Hi all, so many things have happened, it's difficult to think of where to start. Let's just start writing and see where it brings me. 

In my last blogpost I wrote about my doubts, if I'm good enough to live up to my own expectations. After the Liberland celebration in the weekend of 13th april I can't say I've come closer to an answer, because I don't know if I want to live up to those expectations any longer. 

So far I've been the polite, kind boy who (thinks he) helps out in any way possible, not taking his own wellbeing into account. A perfect example of such a situation happend in that weekend of 13th april. You see, on april 14th I attended a D10e conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. I tried to have a presentation on that stage and if I would have been more assertive it would have happened.  Only because I am too polite did I wait on the sideline untill I was called on stage at the very last moment, only because I've promised to pawn 1 Million EFL with Liberland. This moment was only to say hi to everybody and to make sure I would commit myself to my promise on stage, but not to present them the story of Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live On as an extra layer on top of You Only Live Once, and showing my potential for Liberland in the form of EFL, in my eyes still one of the most undervalued coins out there. My minute on stage did not stay unnoticed though, I was there for 2 minutes max and then this happened: 

I'm not upset at all about what happened at this event, because it made me realise something important. It made me realise that I should think about myself in a much more respectfull way. I'm not some joker that will perform a trick when it is convenient to others. I'm Yoshi Livo who makes civil disobedience into a form of art, with a very serious message about how our sences are being fooled on a daily basis by mainstream media to let us think we need to enjoy the world to shit with overconsumption, just for our own egoistic pleasure. Don't get me wrong, everybody can have fun, but our current monetairy system of endless debt does not care about the restrictions our planet has. We can't produce more ivory if we print extra cash, to name just one example of how we are depleting our resources. 

Untill today I've seen myself as a pawn, handy to sacrafice for a better position or a tactical play. I know my message will stay the same, but a pawn has this option that no other piece on the chessboard has, it can be promoted and gain more respect. In order for that to happen it needs to travel all across the chessboard, dodge all kind of hazards and yes, maybe be lucky that the opponent might undervalue his presence and not take the pawn out when he has the chance. But if this pawn makes it all the way across it will evolve in the most powerfull piece on the board and change the outcome of that chessgame. I used to feel as if I've traveled a long way and am in the position where promotion is in sight, but by now I got it, this promotion has already taken place with the creation of Yoshi Livo, I just need to look in the mirror to convince myself I'm not a pawn anymore and start to act like the promoted piece I've become. This means I should demand respect at the right time. I hope I will never become a narcisitic piece of shit that does not care about others, but I should definately take care of the way how I present myself to others.

Well, I've got about 2 weeks to figure out how I'm going to do that, but maybe I already took care of it. You see, I've been staying in Serbia for allmost 2 months now and in that time I met this lovely lady who is just crazy enough to tolerate me. I might just have found the perfect way how to spend my energy on something different then crypto, If I can find a better way to spend my time it becomes more valuable by itself. I really like the position I have today. No obligations and free to do what I want, nobody I have to take into account, sometimes I think I'm crazy for chasing my goals and give up all that freedom. Just cash it out and live a peacefull life somewhere, but I know that when EFL or Liberland will become a success I already made too much history to be able to stay hidden forever and I can be honoust to myself, I know I will like to get recognition for my ideas and I will love talking about Satoshism, Satoshischool, Liberland or YCLO for the rest of my life. 

This is an evolving story so time will tell what will happen next, if this documentary that will be shown on dutch national tv, channel2 on 10th of may will make the difference for example. For now I enjoy life to the full. For the first time in a long time I can be happy about who I've become and it feels great, let these next two weeks last forever, I won't complain.