Are you hurt? Do you feel offended by my words? I'm sorry for hurting peoples feelings, but it's my way of communicating reality into somebodies belief system. I have stopped to care about the way how people experience my presence. I like people every day a little bit less, so if they dont like me it's a great benefit, atleast they are not going to bother me with nonsence. 

Yeah, sure, it's all great to hear what is going on in your life. Oh, you found out that covid is created because of a change in definition that took place in 2009? Amazing! What is that? 9/11 is impossible to have taken place according to the official statement from the US government and the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq did not really exist? Imagine what could have happened if the majority of people found a way to express their discontent with the narrative their terrorist organization called government presents to them.

Oh wait, there is a group of people that found a way, it's the freedom loving grass root community that loves Bitcoin. No, it's not any other coin then that one, Bitcoin. Only because of the persistence of a small group of people, that understand that the failed currency system that their government forces them to pay taxes with and gains it's strength through force and suppression doesn't stand a chance against a voluntary censorship resistant system, has it been possible to create an alternative reality next to the fiat debt system that controls mass media and has managed to hack humanity over the last couple of decades. I'm sorry to make this text so broad, but MK-Ultra has become a conspiracy fact, it just took a couple of decades for it to be confirmed.

People have no clue how much their life has been compromised, it is going to take everybody by surprise how much of their world depends on a small group of people that have managed to use pedophilia to control humanity. Oh, and a lot of violence ofcourse, predator drones, you don't want to miss it! Just drive from your family home to a local military base, switch on your headset and serve democracy before supper. 

I have lost my faith in society many years ago. It's strange in a way, because my sister is alive today because of a social healthcare system that has only been made possible because of extensive trust in a government. Accepting a personal loss for the community is an awesome feature of a community coin, maybe that's why the Dutch citizens are so appealed to saving their fiat in a pension fund. Regardless of all the profit that your average regime-change will generate, the term & conditions of Joe's average pensionsavings will include that his death will result in confiscation of the proceeds. If you manage to plan ahead of time and get married in a control system that links your sexuality to your belief system then your significant other is allowed to receive the money you have worked for until you die. and you know what the funny thing is? People actually CARE about that registration!

What a terrible way of appreciating eachother. You really want to tell me that if I want to give my child my money that you believe you own a part of it? How is it possible that you get to tell people who is a terrorist? Sure, I understand that the majority of people still get fooled by paper gold, but is it really that simple? Just make sure that some people get enough trust from that paper gold that they give up their children, so that you can exchange them for the trust of people that don't care about them? It's an incredible balance of which I feel it's real. I am born in the Netherlands and it's a rotten system. Nobody shares that opinion, because wherever I go and state I'm Dutch, all people wish they would have been born in my country. With such a comment I guess they are probably right, because they don't see the misery that such a system exports over the world. Hardly any Dutch person sees howmuch their lifestyle drains the planet. Call me some environment radicalist, but I know how the first 18 years of my life have progressed and I do not believe it's sustainable over the long run.

Because some people care about it I would like to apologize to all people I have included in my life. Let's put e-Gulden EFL up front, because it's the biggest impact that any other can have on my personal situation. Yes, e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands-people, I know, You don't want your hobby to have a political impact, if only everybody would be able to develop their own wallet app that saves their payment partners' address so you would be able to retire. Second, Liberland, I'm really sorry that I keep on spreading my reality into your initiative. If only your self proclaimed leader would allow freedom to exist, then I wouldn't have to point out that your believe in security is only a form of laziness that sees it's origin in the privilege's you have aquired in a slave-system of monetairy apartheid, violence, exclusion and suppression. Third, any person that has shared intimate moments with me. I'm sorry that the moment has not been about us and that I have not been able to really let go and believe. 

I constantly feel like I'm too much for everybody, I try to make it easy on them to think I'm too much. We do not have time forever, the invention of Bitcoin has made a different control system possible that at some point will be used to destroy creativity, freedom, love, humanity. I can't say my intentions are pure, but I do believe they are more pure then average. In the end it's about how people implement my information into their lives. It hurts me if people force my information to not exist, but that pain comes from the confirmation that my feelings were right and that the people I care about got hurt from not listening. Please understand that in many of these situations, the people do not accept their pain and double down on their believes, which only creates a bigger disbalance and creates more pain over the long run.

Thanks for taking time to read my text. I just got home after another terrible night in which I wish I did not exist. I am writing and streaming only for my own wellbeing. I need to explain to myself that my believe is just and not radical. I am a moderate being that just wishes to live a peaceful life. I do not wish to change your life, I only like to explain myself so that you don't think I am the crazy one. YOur SHIldren LIVe On and YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² does not have to appeal to everybody, in fact, with the use of modern technology it is possible for a very small group of people to create a huge impact into the world.