hyperinflation starter when I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 and what an amazing ride it has been so far. If you can see the world from that crypto perspective the double roll of the media is so disgusting and how is it possible that so many people are fooled by that terrible lie about healthcare? Anyway, hyperinflation is upon us, even media outlets now start to feed you with information that this is a great thing and if you protect yourself well it can certainly work out for you personally. Look at HONK, that went from half a dollar value per million HONK, to 5 dollars in the last month. The new farming option that mistswap provides gives user something to do with their HONK, while they are waiting for the decentralized betting platform that is still in the pipeline.

Inflation on itself has been mentioned many times already on this blog. Next to taxation it is a form of theft. Sure, it's all voluntary, you don't have to participate, but with the apartheid regime that is currently in effect the world, it's perfectly shown how voluntary all that really is. Why not just admit that your money system is broken, that it was a big lie that only worked because everybody was lied to about the most fundamental basics in life. I think not all advancements are progress and I am curious to see how the situation will go further from here. The time seems ripe for a chaotic winter, that's why I'm so glad to have found something new to do.

Since this week, season 5 of HonklerHangout has kicked off. During the 5th season we will cover the Theory of Bitcoin video series by Craigh Wright, also known as Satoshi Nakamoto šŸ¤” as you can imagine, it's great footage for honkler's hangout. If you are looking to find a way out of the clownworld we live in today, you are always welcome to share some of my Liberland reality. By the way, I'm in the process of creating a NFT series to give away to the community, so make sure to join the Telegram chat to follow all the latest news and I hope to see you in 1 of the upcoming streams!