In August, Liberland celebrated another FloatingMan festival. Being persona non grata, I was not allowed to enter the "most free community" of the planet. I think you can already guess, but that small group of people is probably one of the least free communities I know. By creating a totalitarian control system, they believe it will open the way into building their nation, unfortunately, it would most likely become the least free nation that has ever existed on our planet.

After 7 years of scamming people, there was hardly any visitor at the Liberland festival this year. Some new faces enjoyed the lies that were told, but anybody that already knows about the story of Liberland is aware that it's leader is just a greedy child without the intention of building a nation. That is probably the reason why, after 7 years, Liberland this year resorted back to the tactic of getting people arrested on the soil. Luckily for the project, there was nobody around this year that had the same kind of courage I had a couple of years ago. Some youtuber wanted to get arrested, but chickened out last minute when he saw that the police was waiting on him. I think any Liberland lover can be happy that the leadership of Liberland had yet another epic failure, because these people in charge of Liberland are trying to set up a situation where they can blame somebody else for their failures. Provoking the neighboring countries of Liberland is a perfect way to do so, because after years of theft and scams, the project is still very weak and in no way able to stand against real government obstruction.

It's a sad reality to see how a great opportunity of becoming more free now leads towards a situation where donators money is used to buy time on the WEF convention in Davos, a couple of tens of thousands of dollars where payed to Klaus Schwab in order for the leadership of Liberland to tell them the same story that is on repeat since the start. Previous Liberland money is treated like it doesn't exist and all help that is offered is used to build a totalitarian control system the world has never seen before. It's funny how people get corrupted over time. I don't think the leadership of Liberland would have believed it if you would have told them 7 years ago they would build the most oppressing control system humanity has ever seen.

The solution is simple, a different leadership is needed. It's quite logic your project will fail if you let a big child control your every move. I noticed quite soon that little should be expected from a group that has trouble organizing a festival, how can you expect such people to run a country? Unfortunately the dreamers that pay for the hobbies of the lucky few are unable to organize themselves and that's how it's been possible that after 7 years and a couple million dollars later, Liberland has not much more to show for then a burned down boat and a festival that attracts a hand full of people. It's quite logic nobody stays around for longer and leaves even before the festival ended, because there is no humanity in the current leadership and as soon as you have made your donation, they will try everything to bully you until you simply walk away. My experience of Liberland so far can best be discribed with the help of a chess game. After putting Liberland checkmate, the leadership will turn to the dreamers that follow them and scream: "We won, let's go to the next match!" All those ignorant fools that believe in the lies follow blindly and most opponants will get agitated and walk away from the playing board and that is the moment when Liberland wins! All you need to do is be patient until the dreamers wake up from the lies that are presented to them to see the board for themselves. Yes, your beloved leader really was put check mate and he lied to you all about that outcome. I wonder for how much longer people are going to allow such a fool to lie to them and I wish I would be able to bring an alternative reality to help them out and not destroy their dreams.

Instead of building a wall to protect your future Libertarian Epstein Island for the elites, we need to demolish every existing wall out there. Not focus on a couple of priviledged autistic Libertarians without any life experience, siply because it's easy to scam such sissies out of their money, but to include all citizens of this world and educate them about the slave system they grew up in. Make them understand that their obedience towards the pedoclub is not a virtue and that identifying as Liberlander to your local government, with the statement you no longer pay taxes to them for the unwillingness to aid a terrorist organization, is the only viable option that is left to fight against the totalitarian control system that is upon us.

I'm Liberlander Yoshi Livo and my preferrend money is Bitcoin of the Netherland, e-Gulden EFL. I believe I have set up all that is needed to launch that alternative reality. The current Liberland leadership is so afraid of what I have to offer, that I am censored now for years in any group and removed from any Liberland event that is organized. I am waiting for more then 2 years to be able to defend myself against the lies of the egoistic child without leadership qualities and will patiently wait for my turn to show the beautiful checkmate I played on the board. That turn will never be given by the current leadership, as shown by their childish provocation during the last festival, that takes us back 7 years in time and shows to me that those people are looking for a way out without getting exposed. The way how I can bring my story to the masses is simple, people need to support this message by buying e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands. Once the psychological barrier of 1 euro per EFL is broken, the Dutch herd mentality will reward all those that dare to support me, but that is a reality nobody dares to believe in today. That's fine for me, people don't have to believe me, but all I want to say in my defense is that it's happening like that for over 10 years now and those people that want to see me as the bad guy and fight my vision of the future are just digging themselves into an ever growing hole that they can't get out of. 

Who would you want Liberland to exist if you are a socialist? It's very simple, look at the world around you. Howmany more people have to starve to death or get killed in a war for you to realize you are losing karma points on your belief? It is time we take distance from the status quo and exposing the lies of Liberland is a great first step into showing how easy it is for goverments to get corrupted and turn against the people they claim to help.