Proof of Community - Result


At the end of 2023 my friend told me he is selling his house. It became the start of my "Proof of Community" campaign. Now, at the end of February 2024 it's time to share my result and tell you about the next steps.

I will start by stating that the proof of community I set up did not complete. In total I aimed to find 4000 community members and as of today only 3 positions got filled. Not a great score, but it was a very ambitious goal to begin with. I only have about 400 followers on X and the newly created Rumble channel received just 10 subscriptions. I have tried to get invited on a variety of different podcasts and channels, but to no avail. I have to accept that after 10 years of telling the same story, people are still not willing to trust me and my actions and the majority of people perceive me as a scammer that tries to steal money for his personal benefit. 

I see myself a bit different of course. I'm trying to explain difficult topics in a simple way so people can start to understand them. It's a difficult task, especially because so much of society is build to mislead people with the goal to benefit from their ignorance. On top of everything I focus my attention to a Dutch crowd and in the past 10 years I have learned just how distorted their perception of reality has become, I really underestimated how much damage 100 years of central banking would cause in terms of having some common sense. I see confirmation in my idea that the Netherlands plays a special role in the world today and that changing the perception of reality of a small nation like the Netherlands will have a global impact.

My main driver for adopting crypto has always been to change the way how human society organizes itself. Since the plandemic was globally implemented a lot of people start to recognize the global corruption, but covid in and by itself has not changed anything, it has just made the double standard of our world more visible to people that were used of experiencing only one side of the equation. We were always born as debt slaves, registered at government institutions as their product and forced into a structure of society to perform labor for people who claim power over our existence. Our education system has been developed to create obedient factory workers and risk taking is projected as something to avoid. For many years, survival was a struggle and for many people today the daily life still is the exact same struggle. Over half of the people on our planet do not have government documents and are not able to enjoy financial service providers. I believe technology can help us overcome that struggle and eliminate the violence we have all gotten used to. I am fortunate to be born in a specific time and location on our planet which gave me enough security to be able to study the history of money and discover so many truths that have been hidden from society for a long time. From my experience I can share how most people are not ready or willing to accept this information... yet.

Recently the ECB wrote a blogpost about Bitcoin. The main conclusion of the ECB is how Bitcoin is failing as p2p cash and I agree with the ECB on their assessment. The global economy is too complex for one blockchain to service the entire globe. On top of that, different communities can have different wishes on how they would like to organize their finances. The creativity of people should not be captured into one set of rules and people that want to experiment should have the freedom to do so. Bitcoin can become the backbone of a new economic reality, but many participants in Bitcoin today do not seem to be aiming for a change in global finance or believe that adding Bitcoin to the existing reality is already enough change. I have been naïve in thinking that people would want to create that change, it turns out that the majority of people just want to use Bitcoin as an extension of debt currency and do not want to fight for a new standard. I guess most of them don't see the hidden cost of maintaining the double standard we live with today and as long as they are on the right side of that double standard it's ok for them it exists. In order to receive recognition, Bitcoin has been moving away from the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto to provide the world with an alternative to debt currency. Governments are enforcing regulations onto well willing companies that try to participate in today's economy. These regulations undermine the core principle that crypto money regulates itself. I can see how Bitcoin can service a control system that will be the most efficient the world has ever seen and I will do anything within my power to avoid that outcome.

If I look back at the last 10 years I have had so many opportunities to change this outcome myself. I have made a million mistakes and have to accept nobody else but myself is responsible for my proof of community results. At the same time, the house of my friend is still for sale and I am not ready to give up just yet. I have created a reality for myself that I believe in to this day and this story will at some point in time be understood. Just like the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, eGulden EFL, many other similar projects exist, for example in Germany, Canada, Russia, Pakistan, Portugal, Iceland and other locations. Many Bitcoin hodlers today are just using Bitcoin to hedge inflation and Bitcoin is hardly being used for actual payments of goods. I believe this will change over time. People are going to see how their addiction to debt currency enslaves them and their children and are going to look for solutions to transact with crypto for their daily needs. I don't know which country is going to show a success first, but once one group of citizens is going to adopt a different economic reality all the others are going to follow. I have made investments in many different projects and remain incredibly bullish on all of them. They have solid teams that develop their projects regardless of recognition from the majority of society. Next to cryptomoney I got involved in the Liberland project. I have build a unique position in this project and if the new Liberland nation will ever receive recognition from the international community it is going to benefit my position tremendously. I understand not a single traditional bank is going to provide me with a mortgage based on the work I have performed over the years, but I might be able to find somebody that believes in the vision I have and in it's creditworthiness. With the recent price increase of Bitcoin I need to find only 1 Bitcoin to buy the house of my friend and because that will allow me to keep my story going I am sure to be able to pay back 2 Bitcoin in 10 years time, based on the Bitcoin related investments I made over the years and the claim I have on Liberland soil. All of these assets have the ability to outperform Bitcoin in the upcoming decade.

Just 6 months ago I received 1 Bitcoin for my Liberland participation, but I have to live myself and payed people that helped me over the years so that I do not have that Bitcoin anymore. I'm not able to buy myself that house with my current financial situation. I could have made so many different decision that would have changed my reality today and this would mean I could just proceed with doing what I have been doing for all these years. I am glad things work out this way, because the fight I'm fighting is about to become a lot more serious. About 1 week ago the EU installed the digital services act. In the last week Facebook has threatened to block my account because of my posts regarding Jullian Assange, my X account was blocked for violent speech and Youtube deleted one of my videos that I made during the covid lockdowns because they claim it contains medical misinformation. I can keep on fighting and explain how I justify my behavior, but what difference does it make if I don't have any support? By being able to buy a house based on the story I am telling I can show people a tangible result of my journey. It will provide me with a stable basis and security to be able to laugh back at all those people that would like to see me fail. I have received so much negativity over the years and since I started my proof of community experiment I ask myself why I even bother to keep it going. I don't need to take the risk, I don't need endless confrontations and I don't need to explain myself or my line of thinking to anybody. I can just retire today and live from my previous investments and enjoy the knowledge I managed to accumulate. I always felt like the least I could do to for the people around me is to try and explain myself, because the changes I speak about are happening regardless. 

I want to keep this story going, I am not done yet, or better said, I feel like I did not even start. I hope my friend sells his house as soon as possible and if I am not the one that is going to buy it I will retire from what I am doing. For 10 years I have been trying to help people to the best of my ability. I invested in projects I believe needed the money the most and gave away 10's of thousands of euro's for free to people I wanted to support. This is the moment that I could receive some of that help back and if that help does not come I will change my attitude towards how I deal with this world. You can only help others if you have taken enough care of yourself. I have travelled without a home for over 10 years and this proof of community has triggered me to be done with that situation. I have put myself in last position for long enough and this is the moment I am going to change that. Either I am going to be able to show results of my work and keep up the story of Yoshi Livo, YCLO, Your Children Live On, who travelled to Liberland, or I'm going to withdraw from the public stage and enjoy the benefits of my investments in peace, outside of the public eye. Not many people understand the hyperinflation cryptocoins had to endure over the past decade, or the fair value between them. In fact, many members of the Bitcoin community turn out to be incredibly short sighted and are unable to see the long term risks involved to society. Bitcoin maximalists who support the dollar system and see a decline in Bitcoin value of alternative cryptocoins as a confirmation of their line of thought are a real danger to the future of humanity. You can't blame them, for the institutions they trust, like the ECB for example, try everything in their power to mislead the population so they can keep control over the masses. 

Many crypto communities are still small and once people are in more need to perform p2p transactions they will come to the same understanding that Bitcoin by itself is not able to provide these transactions at a reasonable cost, while holding full control over their finance. The concept of fair value needs time to prove itself and will not show results as long as the period of hyperinflation is still in effect. Crypto is only just starting and I believe the narrative can be redirected and nothing is lost yet, but I do believe with the launch of the Bitcoin ETF's and the idea that only Bitcoin is a valid option and all the rest of crypto is a scam that should be avoided we are moving in the wrong direction. The real scam is debt currency and all the violence this debt needs to maintain itself is a direct result of our lack of knowledge about money. I have a lot more to offer and that's why I will keep on trying to buy that house for as long as it's not sold. It's still winter time and that is not the best time to sell a house, so for the upcoming weeks I still got time to reach that goal and be able to show some success. I'm going to give it my all and try to keep the story going because with all the chaos in the world I believe I have something unique to offer that could help many people make sense of this confusing time full of changes.