Good day beautiful people! Before we start of this Plandamned special, let KingKongspiritSEE shower Itchy Pinky in some golden Jungle Juice as a token of appreciation and good luck. It is a good moment to remind all viewers this is the moment to share your sBCH address to receive your Yoshi NFT. To receive your NFT, simply share your sBCH address while I am reading out my text and include the number ID of the NFT you want to receive, ID 0 to 12 exist, if you are completely new to the series, you will receive NFT ID 0,1,2,3, just share your address and write that you are new. All NFT's will be payed out within 24 hours after the stream ends.

Since my retirement not a lot has happened. A couple of HONK farms where switched around and a Dutch joker called me a scammer, but in the last 24 hours this amazing Pandamned documentary has been released to the public, funded by the public with many small donations. I'm honoured to show this content from 20 miles out of Liberland and can only celebrate today's idiocracy, wich I believe validate my choices from the past. 

Together with "2000 Mules" one episode of KingHONKspiritSEE just is not enough for all the great content that is available. I am happy to announce that I will host a series of early streams in the upcoming week and will play some new content I managed to discover since my retardedment.

Anyway, I wish HONK would trade at 1 dollar per HONK, so that we would prove the clownworld for all the people that are still caught in the mass hypnosis our documentaries of today are trying to show us. I think the best option is simply play more content and that is what I will do, but not before I have one more announce that the political aspect of HONK could be a great way to promote the values of all that care about our clownsworld and have their clownsheart at the right place. I also can't help myself but to announce that the best way to support this message is to buy and save up e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands, as if you where saving for your pensionfund.

If you are Dutch, become friend of e-Gulden EFL, the Bitcoin of the Netherands and invite your friends to do the same!!

Thanks for watching and from 20 miles out of Liberland, let's start with the featured film of the day, Plandamned!