Moving on


Hi readers, let's write something new here, because in 2 weeks a lot of things happened. Not only have I pimped my car with the most awesome Liberland and e-Gulden stickers, but I've also organised a blockchain & Liberland event in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana and on top enjoyed the beauties that Slovenia has to offer, or well, all accept one maybe.

Let me first speak out that Slovenia is an absolute beauty of a country. I used to celebrate carnaval in the Netherlands with my band during winter time. It always was a lot of fun, untill I started to get involved in Bitcoin and I became so obsessed with it that even during partytime I couldn't talk about anything else. This alway's caused for discussion in the wrong place at the wrong time and got to a level that I couldn't really participate in the social life of that world. Never before however have I really visited countries with mountains, let alone seen piles of snow that are higher then me. Next to all the work, I've most of all enjoyed my time here, even tried ski-biking, because I might not be willing to risk skiing itself, but as a born Dutch I feel quite comfortable on any kind of bike, atleast comfortable enough to try ski-biking!

Besides having fun and enjoying my time, I can't help it to always try and make or do something when I'm around. As written in one of my earlier blogs, I do not believe in weekend, for me you just work and produce things when the time is right, or when it is needed to do things. First there was the car. It is the most comfortable car I've ever owned, although it is not on my name. Not only do I have electric windows, even the seats have heating it. There is nothing more comfortable then driving around a hot seat, while snow is falling all around you, especially when you do not need to drive yourself! Untill this moment in time, Honza and me where quite innocent, with that I mean, we acted like tourists, looked like tourists, besically, we where tourists. Since a week however this has changed drastically with the new look on our car. Liberland Comics really likes to follow our trip and make episodes about it and Honza and me ofcourse like to be the inspiration for those stories. With the help of Liberland Comics ( Liberland Italia ( we have designed a new exterior for our car and I'm really please with the final results! These stickers are now on my car, you can see the result on my facebook timeline, also a reference to my blog is made, and next to that a couple of thousand Liberland and e-Gulden stickers to promote these projects wherever we go and to conclude a new car radio has been put in the car, pioneer ofcourse, as can be expected from pioneers.

Next to some visual promotion, I also set a conference in motion. I wrote about it in one of my previous stories and last thursday this meet-up was organised, mostly with the help of Liberland Slovenia ( they where very eager to work with me, setting up a conference room in the chambre of commerce and promoting the event to local media which resulted in more then one nice article:

Ofcourse journalists still feel the need in telling you that Yoshi is not a real name and use the word Utopia to describe Liberland, but let me remind everybody once again that utopia is when babyboomers believe their pensionfunds are going to pay them in full and Yoshi Livo is chatting with many people every day. Nevertheless it is more then awesome people take time to write about us, because it is a great recognition and I'm very greatfull for the energy put in articles like these. 

After the event I was offered my first job in an ICO startup. I have received my first whitepaper to go over and descide if I want to give my name to this new company to be. I won't go into details as I've not had the time to investigate myself, but I can only say I'm very excited about it. Yoshi Livo, advisor on the board of a new to be founded cryptotech company, imagine that! I made very clear during my speach that I'm not the brightest mind in the room, and for somebody that lives from bitcoin my computerskills are horrible, but I was assured I was offered this position because of my experience with cryptos and because of my free mind as an out-of-the-box thinker, I can't think of a bigger compliment.

But now, after all this is set and done, it is time to move on, ohh wait, I still have to tell you about the beauty I missed. Well, you know, I still hope to meet this one special woman one day. I'm swiping myself blisters on Tinder and sometimes start a conversation with someone there, but unfortunately when I'm asked how I pay for my life and tell the honoust truth about Bitcoin, my matches disappear as snow before the sun. If they do manage to hold on, it is usually Liberland that removes all interest in me and if that doesn't do the trick I tell about the movies I upload on my youtube channel: or my blog that I write. It wakes dating for me allmost impossible, but well, who cares right? Plenty of fish out there and I'm sure one of them will like me just the way I am. I just have to travel a bit more to meet her and hopefully be fortunate enough to make YCLO go into MCLO one day in the future.

Next up is Romania, where I hope to meet the people behind Liberland office Romania and set up meet-up similar to the one in Ljubljana, where I've also handed out e-Gulden EFL to all the participants of the event, the good thing about Liberlandians is they accept today's reality where everything is possible and don't complain as much as the Dutch that I left behind, but instead try to change the situation to one they are happy with by working hard and sometimes making some sacrifice to get there. To end today's story I wish you all a lot of fun with my speach of last thursday. Enjoy, and by any means, comment if you got some feedback to share with me!