Here we go people, this could be the breakthrough that the stream needs to get some extra attention. These day's censorship has risen to a level where speaking the truth can be seen as an act of rebellion, so 9=11 might just be the day where people might pick up on my clownish version of reality. In the end, the biggest joke of most of our lifetimes used to be the official narrative of what happened that day. Not that anybody cared at that time, the internet wasn't as widely used as today and information was much more difficult to acquire then in todays time. Information about a couple billion of US government spending abroad for example. Rumsfeld announced it one day early of the event we remember 20 years later, but I'm sure it's just a coincidence. 

Did you know that top level diplomats of Dutch origin are unaware that 3 towers collapsed about 20 years ago in New York? I mean, they are probably too busy to watch back what happened, but the freefall of tower 7 combined with the official story that the building went up in flames just didn't add up for me. It was the start of a long lasting journey that rewarded me because of the creation of Bitcoin. Imagine how difficult it must have been for a David Icke to propagate his view on the world. When he started, the internet hardly existed. It's only because of the internet that any of this what I'm doing is possible today, sometimes I wonder how it's possible that we still have access to it. 

As a Dutch born, you can see a lot of the timeline with the crown of the nation. After the second world war, the Dutch royal family has managed to build an empire that served it's citizens well. They got them to buy the family product, which is oil. Not just to drive back and forward to their job, but even their medicine where made from it. Like stated in previous texts, the people where not aware of the reality, because they received only information that confirmed their narrative of having to pay taxes so the world would become even more beautiful. I do believe in good intentions, but at what point do you start to accept that because of the money system of the last couple of decades, many things happened that where not what they seemed to be. 9/11 is such an event, I propose to call it 9=11 from this day forward, as a reference to George Orwell's 1984 where 4=5.

From the passports of the perpetrators to the missing debris at the point of collision and from the steel beams that don't melt from jet fuel to the killing of witnesses that memorized our day slightly different, none of this story seems to add up. Not the freefall and not the failure to respond. The tests about highjacked airplanes that ran that day are nothing but coincidence, but that is the second time that I use this word in 1 text, so I'll better add up the massive poppy harvest that is the basic ingredient of heroin and the lithium mines that are worth many Tesla cars that the country of Afghanistan is rich. I saw this great short video of a former Afghan minister that now works as a pizza delivery biker in Germany. He might drive around for bitcoin, the color of his bag certainly made me think that it's possible, but I mention it because it's great to see somebody that refused to participate with the corruption do well.

You are not allowed to take a water bottle on an airplane today, thanks to 9=11 of 20 years ago. I can only imagine what plans are already made to be implemented in the future. With everything that is going on these day's I would like to point out that president Biden of the USA has today announced that all his federal employees are required to participate in a medical experiment. Since 2020, but not yet for a full year, I wear a davidstar on some of my profile pictures. I call it a vaccine star, to help people memorize about times when freedom was taken away. It say's "unvaccinated" and you can't believe the horrible reactions it triggers from people. With todays announcement I seem to have made my point once again. We already saw France and the UK & Australia before and most likely the Netherlands will soon follow suit. I'm still not sure if all these laws are actually in place, or just intimidation. Some people say that none of the law's are actually signed into place, meaning they are just drafts with mandates, but no actual laws. Some also say that the Dutch parliament's decisions are unlawful since this summer, because some voters voted illegally, but then again, I know people who count back over 80 years to start their new government, what matters is that we live today and our shared reality is heavily influenced by all those places that make us wear a mask.

I don't know how many of these masked places you still visit per year, but I've managed to bring mine back by a lot. I'm still far away from achieving the dream though, but with texts like these and a little reference to the market of EFL, you never know... You are as always more then welcome to visit the streams on Twitch and you can try to win some cryptomoney, or join the Telegram chat and tell s your thoughts! and ow, did I already mention that I give away millions of these tokens and will run a special 911 EFL give-away toworrow? <3