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Hi everybody, 

I published an article yesterday, in Dutch. Reason was the coverage that EFL received on a dutch economic webpage called We are highlighted there for a small week now, which means at least a couple of thousand views, probably more then 10.000. The article itself is very negative about our coin, but that can be expected from this webpage. They still call bitcoin a form of piramid fraud and today for example they write an article about the rising of rent in the Netherlands. I always have to lauch about that kind of propaganda, you see, in my opinion everybody who voluntarily signs a contract should keep it. The voluntary aspect is very important here, because ofcourse, our passport is also a form of contract, but one that has not been voluntary and therefore not legal. But in case of renting a house everybody in the Netherlands knows that once per year the one who rents out the house will raise the rent, usually around 3%. Every year around this time we hear the same song about how criminal it all is, because that house is still the same house and the wages of people did not rise with the same amount and bla, bl, bla. 

Well everybody, let me tell you a secret, your rent price did not really go up, but instead your euro went down. This process is called inflation and is part of the largest theft in human history, which allows a very small group of people to gain a benefit over the majority. I myself call this process monetairy apartheid. Maybe it is a strong expression, but you have to take into account that this is a battle of David versus Goliath. For ceveral centuries we are being brainwashed by mass media. They know every flaw in the human brain and exploit it to the full. They know exactly how to manipulate the opinion of the masses, just look at how we have been fooled into a war with Iraq, or more recently another claim of use of chemical weapons by the President of Syria. 

We are being fooled over and over by outlets like With words like "International Community" we are let to believe that the entire world constantly unanimously agrees with our newsoutlets, the truth however, is that Russia and China often have a slightly different, or completely different, stance on the matter, but this worldview is never clearly talked about, as if it doesn't excist. With the words monetairy apartheid or debtslaves I simply try to counter such words like International Community or terrorists. Maybe I shouldn't write in such a strong fashion, because it often causes disturbance with the people, but again, I'm just a one man show so far and I'm just trying to break to that wall of ignorance that has been build carefully for decades now.

The Dutch are really good in complaining, it has to be said, but in my opinion the reason for complaints are so selfish that they have become rediculous to listen to. Higher rents are one example, another great example is the eviction from their homes people experience when they don't pay their mortgage. Again an example of a voluntary signed contract that is simply being executed according to it's conditions. I'm very sorry for middle aged Dutch people who lose their house after they lose their job, but in the end, you have been getting tax reductions for your entire life and didn't want to pay back that debt, which now causes houseprices in the Netherlands to have grown to such a level that the next generation is basically expluded from buying houses. I can't really feel sorry for you, try to go to Budapest for a weekend and have a look in the subway there to understand how privilaged your life has been.

Another great example of how deluded we are is the Islam issue that a lot of people have. Devide and conquer is the best way how to keep your power, because as soon as human kind will work together we will break the current powers that be. Because of the interest aspect of our debt, there is a constant shortage on money. Inflation makes our currency lose value every day and to make up for that loss, pensionfunds are in a constant search of making profit, no matter at what cost. That is why we need to make up a story once in a while. About weapons of mass destruction, or chemical weapons for example. Or give weapons to some people that we later call our enemy. Every bullit shot is a profit, it is that easy. In the last 17 years, or more then half of my life, we have been bombing hospitals, wedding parties, schools, and occasionally some military base in the middle east. The humans that lives their are fleeing from their homes, they simply don't have a choise, staying often means to die. Also take into account that western world have been robbing the world of their wealth. Not just gold or oil, but a little bit more in history the population itself was subject to our need of profit. I'm not blaming the past for taking advantage of warlords to sign a contract that is in great benefit for one, but harms the majority of people, but can we really blame people that live today for trying to climb the ladder? If your village would have to share it's waterpump with the one 20 miles away, would you stay, or try to move to a better location? 

In my opinion it has all beeen carefully planned. We need to be scared of one another and should look no further then our own street, becasue if we would see the big picture it would be game over. That is why we are all pointed to Facebook when it comes to our privacy, but this again is a voluntary contract. In my opinion the secret services of this world, NSA or in Netherland AIVD, are a much bigger threath for our privacy. They have backdoors build into windows and can have a look at basically every webcam that is connected to the internet at all times, based on a contract that nobody has ever signed, but was simply forced upon them.

Ok, where is this story going? I believe that the internet will cause a massive change in our consiousness. The truth can no longer be patented, but demographics make a new genaration have to wait for this paradigm shift. Over half of the Dutch population is over 40 years old, this means they have worked more then half of their lives for this old system of debt and surpression. Therefore, they currently hold the power and their personal interest is deifferent then that of the world. They like their position on the right side of the debt equasion. Unfortunately for them, economic reality is catching up on them. Their pensionfunds are losing it from new moneysystem which are based on deflation. Putting those two systems next to eachother simply will have a catastrophic effect on the buying power of their savings. I'm trying to warn them, ever since I understood Bitcoin, back in 2012 when price was just 10 euro. Be carefull about this new invention, because it will fade away everything you ever thought was reality. Your euro is the piramid scheme, bitcoin is just a way of exposing it. Yes, Bitcoin will make a huge number of casualties, but not in the form of people who iinvest in it, but in the form of people who refuse to do so. That last group will lose in the long run, ofcourse economy isn't sience and that's why I can keep on repeating this prediction, but only time will tell.

Since I started to invest in bitcoin, it's price rose from 10 euro to 20.000 euro. This one day where bitcoin hit that all time high price was exactly that, one day out of 9 years of it's exsistance. The average debtslave however, will tell you that bitcoin has crashed more then 50% and that people who invest in it must be losing money, not taking into account that 1 year ago the price of bitcoin was a fraction of what it is today.

Ahh well anyway, this story is getting too long. I want to thank DasKapital for their coverage of our coin, because it gave me enough motivation to write down this story. I'm now just going to wait patiently on what will happen next. First, let's see what this documentary will do on 10th of may, tomorrow, because maybe it can create a spark with the people and they might finally start to understand this message. I wish all of you happy day's and thank you all for reading another one of my epistles. Let me end with pointing you to our EFL market on bittrex and state that for a country with a GDP of 200 billion euro per year and pensionsavings of several billions, a market cap of under 5 million is highly undervalued in my opinion and you have about 24 hours before I will tell that to about 500000 dutch tv viewers on Dutch tv, good luck!