I am an ALIEN


For many years, I've felt a bit different from others. I've tried to find people like myself to explain this feeling, but to no avail. Liberland, for instance, turned out to be the opposite of what I sought. A documentary by Marijn Poels recently inspired me to write this text.

You see, my life's problems are minuscule but essential. I've never been hungry or experienced war. Raised in a loving family, my parents have been together since their teens. I received extensive education and had a bank account with a savings fund in my name since birth. This, combined with unlimited energy and resources, allowed me to buy my first Bitcoins for less than $10 each, a decision that transformed my life. Amazing, right? But what if you find you're unwelcome everywhere? Is it so wrong that I, fed up with funding war, called out my government as a terrorist organization? I guess it is, and I should have realized this before becoming a top contributor to the Liberland project. I was naive, but I appreciate that about myself; I don't want to judge based on assumptions.

I thought a flag would help explain my differences, as many worldwide relate to it. I thought money would too, as it's a daily tool for many. These tools have helped create this text. The reason my message hasn't resonated with many is that I confused my tools with my message. The message about why I don't want to function in the society I grew up in can be summarized in one sentence:


There, I've said it. What now? Well, nothing, I guess. You can continue believing you're a child of Abraham, Adam and Eve, or a monkey. I'll go my way, believing I'm a child of an alien. This explains why my value system differs from those I encounter. Who are you to force me to contribute to a society I reject? I'm not interested in facilitating a theater of caped, wig-wearing people swearing allegiance to a god, represented in my case by a family that monopolizes citizenship registration in fought-over territory. These people only have power if you identify with the paper reality created to control you. I'm sorry, judge, I can't recognize your courtroom because I'm accountable only to my source power, which I sync with every time I experience an orgasm, and I have no fear for when my day of judgement will finally come.

I'm not afraid to speak my mind, understanding the risks and willing to take them. After all, You Only Live Once, and this is a battle worth fighting. Consider the illusions created, how easily crowds are manipulated. I believe I'm an alien, here to harvest gold for my creators, the Anunnaki. They've built hidden structures globally, concealing essential knowledge about our existence and destination. The hungry mind cannot think clearly, hence the delusion of many. With the internet's recent advent, there's still much to learn. We, clones of our Anunnaki ancestors, mine gold needed on their home planet. Our evolving skills as a species have led to this advanced reality, revealing the control system around the paper reality that legitimizes violence. I understand the trauma of monetary apartheid, a generational issue, but we can build a better life together.

Imagine realizing that freedom comes at the cost of securing ever-expanding borders. Not seeing destruction doesn't mean you don't cause it. For my entire adult life, I've questioned others' choices, unable to understand my difference. But now I know: I am a child of an alien. I fund myself with Bitcoin and the Dutch Bitcoin e-Gulden EFL. Ironically, I already have all the money I need to achieve my goals. My problem is that most people are trapped in a fear-based debt spiral, unable to escape. This month, the EFL community crowdfunded a new exchange listing on Xeggex Exchange. I aim to become a DOGE coin millionaire with EFL's help, using the proceeds to reveal my reality. Removing people's fear would be a major step towards a society that recognizes the true limits of our existence.

We still have much to discover. We've fought to survive with limited information, so no one can be blamed for mistakes.

Forgiveness comes from within, and only a fool believes in the justice of a justice system. What matters more is how we benefit from new information. I'm merely a messenger sharing my solutions. There's much to do. We come from a past of repression, exclusion, and violence, and to move forward, we must use different tools for our benefit. Your life and inner peace are at stake; always listen to your inner voice.

The greatest part is that it doesn't matter what I truly believe. It's my way of explaining why traditional  values don't appeal to me, and I'm simply sharing my solution with the world.