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Good day,

My name is Niels Harmsen, since a couple of years better known as Yoshi Livo.

I live near Liberland in Serbia. Liberland is a project of which I believe it can help to shake people up about the paper reality in which they are stuck.

This month the wife of a friend was diagnosed with ALS. Because the treatment of this disease is expensive and these people do not have the required insurance to pay for the medical bills they have decided to sell their house.

I would like to buy the house of my friend and already have the required capital to make the purchase, however, this capital is locked up in e-Gulden EFL, a cryptocoin that I refer to as Bitcoin of the Netherlands. I live without a bank account for 10 years and try to avoid the use of debt currencies as much as possible. I've been quite successfull with it, but this unexpected cost is not something I have prepared for.

I have started a crowdfunding campaign and offer my e-Gulden EFL for sale for various cryptocoins with use of the Komodo platform The first transactions have happened by now and for an amount as little as approximately 20 dollar you can participate to help me to gather the required funds of 90.000 dollar to purchase this house.

In exchange for your participation you will receive e-Gulden EFL, a cryptocoin of which I believe it will one day be used in the Netherlands in addition to Bitcoin, because I believe people that live in the same geographical location and share a language have a perfect incentive to maintain a blockchain together in order to become less dependent to the economic policy of their government.

To achieve my crowdfunding goal I have started a new Rumble channel and publish videos daily to a videoseries I gave the name Go Fuck Yourself.

All information that you need to participate in this crowdfunding is available online. It's not required for me to know your identity and any transaction can happen without a 3rd party intermediary. My preference is to receive the funds in DOGEcoin, because I would like to support Elon Musk's attempt to use crypto as a currency as an alternative to government debt currencies, but I accept many other different forms of cryptomoney.

For question or extra explanation you can reach me at:

X: @infoliberland