Petro Wealth


After the 9=11 special, we are now building our story towards the Dutch "State of the Union" which will be read out by the king of the Netherland on Tuesday 21st September. What am I thinking to talk about the petro dollar system as uneducated clown? Well, I grew up on the receiving end of that game for the first half of my life, so that gives me some kind of experience. If you didn't subscribe to the stream yet, you are more then welcome to do so, it's free of  charge and there you can tell me your opinion during one of the liveshows. You can also join the Telegram chat and tell your opinion there, please be reminded that the following text is just my way of looking at the world. With that being said, let's kick it off.

If the oil business is your main form of income and you have been part of NATO, then the past couple of decades have been serving you well. Do you know that story of a farm with 100m2? Instead of putting 100 cows on 1m2 each, you exploit only 50 cows and give them 2m per cow. The reason why you would do that, is because if you double the cows freedom, the milkproduction of the cow will go up more then 100%. This means you will have more milk from less cows if you give them the illusion of freedom. 

After the second world war, nations like the Netherlands combined forces in a new masterplan for the world. By dominating the oil market, there was basically only one problem, how to sell as much oil as possible? Well, it was quite simple, just allow people a relative free life and let the use of oil be of everybody's benefit. If you tax the use of this oil heavily, you can basically give away almost free money, because most of it will return to you when the people spend it. Almost free money is not free money by the way, you still need to do something for it.This can also be in the form of a working job, but in some cases compliance can be enough. In the case of jobs, one has to think about all sorts of bullshit jobs that have been made up over time, simply to give people the comfort of having a stable income. Another way of handing out money is if people comply to your will. For example, if they agree to pay a monthly fee for healthcare, you give them some money for it, depending on their income.

For many years things worked out great, the extra freedom that people where allowed made them very productive. People could choose their own profession and that means that talent was being used in a much better way then before, when slaves still had to be motivated with a whip. It caused an absolute boom in wealth and because people where forced to save up the majority of money that they earned for their retirement, most of that wealth could be managed in your favor. Invest it with some friends, or for a special cause that you need it the most. The only thing you need to take care of is that regulation is in place so that the freedom does not become to great and you lose control. 

For people to accept regulation, you need to convince them they are stupid and depending on somebody else to make the best decision. There are so many ways to do it, but I will just mention a few. First of all, the schools. Make sure it's mandatory to send newborns to indoctrination camps so that they can be thought what to think. Make sure that these children start to feel dumb for the first day they enter. Tell them there is only a certain way of learning and try to fit everybody in that same model. Second, the money system. Make sure that people believe that money is something evil and difficult, so that they are discouraged to find out what kind of value they exchange their life energy for. Only if you can make people believe in the illusion of paper gold will you be able to motivated them with debt, so it's very important that propaganda is used to confuse people with half truths. The last way of making people think they are stupid is by pretending that old knowledge has become outdated to your new inventions. Keeping yourself healthy with a variety of herbs, that's so alternative, we can only provide you with proven synthetical medication, so if you want to receive any of the money that you pay for your healthcare, we will only pay you if one of our universities has shown it works better then our synthetic drugs. I've mentioned it before, students of medicin today don't study healthcare, they study which drug prevents which effect of a disease. They don't actually solve your illness, but instead only suppress it's unwanted effects.

Once the institutions like universities and banks are put in place it then becomes your job to keep the masses in control just enough so that you can guide them into a certain direction. You need a lot of propaganda for that, but because of the unique time that this all takes place, you are served your propaganda opportunity on a silver platter in the form of television. It must be great to have a tool that is able to completely fool that underdeveloped brain of these humans. Just in case you don't know how powerful this machine can be, our brain picks up messages that our eyes can't see. The music that supports a story is also heavily depending on how people perceive a message. By playing with lights and sounds you can fairly easily hypnotize the majority of people, by social engineering society it's possible to cover an even bigger part of society to a level where there is basically just one way of seeing the world if you want to participate with the people you surround yourself with. People in the Netherlands all believe that they earned their lifestyle because they have worked so hard and pay their taxes every year. While this is true to some extend, the main reason for the Dutch economy to be where it is, is because the Dutch people allow their king's company to take oil from all over the world and if a country does not want to trade it's reserves the people are willing to pay to trow bombs there and install some puppet government that does trade it's oil for paper gold.

By acting like one, a group can get a major efficiency advantage. This all sounds to good to be true, how many win-wins can you stack on top of each other? Well, at some point there is a limit, and that limit was reached in 1971 with the ending of the Bretton Woods standard. Because people have never showed interest to this event it has been possible to extend the party a tremendous amount, but there is always this same issue, there is only one planet that we can get resources from. In a country like the Netherlands, where less then 20 million people live, it has shown to be possible to let all these people live in wealth like previous generations have never experience before, but that is less then 20 million people. What would happen is everybody would be so lucky to collect oil from all over the planet and use the profits for it's own benefit? Personally I believe that the amount of resources on this planet are limited. You can pump for oil only once and after you burn it it's gone. Some people think different about it and I respect that, there is no way for me to prove that I'm right, I'm just talking from my feeling. Because the resources on our planet are limited, I do not believe that the way how I grew up in the Netherlands during the end of the last century can become the standard forever. The balance with nature was completely lost back then and that balance has only gotten further out of the middle since then. 

By printing paper gold we have been made to believe that there is a unlimited pool of wealth. In reality the pool of wealth is limited and all currencies in the world try to compete so they end up with the bigger part of it. If you lived in the Netherlands there seemed to be no end to what part you could end up with and the media certainly painted you a picture that your happiness had no limit. This has made an entire generation trust their government like never before. These people today are of older age and have saved up an incredible pool of wealth, the biggest ever in the history of mankind. These old people, that have always served the system to the best of their abilities by never asking questions about any of the proceedings, are now being terrorized themselves by the tv. Because they saved up so much money and they now need to receive that money back as retirement payments, this group of people have become a liability to the system. I believe part of the fearporn campaign that the fake news media are spreading out since 18 months is to try and kill those old people that need to receive their retirement check every day. The same go for the absurd measures that where taken to prevent old people from getting the flu, at some point they where all put in mandatory quarantine without the ability for loved once to visit them or hug them. These crimes against humanity have been proven to be very effective ways of torturing people and demotivating them to keep on living. The media is just a tool and it's being used in whatever way the owners can make the most money out of it. 

Am I the only one with major concerns about the need for oil that the Netherlands has developed? Half of the country is below sea level, the old windmills that used to pump out the water have been replaced by pumps that run on oil. What if NATO's army can't guarantee your supply of daily needed fuel? There are no natural oil reserves in the Netherlands. Why would you take the risk that one day your house will be under water? Our planet is so big, if you don't like it somewhere then why not start something different somewhere else? It's beautiful here near Liberland, so why wait on the genocide to take place?   

George Orwell already knew how the 1984 story would end when he wrote his book in the late 1940's. All that is happening today seems like it has been planned for many years. What we see happening today is the confiscation of wealth of a certain generation that has been living their lives in a television dream they have been living their entire life. In one week the Dutch parliament has announced that it wants businesses like cinema's and restaurants to only allow people inside with a certain qr code in an app. This discrimination has not been seen in the Netherlands since the Jews where hunted by the Nazi's and are still as criminal today as they where back then. The amount of debt slaves that have been hypnotized is so big that the government can get away with it's practices and even get people to applaud their brave actions. I praise myself for leaving early, but I also can't wait to help people to wake up from their nightmare. In case you want to help me change the Dutch narrative and shine a bit of light into their darkness, please consider buying some e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands. By working together we can show a different reality and motivate people by removing some of the fear, uncertainty and doubt that their usual brainwash propaganda is feeding them.