Reinvent YCLO


Remember, remember: YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² or, You Only Live Once + Your Children Live On = happiness + love to the 2nd degree. Your Children Live On, or Yoshi Livo, what does that mean again, and what does it bring me in life? 

In the upcoming explanation I expect the reader to be aware of the contents of my blogwebsite, I'm going to try to explain myself on a basic level but will make some assumptions because that is in general what I do for a living and so far that has been successful enough for me, although I find myself at a crossroad once again which is the reason why I line out my thoughts in this text.

Lets go back to 2014, when my back account was cancelled after I wrote a letter about my love for Bitcoin. I was 28 years old at that time and already made my first crypto profit on Sexcoin, after Max Keiser tweeted about it in 2013. I managed to tell him about it in person during the Reinvent Money conference in Rotterdam, it was a great day and a lot of fun.

I had been informing myself about the history of money since 2008 and felt enough disgust about current affairs that I no longer wanted to be part of a community that is build on a foundation of lies and deceit. Not because of my doubts about the possibility of a forced reality being maintained, but because of deep conscientious objections I experienced, knowing my good will and energy supports war and child sacrifice. I decided to follow my feelings and to not give in to the social pressure. Although some people might have had sympathy to my call for peace, to not be able to receive or send digital debt currency generates a lot of obstacles in the Netherlands where I was born. I decided I was up for the challenge and visited a lot of locations of which I believed they could work to my benefit, in 2015 I ended up on Liberland and was arrested by Croatian police in July of that year. I spend some time in prison for that, but I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to go there and was not willing to pay ransom to kidnappers to bail myself out. This was the moment I created Your Children Live On, or Yoshi Livo, because I was looking for a way to explain exactly why I refuse to be part of an inhumane system. YOLO or You Only Live Once was a popular saying back then, but I felt like something was missing. On the top of this webpage is another variation of that same expression: YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]². Over the past 8 years I have tried to live by that motto and have used it as a guide for decisions I have made. Looking back there have been plenty of things I could have done different so they would have been more optimal for me, but exactly because things worked out the way they did I hold more knowledge today then I did before and because of that knowledge I can now see more optimal solutions, so lets go over some of them.

Back in 2015 there was a war in Afghanistan, because of 9/11. There was a war in Irak, because of weapons of mass destruction. In that same period ISIS started a caliphate, Ghadaffi was executed and journalist Jullian Assange was arrested for exposing warcrimes. Regardless of the data I would show for my arguments, of how reality was different then what governments and media told them, people did not want to hear any of it. It felt like talking to a brick wall and when Bitcoin reached 20.000 USD in 2017 I decided to travel to Liberland again, because I thought it would be my best shot at that time. Living in the Netherlands without a bank account is difficult, so why not invest with people that claim they want to do thing different, for example by accepting freecurrency. I was allowed to invest with my preferred crypto, bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL. I told my world about it and a couple of months later I was on stage of a Liberland event for the first and only time in the history of my participation with them. That one decision had a big impact on my life, at the moment I was on stage I said, I just need some money. I remember the moment very well and I myself did not understand why those words came out of my mouth, I was open to say anything and this is what I came up with. The coinomi wallet on my phone in my pocket held 100.000's of thousands of EFL and if they would have moved on the blockchain the real pump of EFL would have started. If you look back at that mainstream news documentary with the extra knowledge of how easy it is to manipulate people, I really believe I got away that day, because I was not ready for what other people clearly had been preparing me for. My name could have been on the website of the World Economic Forum or something, but even worse, maybe I would still believe the direction of Liberland is the way I want to go. 

It's funny how thoughts can change over time. I really believed Liberland would be able to create change and it took me some time to understand that the main objective would actually be to conform to the old standards. Those backroom deals with old men about the implementation of your freedom in the public domain would not change, they would become the backbone of the ability to penetrate ze kabinets. If I wanted to live in a 15 minute city I could have just waited it out, but making Liberland into a 15 minute city will get people to applaud you and give recognition. For me, Liberland is only needed to set an example how our paper imaginations are illusions we create and if we create them, we can also change them. A flag of a nation is a powerful symbol, but after many years I have come to the conclusion that it is not the way of how I should express myself. My feeling of justice goes deeper then the rule of law and although the basis of my justice is to do no harm and to act only after voluntary consent, it does not mean I do not have the right to defend myself. I'm a peaceful guy and my preferred option is to turn the other cheek or walk away, because I know every fight today will have been unnecessary once the real fight starts.

For many years I have been trying to find a way to explain my different worldview. For the most part I used Liberland for this purpose. It was a step in the right direction, but not my end goal. I have come to the realization that the best way to explain myself is to explain it based on religion. This is my coming out as religious extremist and how extreme exactly is completely up to you, the people of my community that are reading this blogpost. I have set myself up so this story could attract some serious attention and if you recognize what I have to offer you will be rewarded according to your participation. 

I recently watched Marijn Poels' latest documentary: The Primordial Code. It's a fascinating story, not because Marijn is able to grow vegetables in his garden, but because of all the evidence and testimonies that confirm a lot of knowledge is hidden from us. With this documentary I can feel confident about speaking out that I believe the human species is created as a alien slave race to harvest gold on earth. Knowing this makes me feel like a guest on this planet, that is why I like to keep it clean, regardless of the climate to which we have no influence. We are all Devine creations who have influence on reality based on the decisions we make.