Hello dear readers,

some of you might have already noticed, but since some months the webpage redirects to this blog. I bought the webpage from founding father Jiri Kreibich who does not see a future in the dictatorship of Vit Jedlicka.

Before we are going to launch I would like to explain the motivation of many of our teammembers. We are not angry or sad, we did not lose money to the lies of Vit Jedlicka, but we are people that do not believe in the leadership of Vit Jedlicka, for various reasons. In the last 4 years Vit has not achieved anything, the victories he claims have been achieved by his followers. Unfortunately Vit Jedlicka is not able to recognize others for their good deeds, that is why people leave his "administration". Liberland will not ever get recognized if the head of state is unable to give recognition, it's simple as that. 

Vit Jedlicka does not have a job next to his "work" for Liberland, that means that the community of Liberland pays for the diapers of his babies, or the new car of his girlfriend. It also means that drunk driving which results in a broken windshield will cost us donation money, the administration just writes it down as diplomatic costs. is created to bring an alternative to the dictatorship of Vit Jedlicka. The only reason why we create this alternative is because we don't see Vit Jedlicka ever achieving his goals.

We advice everybody to immediately stop the donations to the website untill there is a sufficient accounting system in place and meritholders are participating in the decisionmaking process. There is no transparancy what happens to the donation money and most likely it is used for the most part to support Vit his personal life. Quite intreguing for somebody that builds his reputation on TAXATION IS THEFT.

Please understand there are no hard feelings from towards Vit Jedlicka, but we need to protect the Liberland investors and it's community. After years of false claims and untrue stories we believe it is time to show the world the real story about Liberland.

The reality is that Liberland today only exists on paper, you can not fly there or book a hotel. The amount of people who are confused about this is astonishing and can only be because of the lies of our dictator. Liberland is in exile, which means we cannot access our land. We need to build a community 

Liberland does not have a president. First of all, a president of a nation is elected and defends his title during the next elections. Because there are no elections in Liberland, the head of state is not a president, but a dictator (or a king). People who refer to Vit Jedlicka as the president of Liberland are a disgrace for democracy and the flag of the REPUBLIC of Liberland. They are part of the biggest problem that Liberland faces today. This problem is called Vit Jedlicka, the selfproclaimed president who doesn't defend his position. The power vacuum in which he operates is not the problem, the problem is that this man is unable to deliver on any on his promises. Just this year he left dozens of people behind, for example by selling them tickets to a boattrip that never happened, or a festival that never took place. 

Visitors of Liberland events are for this reason always newcomers, people who have seen the reality of Vit and talk with him for longer then 5 minutes understand that the man is unable to be a leader. He is too selfish, greedy and egoistic to ever build a community. We have given him sufficient time to change his way. Many people have been loyal to the flag of Liberland and did not speak out about Vit Jedlicka's misconduct, but as of this year we can no longer wait for change, because Vit is currently destroying Liberland faster then the rest of us can build it.

Please understand that this text is not shared widely, just the inner circle of Liberlanders, because we feel that everybody has the right to know the truth about Vit Jedlicka. Today, he is no longer trying to let people invest in Liberland, because that means it is visible howmuch money he takes from people. Instead of playing by his own rules he is now breaking them, for example by using the Liberland flag to take donations from random people on facebook.

Another way how Vit learned to funnel away money from Liberland is by offering shady investments that go outside of Liberland. I have personally been asked to invest in houseboats, to participate in timesharing the Liberland assets (no meritholder ever voted for the sell of our assets) or more recently an airport.

There are no plans to the investments of Vit, I wonder if any of those investments is really done, for example beginning of this year Liberland miraculously bought a restaurant Plava Ruza, but if you go there today, there is a different owner then Liberland. The money is gone however, misteriously disappeared and never spoken about again.

For Liberland insiders it is very clear that the power is abused for personal gain, but why shouldn't Vit be allowed to simply use the Liberland flag and idea to take money from dreamers? You are exactly right, he should be allowed to do so, live and live, right? That is why we are not going to tell the world about the sad reality of Vit Jedlicka, it would just destroy the Liberland story and it is in nobodies interest to go that way, but we do want to make clear that we will launch an alternative to his administration. Some competition is good for everybody, maybe Vit will finally start to deliver on the words he is promising to people.

One of the issues that takes seriously is the fact that untill today there has been no announcement on the creation of the market for Liberland Merit. If you look to youtube video's from 2015 you can see Vit talking about how the Liberland economy is booming, but untill today the dictator does not let it's citizens use their money. It goes against all the charactaristics of the freedom that Liberland claims to promote, and personally I can't understand how thousands of people accept millions of dollars to be locked by a dictator. 

Since october of 2018 it is possible to exchange Liberland Merit. Currently the token is trading against various tradingpairs on the exchange, the current value is somewhere between 20 and 50 cents per Merit, al lot cheaper then the 1$ that Vit Jedlicka is charging on his website. The reason why the administration of Liberland does not inform you about the free market is because they are depending on donations for their personal income. They don't want you to have the best deal, because it would mean they do not make money. You are not being told the truth, because the dreamers are the milking cows for the dictator, as long as they call him president and believe he will solve their problems he can cash in on it.

We will see how it goes, but this text is written to defend all supporters who simply want the Liberland project go forward.

We are facing tremendous challenges, please understand that the Liberland project still has chance of becoming reality, we wouldn't put this energy in if we wouldn't believe in it ourselves. What sees different from Vit is that we will spend our money close to Liberland and build a community. We need a massive amount of followers to move to this location, because only with real supporters nearby do we stand a chance to ever get access to our land. We need to create our own culture and habits to prove we are a different population. In the last 4 years the story of Vit Jedlicka hardly evolved and we believe this story is now told enough. If people want to hear Vit speak they can invite him to their event and cover the costs, but donations to Liberland should no longer be used to pay for the flamboyant lifestyle of one man.

It is time for Liberland to grow to the next level, we can't expect one man to build us a nation, unfortunately by keep on giving money to this one man it is what we expect him to do. When we launch we will start without any capital, this will make our mission more difficult and less strong. We will also not be able to create trust and confidence with Liberland investors if we can't honour the value of their Merits. is going to develop a harbour near Liberland. We would like to allow Meritholders to buy shares in this new company and we believe this will cause a massive boost in the morale of Liberlanders, which makes it more likely that they want to be part of our community. At this moment in time, the Liberland Merit holds no value, we will not be able to accept it as money. We are asking for donations to close the gaps, the total costs are expected to exeed 500.000$ or 50 BTC, the more BTC we manage to get together before the website starts, the more Merits we can accept. Please consider a donation to so our start will not look as shallow.

In the upcoming weeks we will release more information about our new initiative, please be patient, good things will happen.

Thank you for your participation in Liberland: 1GSwx5hwWavDnXUqXVx7bFvUem7wKewzEy