Politics: A religion upon itself, but not one that I am very fond of. Many jokes are made about politicians, and most of these jokes aren't in favour of a moral of one politician. Most of these jokes are about how politicians lie and have no souls, that the promises they make just before elections are never kept and how the political elite is so detached from reality.

Well, that's basically how I feel about today's politics aswell. We let ourselves be fooled on a daily basis if we believe that politics are there for the people, unfortunately I don't feel like that has been true in my lifetime, instead it feel for me as if big corporations have taken over the power and people don't have anything to say anymore.

When I turned 18, one of the first votes I was allowed to cast was about European Constitution, whether the Netherlands would like to participate in it or not. Together with over 60% of all votes the Netherlands voted against this constitution, half a year later we got it anyway, just with another name, the treaty of Lisbon.  

Politicians make dicisions that bind an entire nation. Because the people of that nation allow the power to be devided in that way, they are responsible for everything that politicians do, they give their fiat to this system. I often feel like a mass murderer if I think of all the wars the Netherlands has been involved in during my lifetime. Weapons of mass destruction might have never been found in Iraq, but the millions of Iraqis that have been killed are very real and on the name of everybody that pays taxes and goes out to vote. Same story goes for the illegal bombing of Syria, which goes against all international law and is an accumulation of war crimes we are all responsible for. We can pretend like we never ment it in such way, but I hereby deeply apologise for the warcrimes my country commited during the time that I payed taxes to it. 

"Can't you ever write anything positive?" I hear you ask me, and the good news is, I think I might be able to.

The technology behind Bitcoin and e-Gulden EFL can change the game forever. With a new form of voting and a different power structure we can regain control of our political proces, the only thing is that we should want to change the current way's. One of the reasons I left my homecountry Netherlands for Liberland, is because I do not feel as if people in the Netherlands feel like doing so yet. I do not want to be seen as part of the problem and that's why I'm pushing myself away from that Dutch group and feel attracted to Liberland. Liberland promises a form of direct democracy, a form of making agreements that I believe has the future. 

In the clip below I try to explain why I believe voting with a red pencil will not change a thing and why people should vote with their wallets. I'm curious what you have to say about it, so feel free to write your opinion about it down below.