Liberland Press: Slovenia


Hello everybody, I'm very excited to be writing this article for Liberland press. It's the first job I am able to accept in many years, because I'm not payed in debt money like is manatory in my country of birth, the Netherlands, but instead I'm promised to be rewarded in Liberland Merits for my work. Well, let's make something clear from the start, I do not really care about my wage at all, since 2012 I have started to move my money into cryptocurrency. After asking my bank in 2013 if I could deposit bitcoins in my bankaccount, they descided they didn't want me as their customer anymore and closed all my accounts with them. This forced me to completely move all my funds in cryptocurrency and although it hasn't been always easy, 2017 has been a very fruitfull year for me that now gives me the chance to live my Liberland dream to the full and make me somewhat financial independant. I'm still very dependant on Bitcoin of course, if it will somehow stopt te exsist I will lose as good as all my money, but it is the risk I'm willing to take in my life.

I'm writing to you today from the Liberland office in Slovenia, where I'm currently staying while I'm moving ever closer to Liberland. The reason for me to go there is very simple, I don't feel like conforming to traditional norms and standards. Although most world citizens would count my country of birth as one that is very close to being Liberland itself, I feel terrible being part of that group of people, as I see them as a group of selfish beings, misusing the planet and all it's beauties for nothing more then their materialistic pleasure. I see a different way of life, which I can best describe as YOLO + YCLO = love + happiness squared. What this means is something I will try to explain in future articles, for now I want to tell you about my time in Slovenia. On first of Februari 2018 I called together some Liberland enthousiasts in Slovenia. Denis Pirc, who is representing Liberland in Slovenia, introduced me to his brother who has a most excellent Bed & Breakfast in Kamnik, a small Slovenian town, about 30 minutes north of the capital Ljubljiana. Before I really go to Liberland again, I want to clear myself from all the bad habits I have. The last 4 years I've done nothing but smoking mariuana and trading Bitcoins to e-Gulden EFL, this has caused my body to be quite weak at the moment and I want to improve my health and lifestyle before I am really going to Liberland again. Slovenia is perfect for it, nature has many beauties here and I believe it will make it more easy for me to not think about drugs for a while. Also, I live my life as a perpetual traveler since I last came to Liberland in 2015 (you can see me here on serbian TV, when I had a large take in setting up Liberland's first sport event and this means I'm allowed to stay in Serbia for 180 day's per year. I want those day's to be in summer time, so the other day's I have to spend in other countries. Toine Manders advised me this set-up, you can visit his website to find out more about my connection to the former chairman of the Dutch Libertarian Party or watch this youtube clip to find out more about him. 

So what's all this article about you might say? We'll the news is that we are going to organise a Liberland + Crytocurrency convention in Ljubljiana. Denis Pirc will represent Liberland and I will personally give a short introduction for dummies about cryptocurrency and hand out some e-Gulden EFL to everybody attending this meet up. I'm setting this up and made some budget for it with the help of e-Gulden EFL, as I hope people will start to see the possibillities I bring with e-Gulden EFL to Liberland and alway's like to talk about my passion of cryptomoney. There will be information in the local language that we will spread to everybody who is open-minded enough to accept our reality.