New year wish.


Hello there, at the end of year 2022.

Some things happened recently that made me decide to write a new year wish, but before I start it I would like to let you know that from my location, 20 miles out of Liberland, new year is celebrated twice, and their days are a couple weeks apart. They also worship family different saints almost weekly and each saint has its own history and meaning. Those family saints are passed on at marriage via the male character of the family and December just so happens to be the month that the saint of Nikolas is celebrated, which is by far the most popular saint that might find sound familiar to some in my country of birth Netherlands. The two worlds are both very different, but yet, the distance between them is around 1700KM and I managed to cover that distance in the course of a single day. multiple times in my life. Interesting things these subjects of time and distance and what a different reality it can be sometimes, even if only 1 is different.

History was made this week, and while history is made every single day that passes, the history of this week directly involves this webpage and everything related, like the stream on twitch and my activity to make efforts to try and explain my experiences on this planet. Just before the government holiday, Dutch parliament voted in favor of a new law this week. The frontpage of this website is written in Dutch, but summarized it says . "The largest theft in history is taking place right now". Pensionsavings of Dutch citizens are amongst the largest of the planet and with this new law all gates are open to start the plunder. 

Around 10 years ago my journey started after I had a fight at one of my neighbors. One of the retired old people in the room said all Dutch girls where sluts to those soldiers that freed the town of Nazi oppression in 1944, at the end of the second world war. My grandmother had her first child with a Polish soldier and I didn't accept him talking about my grandmother like that, so I pushed him into his chair after which some ofter guy punched me full in my face. Sure, all Dutch girls were sluts, but what if you are 19 years old and lived under oppression for most of your teenage years, it is just your time to enjoy your sexuality and projecting that experience in such a negative way is something I will speak out against. It wasn't the first time that somebody punched me in the face, but atleast this time I was stronger then the guy that hit me, so there was not a lot of consequence for me. What did happen was that this punch started something in me, for example I started a local economic trading system that I based on time, called tBrabantsKWARTIERTJE. There was a lot of explanation on that old webpage and I printed everything I wrote and after 2 weeks presented this to my neighbors place. I wanted to show them that their so called decency was build on the fake money they accepted as real. The debt currency that they mistakenly presume to be money affects so much in todays world and it makes me sad every time I think of how far away humanity has drifted from his core. For 10 years I have tried to show my different values but after 10 years I have come to realize that my different values are simply not the values of others.

About 10 days ago a girl invited me to a local nightclub, local being 20 miles out of Liberland. There are not so many nightclubs around, so when I got there, I knew some people. I was allowed to pay for entry and to pay for drinks with e-Gulden EFL, because in the couple years that I live here, I gave away enough drinks to people that they know there is some value in some what I do. Also, before I am able to spend crypto in a bar like that it takes a lot of my time to explain people about money and get them to accept crypto money in form of payment. The first time costs me a lot of effort to get people to that level of accepting a new form of payment. I was having a nice time with that lady when I received a punch in my face. Some simple minded Serb that got brainwashed with the Kosovo narrative a bit too much and was jealous that some English speaking guy was having a good time with a Serbian woman. Unfortunately for me, the guy was about double my weight so when I asked him if he believes he is so tough for picking at somebody double his size, he decided to show exactly how much pride there is to be a Kosovo loving Serb. With full force he took a hit at my face which resulted in my not being able to eat solid food for over a week. It's 10 days ago now and I easily lost 5 kg of my weight and I still have trouble opening my mouth. 

In a way i should be glad the universe sends my such strong messages and in the past 10 days I had a lot of time to rethink my ideas. After I was knocked down to the ground was maybe the most interesting experience of the evening, because that nightclub didn't want police to get involved and started to say I fell down by myself and nothing happened. As readers of this blogwebsite will know, I do not really believe that courts speak justice, instead, the universe itself will solve injustices. Just like the fight was something I have to experience in my journey, so was it for the person that hit me. I can only imagine how much trouble must have happened to such a person to justify his own behavior to himself. Imagine building your muscle but not having the ability to control your own emotions because you got brainwashed by the fake money narrative. Interestingly enough, a couple of days before the event occurred, a friend of me warned me. He had a feeling something bad was going to happen because Liberland wanted to see me hurt. Whatever is the reason behind the mindless act of punching somebody in he face, if you believe such actions are not tolerated by society you are very wrong. For the time being society prefers to extort their fellow citizens with that fake money, collecting taxes, for example on the sale of one beer, on behalf of a government they don't want to have around when jealous machos are unable to control themselves. Just like the nightclub chose the easy way by backing up their aggressive countryman, the same goes for society at large when people participate in the war on  the current thing rhetoric, which can be the war on terrorism, war on covid, war on drugs or the war for Kosovo for that matter. 

I can be glad that things happened like they did and that just a couple of weeks of bedtime will solve my problems. I got time in abundance anyway and because of this experience I now had the time to rethink my options. Here I am, Yoshi Livo, 20 miles out of Liberland. Not willing to participate in traditional society because traditional society is a made up imagination that must be held into place with a great deal of violence. For all those that scrutinize bitcoin for being energy inefficient, please take into account the endless wars that need to be fought to keep your debt based currency at the top. I am not willing to fit into a group of brainwashed people that are not able to understand their own emotions and 10 years ago, when I really thought there would be more people with those kind of values, I really believed that with cryptomoney and the internet we would be able to show a different society is possible and get people on board with a different way of living. After 10 years of trying I can only conclude that I was very wrong about that assumption and people, for whatever reason they come up with for themselves, prefer the old powerstructure over something new. Well, new, lets just say that for most people it would be like something new, but in reality it just goes back a bit in time before paper reality took over the globe.

 These days, and for the days that are in front of us, the direction of our society is very clear, we move more and more towards a reality that is dominated by a paper reality. A paper reality meaning that society is more and more dictated from a central authority that decide on paper what is real and what is not. This central authority will dictate the borders of your country and within those border those central powers can make up the most hilarious lies and force them into your reality. For example when the covid flu is hyped, you are not allowed to visit people, or travel, or even work if you don't follow the paper guidelines those people in control have decided for you. The invention of crypto money will make it even more easy for those people in power to control your life, but yet, the majority of people is unaware of what is happening and the small people that do pay attention are unable to work together efficiently which results in the situation only getting worse.

With the punch I received recently I feel like my period of making attemps has come to an end. It started with a bang, so now let it go out with a bang also. People should be happy somebody is stupid enough to show his face in the first place, because a smart crypto hodler will not let anybody know he has a couple of coins. Instead of understanding that representation costs some money, in the form of a meeting, developing some information point, or maybe even opening a shop people can go to for support, time and time again my effort to bring together some funds is projected as begging. Just like the protest in Amsterdam of a decade ago it doesn't matter howmuch dishes I clean, howmany drinks I hand out to others, howmany cryptocoins I hand out, as soon as the decision-making moment is there, people will drop me like a rock. It happened to many so many times before and I guess I should be glad with the limited pain it has actually cause me to experience over the years.

I'm glad to be back today, although in the last couple of days I wished a couple times that I would have died from that punch, right then and there in that nightclub, but I guess my journey and experience on this planet is not ment to be over yet. Just to recap, I will leave the original offer on Atomic dex, where 250.000 EFL are offered for 2.5 BTC, open until the Bitcoin birthday on 3rd of Januari. This is a bit longer then I said before, but we all know how blockchain can be slow sometimes so those extra couple days dont matter to me so much if it generates me that extra bit of security. If the offer fills then I will take up the story as promised and I will hand out close to a million EFL to a variety of pre selected initiatives, just like I will use the funds to increase liquidity to the EFL market and by doing so, attracting more friends of EFL that want to start to play in the markets. A shoutout goes out to DEM coin, one of the coins mentioned at the communitycoin website, for creating a end of year relief rally. Regardless of how small the effort, when the price moves from 2 to 12, it will take that market almost a week to stabilize on a new price level and shows to bystanders that some people believe the future value will be higher then todays manipulated lows. This is the time to profit from the efforts of large institutions to create themselves a beneficial balance sheet on the first of Januari. 

To be fair, I dont actually believe that my current effort will change the outcome of my offer. Just like it has been in the past 10 years, the only people that will participate in my proposals are the ones that are looking for a quick buck without too much risk. I blame nothing but myself for failing my attempts, but at the same time, this is a subject that goes into everybodies interest and it really is a shame to see how passionate people can be about their wish for you to fail and how easy people will let you fall as soon as they are presented with the opportunity. There is so much work yet to be done, but instead of making a start to it, we let ourselves get manipulated into working against each other. Regardless of how many punches I will have to endure, I will not change my way of revolting against what I see as a broken society. If you want to support the overaggressive machos in nightclubs, or the corrupted pedoticians that decide when and if you are allowed to visit your family members, go ahead, because this planet is as much from you as it is from me, but don't expect me to change my beliefs because I'm only willing to do so if you show me examples and proof and so far, the examples and proof that I got shown only shows how much I have been right all along and how broken society really is. I started a business here near Liberland, but with the recent events I think I'm going to close it. It is clear people don't support me in achieving my goals, so I would be stupid to keep on trying to work in their interest, while all I get in return are some insults and fishpunches.

I hope that one day, I will feel different about society then I feel about it today. I have allowed myself to be so stressed about the future way of living that I sacrificed my own joy and happiness of living. I have talked about it on this website many times in the past and it still holds true today. In the event that somebody buys my EFL's, I will build a local network of merchants and start a movement that shows exactly howmuch fun it can be to not participate in the mindset of the current thing, but if that doesnt happen I will hold on to my own beliefs and just stop to try to explain myself to others. I hope that one day the world will make me happy enough to start my own family one day. I already know howmuch I would like to start a family with miss Radovanovic, but I love this girl so much that I know that it is better for her to not be with me today, as I am only able to cause chaos these days. I don't enjoy my own life, so how can I be enjoyable to others? I hope that for the new year time will favor me in showing that I do have something great to offer and that it is actually much more fun in my way then what you have experienced until now. I trust in her judgement to feel that moment, and accept her decision, also if it means I am wrong. I stand by every decision I have made in my life so far and am confident that I can maintain my beliefs in the future, regardless of how much sad violence will come my way, I will not give in to participating with a sick and twisted society.

You are all wrong, with your wars, fake money and corrupted science. Go ahead and put your children into debt for your convenience, or shoot some people over fake reasons so you can get to your cheap resources that are needed to provide for your selfish needs. I want to show the world exactly how wrong they are, but without people on my side I will accept that somebody else is going to explain that story. I am currently offering to take a loss of 1 million EFL to get this story off the ground, but it is clearly not enough, shown by all the hate I experience. Keep on looking away to the truth and keep on lying to yourself about values and accomplishments, then I will do the same and time will tell us who has been right. Today I might look as the loser, but deep inside I know that all my actions have been the right one to take. I have probably made my journey too difficult for myself to be able to accomplish it, for example by to accepting any form of banking in my life. How much easier it would have been to show people the fun of my story if I could, for example, accept money more easily then just with a trade on atomic dex, but I am glad that I do not run some crowdfund campaign, it just gives me a better feeling and that is all that matters to me. This story is not convenient and if you want to get involved you need to get somewhat out of your way and make a sacrifice, something that people are not willing to do, as is shown over he course of the last decade. 

See you at maybe some future stream and best wishes for 2023, even when you are a jealous macho that can't control his temper because fake news media brainwashed you that people who speak English support Kosovo and therefore it is justified to put all your weight and effort into hitting some guy half your bodweight, I am sorry your life experience made you believe you made an honorable decision, but it's probably because the people around you suffer from the same trauma and justify your behavior.

Lot's of Yoshi Love from near Liberland,

Your children livo on.