King HONKspiritSEE


Welcome beautiful people, 

today we are kicking off my new stream called King HONKspiritSEE. For the next couple of weeks I will be your host, Liberlander Yoshi Livo and together with my sidekick, Cactus Itchy Pinky, by the way, Itchy Pinky, do you still have enough Jungle Juice? Let KingKong spiracy give you a golden shower to celebrate our coming together, together with Itchy Pinky I will host our show. The 7 year anniversary of Liberland on the 13th of April will be our first milestone and we will celebrate that day with a special marathon stream and will invite many guests, but before we get there, let's get everybody up to date.

For the past 2 months I turned down my wig to try and achieve something for the Netherlands. I tried to give away 1 million e-Gulden EFL by achieving mass adoption of the Dutch Bitcoin, but unfortunately my attempt was not picked up. My best guess is that Willem Engel felt with his heart that my proposal should be executed, but his brain was convinced otherwise once he consulted with others.  Ofcourse, if that assumption is wrong I would like to hear back on it, but since that moment none of my communication has received a reply which makes it easy for me to claim the truth.

That Dutch couple of months made a lot of things clear for me and I'm happy I tried. I'm still not completely ready to let go and that's why I'm back once again, but this time things have to go different. After my failure to deliver in 2018 and the Dutch people failed to do so in the last couple of months, I feel like the scoreboard has evened out. There is still a huge game being played in which I believe I can take care of most peoples interests and that is why I keep on trying, again and again.

What I would like to achieve, is to get the notion across to people that governments are not to be trusted and that the use of new technologies can help us overcome our enslavement to their debt currencies. Sure, let governments create interest bearing debt, but people need to start to understand that, not only are there financial solutions that can serve them better then their government fiat, but also that their participation in the debt game causes them to live out of harmony with themselves which will result in the experience of a fake reality. This fake reality might appear much more interesting to experience, but it's my personal conviction that living true to ones self will create more happiness over time.

I have given away hunders of millions of cryptocoins over the past couple years, including over 1 billion HONK.CASH. When a group of people announced their aspiration to convert HONKHONK form SLP to sep20 I have tried to get involved. I make streams almost daily and the HONK outfit suits the political message I would like my crypto to express, so if the team would have asked me if I would like to promote HONK, I would probably have said yes. Imagine how many Canadians could have heard me HONK-ing this year, but as always there was simply no responce to any of the input I gave. I had the HONK commissioner visiting the Bitcoin Birthday marathon stream promising all kind of great stuff, but after nothing happened and without any communication about what why or how, the HONK market now have such a limited liquidity that you can't even buy 1B HONK, even if you would like to.

Don't get me wrong, I love to give away crypto, but my recent talk with Aleks Svetski made me realize what a hopeless battle I'm fighting if even the people I decided to trust won't participate. Everybody is still just having fun and they don't seem to realize how terrible the outlook of the future really is. Once the CBDC's are in place society really will be under a tight control and once ethereum switches to POS all freedom loving crypto can easily be banned under the guise of saving the planet by banning POW algo's from connecting to your central bank coin. I believe not enough human beings today understand this risk we are facing and with the covid and Ukrain distractions taking place in real time I can see how easy the masses are manipulated into believing whatever is bad for them is the best way to go. 

I believe there is a solution and that if my solution is valid, everybody that will support to achieve it will be rewarded accordingly. My solution is to get the Dutch to see that e-Gulden EFL is the Bitcoin of the Netherlands. Currently there are about 2 Bitcoin of EFL for sale on a market and I believe that if those EFL's get sold in the next 2 weeks I stand a decent chance in getting this message across to the Dutch people. The reason I believe I can do it, is because of the work I have done which involves Liberland and countless hours spend on streams and texts like these. There is only 1 Yoshi Livo from Liberland trying to achieve a different outcome then expected and I'm right here. I was listening to a recent Corbett report and couldn't help to start waving behind my computer, is somebody looking for a humble hobbit that is willing to risk his life??

At the same time, I have to start to accept that my attempts might not be rewarded in the way how I propose them today. For the past 10 years I have struggled to explain myself to others. I'm sure the majority of people just label me as weird, it's probably the easiest way, but I'm not the one that injects himself with untested poison or picks up arms to fight for ISIS or the AZOV battalion. I would just like to live my life in peace without a government bothering me with rules and regulations on how I should live my life. Any border is just like money: a man made illusion that we only need because of our lack of competence to communicate with eachother. I believe we can live beyond our limiting sences and can create an experience that goes beyond materialistic needs, but I do not longer have the feeling I need to explain myself to others. 

About that 1 Billion HONK give away, you people know what day it is today, right? That's right, it's the first of April and this is my April fool's joke to the world. I would love to use 1 Billion HONK from the community fund to promote the coin in ways that I see fit. giveaway's on the raffle wheel would just be a small part of things I would do to make HONK an interesting token for people to have some fun with. I'm sure if we manage to get enough people together to announce my intention that we could convince the HONK commissioner to think about the advantages a daily stream could bring to their website. But, as we only got a small group of viewers today, I do not have the intention to give away a million HONK that I can't even buy back because nobody puts any trust in the market. The NFT rop will take place though, so drop your sBCH address and you might up with some HONK after all. 

Let's make something great happen together and grow this community to something amazing. I am more then ready to give it my all. Come and enjoy one of the streams, of join the conversation.