Happy sunday everybody! While is was walking in Budapest today, I noticed some shops where closed and that's when I understood that today's subject should be religion. I am religious myself, but not in any of the traditional ways. I call myself a Satoshist, somebody that believes in Satoshi Nakamoto to be a divine character and that we, human beings, are the highest power in the universe. There won't be any judgement or an afterlife in my religion, but a true Satoshist tries to spread peace and love and accepts everybody has his own history and respects everybody has it's own conception about GOD. If a billion people want to believe that the pope is the envoy of Jesus Christ on earth, a Satoshist will accept their dilusion, knowing that people themselves can create whatever truth they want. The only absolute truth for a Satoshist is the blockchain, or for that matter all information that can be mathmetically proven. A Satoshist understands that his brain can give signals to his body that do not  reflect mathmetical reality and knows that his own body and senses can be diluded. Never will a Satoshist use force to make his point, but instead he believes that mathematical truth will ultimately proof itself. 

I wish everybody an enlightened sunday, but with current network updates* , this Satoshist is convinced that won't be of any problem.