Remember, remember, the 5th of November.


Remember, remember, the 5th of November has become a special day for me that I celebrate. For the ones that don't know, the 5th of November is the day that terrorist V plans the start of the revolution in the movie V for Vendetta. The mask that is used in the movie has since been chosen by Anonymous as the logo that represents them and individuals that have ever visited a Anonymous gathering in the past know that the masks stands for being one in the crowd. Nothing special, just one out of many, all born into a planet that has been corrupted to it's core and where the so called most intelligent form of life is destroying it's own habitat at record pace.

I've always felt that the western prosperity is payed for with misery of others. The puppet masters that created the UN to regulate oil trade, had build a perfect system of first, second and third world countries that allowed them to take a profit from the limited knowledge that people had about the world, just after the second world war. The deep state, or as I like to call it, the pedoclub, consists out of the European monarchs that have used the second world war to build a strong alliance, able to convince their citizens that a single world view rules the world. Ofcourse, for these citizens that was the reality of their lives, because in their world, one single world view was ruling them and anything that wasn't under this world view had to be subjugated to it at some point. 

By creating NATO, the deepstate had yet another tool to overpower the rest of the world by echoing eachothers opinions and incorporating media as a tool for controlling the masses. Because the Dollar still is the world reserve currency, they had the tools to manifest these ideas into reality, even more so after the Vietnam war bankrupted the USA which was then forced to let the Bretton Woods standard go. Together with the invention of television it has allowed a mass formation of a group of people that outside their own bubble have a very distorted perception of value. It has caused the life experience from NATO-citizens to be very different from their ancestors. In the past couple of decades, the amount of inventions has been amazing. The biggest invention of all is the internet and specifically this invention is now causing the NATO powerhouse to collapse on it's own lies. By sharing information from peer to peer and the ability to archive this information in an efficient manner, it has been possible for individuals to connect some loose ends in their knowledge.

Without the internet, it would never have been possible for the citizens of the world, specifically those in NATO countries, to find out about the lies they have been told. The most important one of all being the debt money system the people are forced to pay taxes with. With use of main stream media it has been possible to hypnotize masses of people with half truths and with the help of debt money and fractional reserve banking, all those that wanted to believe in those half truths could be rewarded for their obedience. Simply play the game by their rules and money was thrown at you until you convince yourself that all you believe in must be true. A great example of one field of work that has been corrupted over the past couple of decades is science, specifically medical science. After the discovery of petroleum based medicine, school books have been re-written. As a doctor today, you don't study the art of healing, but instead you study medicine and you just need to know which pill can take away the side effects of one illness. You are no longer cured, but instead a doctor takes away symptoms that your body sends out to let you know something is wrong. The most hilarious, or sad, example of it, is the untested mRNA treatment that is sold as solution to the flu. The idea that the flu itself might be the solution that the body itself manifests to make a sick body healthy again is barely accepted by anybody, in fact, the hypnosis of obedient debt slaves has become so strong, that all that is left for most of them is to ridicule everything that doesn't conform with their false sense of reality. 

About 10 years ago, I felt like I had enough knowledge about Bitcoin to confront random people with my knowledge. I bought 100 anonymous masks for 0.25 Bitcoin and started to go to meet-ups. Every weekend a group of people went to a different Dutch city. I visited a couple of those rallies and my talking point was finance and specifically Bitcoin. I asked people on the street about their knowledge of the euro and discovered that none of them, yes, none of them, had a clue what they where trading their life-energy for. The most reasonable explanation I can find is that after the flower power of the 60's and the protests against nuclear warheads, people accepted the proposal that was presented to them, the proposal to work as a debt slave and build up pension savings that was going to pay for their retirement when they were old. This flower power generation was convinced by hiding about the debt element of the equation and with their commitment into believing that debt money was equal to gold, the most amazing achievements have become a reality.

What a different world we have manifested in just 3 generations, but because of the internet we are also more able than ever before to see the downside of our behavior. There has not been a day of peace on this planet since the Bretton Woods standard came to an end, and the environment, not the climate, has never been in a more horrible state than today. With the arrival of internet and related technologies, people, for the first time in maybe half a millennium, have the ability to break free out of a power system that uses corruption, force and exclusion as its main driver. The unbalanced standard we created can be broken, but the majority of western citizens are too afraid, too heavily invested in the current power structure to support a paradigm shift. People are so used to conforming towards their centralized institutions that proposals for decentralization are misunderstood and ignored, also because those centralized institutions that have everything to lose are actively participating in spreading misinformation about decentralized solutions that in itself do not have such a centralized style of communication and often have a difference of opinion within the community itself. Nobody can speak with the same level of confidence that governments have manifested in the past decades and if you have lived your life being an expert into a single subject, it is almost impossible to make a start into digging into the web of lies that has been constructed around your being.

It leads us to a reality of today that praises new so-called medicin, for example the mRNA therapy against covid, simply because it makes people a profit in the form of accumulation of debt. That other therapies exist, that the illness itself is barely harmful for people below 70 years of age, or that 10.000's of unexplained sudden deaths occurred since the introduction of these jabs all doesn't matter. Another invention the system is fond of is the invention of protein harvesting from bugs. Children in Dutch schools are getting test samples and are being told bugs taste like nuts. The level of indoctrination in this message goes so deep you can write a book just about that one sentence, but because I want to emphasize this text is about the broader picture let me also mention the fact that the increase of genderdyphoric youth in the Netherlands last year topped 1000%. The plans are being rolled out as we speak. A reform of pensionsavings is currently on the table in the Netherlands, this is among the biggest centralized fortunes in the world at the moment and they are at a point that they have to pay out more than what comes in.

I don't want to talk about all those things that are wrong, because they don't matter if my thoughts about the future are correct. Mistakes should be learned from, but before that can happen, they have to be admitted and I'm here to speed up that process. People will never admit their mistakes without proof they have been wrong and let's also add a small reminder that when I talk about wrong or right, it is just me talking out of my sense of reality, the reality of Liberlander Yoshi Livo. I'm just here to challenge believes, as I like to take the stance that since 9/11 2001, our reality has been stolen by an ever growing lie that will lead to loss of freedom as I know it. This lie, together with other lies, has managed to alter peoples reality to a level I consider it to be harmful to humanity and the feeling this causes me, is the reason why I go into endless efforts to explain them.

I believe most of all mistakes come from from the lack of monetary knowledge. If people don't understand the way we currently value each other, their lack of sense of value will cause them to make wrong decisions in life. I can only talk from my own perspective, but being born in the Netherlands in 1986, I can say that less then 1% of the people I grew up with, understood the workings of the monetary system before I figured it out myself at around the age of 25. This includes my parents and grandparent and their friends. Countries like the Netherlands have managed to specialize their level of expertise and have increased their productivity in the process. This boost in productivity and efficiency and it's opposite being creativity is true creation of wealth, but also causes large blind spots in knowledge. Elderly care, childcare, a banker for the mortgage, some insurance for retirement, a doctor for health and school that tells you how to raise your children, if you are well educated to perform a specific task within the system or rely on optimal concentration for delivering your best form of creativity, you don't have time to think about anything else. As long as you perform your duty and keep on acquiescing to any request made, regardless of how ridiculous the explanation for the request might be, you will not notice anything and be able to uphold to the expectation your social bubble has from you, right? Well, if only that was true. 

What if the experimental mRNA therapy is used to commit genocide on all those useful idiots to get hold of their pension savings? That the easiest target on this planet has become the savings fund of the useful idiots that help build this system and, with their limited knowledge, allowed it to grow this big? I would have never thought it to be possible, but George Orwell managed to talk about the end game plans of the system, with the UN and connected bodies in charge of all registered beings of the premium resellers of the citizen product, the government, 8 years after it was created. With China already leading the way, more people are involved than all NATO citizens combined. Personally I stopped caring about the choices of others. because it is about the future, but I do realize that a smaller world is part of that acceptance. If people want to risk their lives in their justification of science, it is a heavy loss, but if you really want to help those people, it is best to offer your alternative solution and show how things can be even better if you start something new, without the need to fix the old. Those Syrian refugees that circle around Liberland have a romantic but false picture of the EU in their mind. By the time they get there, they are welcomed to participate in a system with big brother like control and limitations. In the end, somebody needs to pay for that national debt, so be welcome to become another number out of many and prepare yourself for the dictatorship that the EU really is, no solution can come from this organization, but people are blinded by fairytales, planted in their head with MK-Ultra precision. They are the ones asking for the ability to receive treatment and be part of the system that attacked them and want to educate themselves so they can be a productive and motivated worker and bring their family over to live a free life. What they don't know is how that free life will be build around social credits, but then again, if their special status will get them some extra points, they might get what they hoped for. I wish these people all the best, but I believe the best way for me to help them, is to expose their ideology that the EU will care about or save them. Just like the EU citizens they need to start to see the bigger picture and zoom out from their life to see that the best solution for future generations is to oppose the wishes of the enormous institutions of power. For the first time in history we have the ability to communicate in a decentralized solution, directly peer to peer at very little cost. Before those institutions regulate this new technology and manipulate their citizens in the use of it, the is a opportunity for citizens of the world to choose a different way, a way that is fairly new and maybe not perfect, but the more people that understand the basic principles of this new style of communication, the more easy it will become to explain those that oppose a new reality why the benefits outweigh the cost.

The creation of the genesis block was in full force, around 14 years ago. No crypto money like Bitcoin ever circled the planet before and the creation of self-regulating money has changed the world forever and with millions of percentage gain for those that bought Bitcoin in the single digits a decade ago, we are only beginning to see the result of crypto reality. Without its invention, none of my journeys would have been the same and I am grateful to be living in a time with unprecedented opportunities. I feel like for the first time in humanity it is possible for us as humans to work together in a decentralized way that can bring equal opportunity for all. I have recognized many years before, the need to show proof of your own success, hence all the video's I've created over the years. I always felt like I could bring something to the table that shines its own unique light on the situation and after many years of trying, I must come to the conclusion that it's too big of a responsibility to be quiet in these times and I will keep on going and spread my message as Liberlander Yoshi Livo for as long as I manage to do so, regardless of how little people pay attention to it. The fact that I said no to that offer of 4 years ago means that it was not the right time, today everything has changed in my favor, and the offer remains the same, vote with your wallet and buy EFL, I even got an NFT auction running that could make an impact if it sells for about 2.20371 BTC in Ethereum value. So much so that the creation of self-regulating money might be understood by the useful idiots before the advantages of crypto money are used against them and turn them into useless eaters. 

It's nice to be able to pick up those fairly cheap coins from crypto exchanges and keep them for yourself, but what if they could make an impact in the outcome of something bigger? That's why I like to give away crypto in my streams and that is also why I see the need for alternative solutions next to Bitcoin. The lightning network will only cause centralization and although that is rewarded in today's time, look for example at Ethereum or Dogecoin that have seen massive gains, of which more centralization will only get them higher up the market cap scoreboard. Just wait until Elon Musk launches a POS version of DOGE on Twitter and you will really see something wild, but those gains will only be accessible if you are willing to create the right Twitter account to redeem it, after which it will remove all restrictions based on your trust score. Just some wild prediction, but at this moment DOGE generates around 10M DOGE of inflation per day, to be redeemed in blockrewards of 10.000 per block by anybody willing to perform the calculations needed to solve the next DOGE block in its chain. At the current price of 600 Satoshi this comes down to 60BTC per day and that will increase or decrease based on the pricelevel of each DOGEcoin. Regardless of how many government subsidies you receive for the sale of lithium car batteries, that becomes a spricy hobby at some point, because that 10M per day might be a limit, but it goes on forever. Unlike coins like Bitcoin or e-Gulden EFL, DOGEcoin had a different feature in the form of a slight inflation each block, instead of the block halving system that happens to many other forms of crypto. Because of this different feature, Dogecoin became very high in turnover speed and this happened to get it among the more known coins within crypto. The inflation of crypto is only underway for a good decade, but already the majority of coins are created. We are living in extremely precious times in which it is still possible for any person on the planet to change the money they use in their daily lives and involve crypto money in their being. For those that are born into the western way of living and rely on government documents to prove their level of skill, have no fear because you will discover yourself in a way that is endlessly more valuable then any salary can buy you. 

In the not so distant future people are already going to look back to this time in disbelief, but that disbelieve will only grow if the current global coup in progress is not fought like a cancer in which lies the risk of dying while trying. Everybody can make the choices they prefer, but I am surprised by the unwillingness of people to make use of the road I already made over the years. I will repeat myself that my current position could not be more opportunistic and am just wondering why people keep on telling me this story is not for me and I should quit chasing my feeling, while it has already brought me so much beauty until today? Looking back at what already happened makes me want to thank my parents for their endless trust and ability to accept me as I am. We might not always understand each other, but I have learned that my life on earth has been amazing, unique and beautiful, only because you have taken such good care of me and thought me so much. Sometimes it feels difficult to speak out some of my words, knowing I oppose some aspect of what I learned. All I can say is that you can't un-know knowledge and that is why I respect everybody that avoids confrontation with alternative facts. Life is already difficult enough to handle by itself, so why bother about the future consequences of a lifestyle? The information that is available in present time and the opportunities that technological advancement brings us is simply so far apart it is a miracle we still understand each other at all, and that only is true because unlike the bank that excluded me from financial services and their so called legitimate society, you always accepted me regardless of how terrible I managed to present myself sometimes. 

I'm such a fortunate being with the experience I manage to manifest for myself today, that my better understanding of it causes me to want to protect it. I am not better off making my shows, in fact it costs me a lot of my focus and energy. Handing out 1B of HONK to the same 19 people has been fun, I can now say I gave away BILLIONS of HONK.CASH and who knows where that might go after CoinFlex resolves it's current situation, but at the same time it does not seem to bring me what I want. I am without knowledge of how to proceed and can only trust my feeling that I'm on the right way. Running a broadcast like mine might not seem like a hard task to do, but even in the current set-up I noticed how it hinders me in my daily activity without any form of reward, besides the longest countdown to any of my previous texts I ever read out before of course. I had hopes that maybe this time things would be different, but nothing has changed, except for the time. Julian Assange is still in prison and probably soon to a different location, people are still funding wars with debt money, it's just the location of that war that changes. The system is still growing, but things have sped up to a level that I thought would be impossible. In the past 2 years it seems like we have lost ground and we still continue to lose more today, but by no means is the idea any less legitimate or become impossible to achieve. All the distractions are put in place to squeeze out every last second that the dollar hegemony holds it's position, and it created a situation that I believe makes cryptomoney a better investment then ever before. There has never been a more undervalued time in the history of crypto, with the exceptions of the few crypto's that speak out in favor of agenda 2030. I will also keep on repeating myself, that please, ladies, get into crypto in any form or way, or guys are going to end up owning everything again. This is the time your have to invest into your future way of living, because every paper lie you thought you knew about, is going to turn out different then you first believed and your previous experiences are only going to be valuable if you manage to incorporate it into a new crypto reality and can manifest yourself autonomously. The government is going to be more than happy to take care of those that can't care for themselves and I've grossly misjudged the pool of people I thought would show interest in my creations, but again, in this time where we are making history, all I can do is speak out as loud as I manage to do and hope somebody will pick up that there is not only some money to be made here, but some real big issues are at stake and only if we work together will we be able to achieve the change we try to create.

And this becomes my curse and blessing at the same time. Who am I to complain that nobody is participating, and many even oppose what I try to bring? I should be happy to have a nice plate of food on my table, every day since birth. I don't know hunger and never experienced war in my life. Just me alone will not get any financial system up and running, but something strong is coming and we are still living in a time we can nudge the outcome quite heavily. No government can break it, because it is as simple as time and doesn't require internet to work and with the story of Liberlander Yoshi Livo, Bitcoin of the Netherlands, e-Gulden, EFL enthousiast, I believe we stand a chance at explaining why corruption within governments spreads like a virus which diplomats don't seem to be immune to and first adjustments have already been made. We can organize without the possibility of human failure and at the same time learn to use the technology to our advantage. So many things go wrong in todays world and time just goes by like it doesn't count. At some point, people will be forced to participate and plenty of jobs will be created to help those that have trouble to adjust, but it would be so much better if we could help eachother to learn from our mistakes. I'm glad with the choices I made so far and want to thank all viewers and participants. We handed out some NFT's to viewers and I managed to receive great help all month long with improvements and ideas from community members, thanks everybody that participated and tried to add a little more to our community pile of goodwill. The amount of HONK that was traded in the past couple of weeks far exceeds the amount that was handed out in the raffle prizes and have been mostly sales, which results in an all time low price for HONK of about 300 million HONK per sBCH. Counted in satoshi's we are at an absolute all time low and because so little people participate, it becomes less attractive for others to do so. The NFT auction did not receive any bits and although the e-Gulden EFL turnover did manage to improve at lower price levels, the monthly goal was not met and no substantial new orders are visible in the orderbook of the largest visible service provider of the coin. An interface to make Komodo activity visible would be a welcome additional tool that EFL users can rely upon because as long as the EFL community does not grow, its usability will also stagnate. It remains difficult to accept reality, but I feel like I manage to give my time some form that I'm comfortable with. If I feel the urge to make more stream broadcasts I will certainly announce it, but for now I will try and make myself helpful with the local community and learn to appreciate my blessings a bit better, by cursing less at the thing I don't manage to achieve alone. Who am I to complain about having time for writing these texts and making these shows? Instead of wasting my energy dressing up like a clown to hopefully shine some light into peoples lives, I will find something different to do. In the end, a king only holds the power that people give him.

It's an inconvenient truth that nobody wants to seem to admit, but our society is hijacked by a force that wants to regulate everything within its power. These powers expand as long as we don't fight it and the most efficient way of resistance is to adopt some form of cryptomoney into our lives. Not in another form of centralized debt, but really as a community of people that want to protect our values against these terrorists. There, I've said it once again, the government is a terrorist organization. How come somebody like David Icke is banned from Schengen territory because he is claimed to be a terrorist, while Liz Truss can send the message "It's done" only 5 minutes after the sabotage of Nordstream without repercussion? Why are restaurant owners, Canadian truckdrivers, Dutch farmers all being hurt by a fabrication of different crises? Who told these Syrian refugees that after their houses and hospitals where bombed, they should go and walk to Europe to study and settle themselves? The only reason why David Icke can predict the future so well, is because people acquiesce to the current power that still is. With the introduction of a ESG-score for businesses, combined with the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN and the publications regarding digital ID's and central bank digital currencies, it's not so difficult to predict what will happen next, the only question is, will people ever oppose all the ideas they are being forced to believe, or will they just, like all humanity has shown us until today, accept the new rules surrounding their sustainable life? I truly believe that e-Gulden EFL as Bitcoin of the Netherlands can pay a significant role in the organization of a different reality and that the value of 1 euro per EFL will motivate thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Dutch citizens to become friend of EFL. If you are a Dutch citizen yourself, please become friend of EFL and tell your friends to do the same. I know I have said this before, but when hyperinflation occurred in Venezuela, we had to change the rules surrounding the give-away of EFL's, because they are ment for Dutch people. Those Dutch people still do not want to claim their friend reward, but I am convinced this will change once the price of one EFL touches 1 euro. As the EFL chart is showing, nobody believes that 1 euro to be a realistic reality and with all the fabricated crisis of the recent past, people in Netherlands are forced to sell whatever value they have left in order for them to pay the electricity bill.. Will we see a diesel crisis that boosts inflation even more? As long as people are kept busy with distractions they can't see what is going on, which is self regulating money making its impact into the world. Prices can be manipulated. And by taking away peoples ability to earn themselves a living, combined with inflation at unprecedented levels, every last second is squeezed out of the ability to buy up those newly created coins at record low prices. Crypto can go mainstream if people would be willing to accept the disadvantages in favor of the advantages. The way of getting them there is difficult, but not impossible, but the majority of people today, if they already know about crypto, will tell you it's a psy-op and they will switch off the internet. The very few people that are still left reading this text or watch the highlight video on odysee, this message is ment for you and we need to step up the game once more to be able to make it.