Remember, NO-vember


NO-vember is the month of the year to remind yourself to say NO to the things you don't want. For me this rule sums up the majority of my life and I'm excited to say that I found out that at my home town, the festivities for 11-11 are changed to a different setting, due to the organization not willing to participate in the government restrictions. 

I used to hit the bass drum, 11-11 was our special date when we celebrated the start of a new season until carnaval, that is celebrated 7 weeks before the Gregorian calendar based Easter. On 11-11 it's the tradition of my hometown of Breda to pick the winning song for the new season, the band that plays the winning tune gets to perform with the head of town during the festivities, because in this period of time, the major of town steps down and gives control of the city to the people, represented by a prince that judges the annual parade. We won one time, my band and me. I don't want to hold back any of that great memory to you so please enjoy our performance of 8 years ago. Let me take you back to 2013:

This was recorded just in the moment when I was getting my first profit from crypto. I started to ask difficult questions to people that were in a party mood. I really had a great time with these people. When I grew up my dad was head of town once himself, it's nothing but great memories, there is no repression in that world, it's an amazing time especially if you just want to have a great time and can enjoy it. I couldn't though at some point, I was studying to become auditor and started to question my reality. How come so little people understand the money they use? What will happen if I dedicate my life to working a full time office job, I mean, if I dedicate myself to that life. Sure, I was already getting a great pay of  around 2000 euro per month, as a student, working 4 out of 5 days. 

I wrote a letter to my bank in the year that followed this video, telling them I wanted to stop using the euro as much as I could as I had a terrible feeling with the use of debt based, interest bearing currency. I was 26 at that time, just being a rebel, but the response of my bank was that they couldn't help me with my bitcoin request, they were not planning to add Bitcoin to their list of supported currency. It didn't end with that though, the bank stated they could no longer service me as their customer as I had stated I didn't want to deal with euro's any longer. The bank gave me 30 day's to return my bankcard and empty my accounts.

I didn't expect such a response, living in the Netherlands without a bank account is not really possible, as none of the economic interactions you encounter are able or willing to accept crypto payments at that time. I went to my landlord, which was a semi government company renting out houses and I told them I was not willing to give in to the pressure from the bank and that I could pay my rent in Bitcoin. You guessed it, that wasn't going to happen. To make a long story short, I felt like this situation wasn't right and decided to double down. I changed all my money to bitcoin and told everybody to send me an invoice with use of a bitcoin exchange or payment provider. I want to make extra clear that at that point in time there was for me only 2 options, either give in to the pressure or hold my ground and deal with the consequences. With the useless wars and more important, the use of internet to watch back events like the BBC announcing the collapse of building 7 ahead of time, I felt that really means there really was only 1 option.

Fast forward to today I am so happy to see this announcement of last week, in which it was stated that all festivities are cancelled due to the unwillingness to participate with the government regulations. What a blessing, would this be the turning point? I can't believe that people in the Netherlands are still so naïve, but at the same time, I've had my years to experience just exactly how naïve those Dutch people really are. With friends like mine, you don't need any enemies, let's keep it to that. I never imagined it would take all this to prove the points I've been making since forever and even when non working mouth masks or easy to fake qr-codes are being enforced as if it's the most normal thing in the world. Most of the people just don't want to see just how big of a fraud is being executed, it's too evil for them to accept it as a possible reality. 

On 11-11 we will celebrate the start of a new season of carnaval with a special stream, to remember that saying no to things is ok, it's great to see the people are trying to take back power in a clever way. I hope you enjoy that first video I shared here and that it made you smile, for me it's a memory to a great time and I want to thank everybody I know in that world. About the second video, let me also just remind you that the world is currently in a very dire situation and that people that would like to change the outcome of events can best start to connect their power by using a different money then their government offers them. Besides HONK or Bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL there are many more solutions for your problems, Litecoin outperformed Bitcoin with 20% today, welcome to the clownsworld everybody! In the mean time Bitcoin itself is also setting all time high records to the dollar. It's difficult sometimes to stay motivated, but with news like this week it becomes a bit easier.

The last reminder I would like to make is that NO-vember is not over yet, so who knows how much more of NO I want to share here. You are ofcourse always welcome to ask me about the weather, 20 miles out of Liberland, if the stream is not online you are always welcome on Telegram.